Our mission is to become the leading distributor of innovative investment products through financial advisors, with the primary focus on the investor.

Who We Are

S2K Financial is a registered broker-dealer wholesale distributor of investment vehicles and funds, structured as registered securities or private placements. We were founded by leaders representing a diverse cross-section of the industry. Through our deep relationships, we will act as a conduit between asset managers and a nationwide network of third party independent broker-dealers and registered investment advisors that serve retail investors. We expect to grow the industry by bringing new and innovative investment opportunities to market from a broad selection of managers across multiple sectors.

Each investment product we bring to market will support our mission to:

Treat investors with ethics and integrity
Make preservation of investor capital a paramount objective
Address and lead the evolution of industry fee structures
Maximize risk adjusted returns to investors


At S2K, our business platform is focused on innovative product structures and institutional-based investment opportunities for investors. We will embrace the important and evolving industry changes in the offerings we distribute through effective duration, size and diversification.