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System Highlights

The Regional Hidden Markov Model (RHMM) based facial emotion recognition is an ongoing project of the Laboratory for High Performance DSP & Network Computing Research (HPDNCR) at NJIT. This project aims to provide an intelligent signal processing tool for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) by analyzing facial expressions in video sequences.

Facial emotion recognition is based on the Regional Hidden Markov Model. RHMMs for the states of the three distinct face regions: eyebrows, eyes and mouth, rather than modeling the entire face for each facial emotion type are trained. In the recognition step, regional features are extracted from test video sequences. They are formed by the facial feature points that are tracked using an optimization method called constrained mean-shifts. Then, RHMMs process the corresponding regional features to measure probabilities for the states of the three face regions. The combination of states is eventually utilized to identify the estimated emotion type of a given frame in a video sequence. This process quantifies the facial dynamics of emotions for further analysis.

The system is able to detect and quantify seven facial emotion types (anger, disgust, fear, happiness, neutral, sadness, and surprise). Furthermore, The system reliability is validated with human based experiments to infer people’s mental states from facial expressions registered as video sequences. The system has potential to serve for many applications including patient monitoring, mood analysis, sales and marketing analytics, and others.

Can I demo the system for my facial video clips?

YES! The online demo system is available now. You will see the result of the facial emotion analysis after uploading your test video clips. Make sure that your video is recorded in a room with the proper lighting and the clear background, and only one frontal face appears in the test video without any occlusion for more accurate measurements.

If you are a new user, you can create your account here. If you already created an account, log in your account 801-551-6910.

If I don't have a test video available, can I still demo the system NOW?

Yes, you can. We provided several video clips for your convenience to demo the system. Please click here to pick your test video(s).

How can I learn more about the system?

Please contact zoogenesis for further information.