Why unusual?



why unusual?While almost all agents use either Windows or Mac for their everyday work, and have no idea about managing servers or hosting websites, we are different.
We use Linux, the dominant OS in the server market, and we use it in our back office as well.

Introducing Tux, the Linux mascot.
His name is a contraction of Torvalds Unix.
Linus Torvalds, when a student at the University of Helsinki, rewrote the Unix kernel under the GPL free license, since then, with utilities installed on top of this kernel, Linux took the server computing environment by storm, and savvy users decided to base all their computing systems on Linux.
Hence the name Advanced Systems Realty LLC, the business entity that owns this website.
By using a free, open-source system. which is also safer than its corporate imitators, we are able to save on significant expenses, and shift resources for the benefit of our customers.

So, what are those benefits?

For sellers: Our unique feature is a top-level domain for our listings.
The property is not only in our website, what is broadcast to all listing sites, national and international, is the property's own website.
Since we manage our own server, we can afford to build free quality websites with a wealth of information, and optimized for search engine placement.
We have built a demo site, to show proof of concept.
This is only one of the advantages that we offer, above and beyond anything offered by known big firms.

For buyers: We help find affordable credit lines, and provide customized results according to their desires and possibilities.

For international investors: we help by navigating them through the complexities of buying property in the United States.
We provide free in-depth risk analysis to all serious investors, local and foreign alike.