On and off (mostly off), I did pencilled artwork, but just left that talent lay dormant.

8102527639 of the 2650-mile Pacific Crest Trail and hitchhiking around the United States. My skin was completely sunburnt from crossing the southern California desert that I didn't recognize myself in the mirror. In 1998, I lived out of an Isuzu Rodeo SUV (some call it SUV life) for weeks while driving around the USA and Canada, and this hiking adventure started my backpacking life without a vehicle.

(469) 879-1067 This isn't the typical train-riding backpacking, but the more enduring and liberating walking backpacking in an unknown country. I stepped off the plane with my backpack, a small phrasebook, and a fold-out map of the entire country. I knew 2 words: "yes" and "no," and those weren't even Japanese words. That was my preparation.

(917) 977-3770 I took the Amtrak to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, and walked to Maine before hitchhiking home.

Biking 45 days mostly unplanned across North America. I ended up making it from Houston, Texas, to the Canadian border on a 1991 Bridgestone MB-4 mountain bike before catching the dreaded Greyhound bus home.