She was caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

It's too soon to tell.

It is the psychological moment to let the cat out of the bag.

Courtesy marked his manner.

Can we stay ahead of them?

Feel your heart beat!

You arrived there before her.

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They met in high school.

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One person's vice is another person's virtue.

It's time to level with Gideon.

We're still looking for volunteers.


We'll all die sooner or later.


In the Autumn, the leaves fall from the trees.

The future looks really bright.

I'll rip your head off!


What time tomorrow evening would you like me to come over?


It is no use making an excuse like that.

Lex told me that something was wrong.

Don't let mistakes demoralise you. Put them down to experience and learn from them.


I'll pay the bill.

You don't live in a country; you live in a language. Your homeland, that's that and nothing else.

Frankly speaking, he is untrustworthy.

Vince tuned on the desk lamp and started working.

You didn't give Scot enough time to finish.

Lonhyn warned Brender not to go out at night alone.

Malloy told me he was going to the gym.

Go and wake him up.

Jesus thought where he put his gold coins was the perfect hiding place. However, he was wrong.

Heinrich was never very good at cooking.

It went very smoothly.

Thirdly, each team leader please report your progress.

We never kissed, on the lips anyway.

He strongly persisted in arguing his opinion.

I'd like to work at the cafeteria.

I hate my mother-in-law.

Do you think the weather will be fine tomorrow?


Do you plan on going swimming with us this afternoon?

It's all so different.

Someone was calling my name.

Janet had nothing to drink.

We should've brought a flashlight.

Sean sounds impressed.

The moment he saw me, he grew pale and ran away.

Liyuan should've told us about this.

Hazel isn't always busy in the morning.


"Were you at home?" "No, I wasn't."

What did Jerald say happened?

I've been invited to speak in front of esteemed groups such as yourselves.

Children, fools and drunkards tell the truth.

I went to Europe by way of Anchorage.

Don't make fun of him because he cannot write his name.

Tell me again when the concert begins.

He deserves punishment.

I know Leslie isn't planning to be here tomorrow.

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Pim seems to have packed everything but the kitchen sink.

When I was your age, I had a girlfriend.

Petr put a pile of letters on Merton's desk.


Gail called to say he couldn't attend the meeting.


I knew that Emmett wouldn't be able to find a job.


Clarence looks like he'd like to leave.

This hall holds two thousand people.

Are you seriously thinking about pursuing a career as a race car driver?

I may be able to find them.

Whatever you do, don't push this button.

Are you going to dance with me?

Are you sure we're on the right road?

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He is worthless.


I will face death, if it is necessary.


I don't want you working here.

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It was said that the lady had been an actress.

The cat is sleeping on the sofa.

I like roast chicken.

Didn't you go to Boston for a week last summer?

The flood victims were housed in several schools.

He was a leader of the working class.

I whispered to him to come in.

I just want to check something.

The singing of the local birds is akin to the sound of a drill.


At which hostel did you spend the night?

Edith and Andrea don't get along together.

You should've kissed him.

Lightly weigh the tofu down, leave it for about 20 minutes then drain.

I wanted to wash up.


Learning collocations is one step towards sounding like a native speaker.

Donn didn't want to marry a woman who wanted children.

Pantelis's grandfather was a concentration camp survivor.

He translated a Japanese novel into French.

The hunter followed the bear tracks.

Many men went west in search of gold.

Kee put his hand out to stop Stevan.

It's difficult to standardize language for a multi-ethnic nation.

I didn't know who to deliver the package to.

Poland is not yet lost.

My husband makes 100,000 euros per year.

This place is awesome!

Tokyo was really wonderful and the welcome the Japanese extended to us was also just as wonderful.

We enjoyed watching the fireworks on a bridge last summer.

Mr Wood was like a father to Tony.

We all agreed that the plan made sense.

That's really important for me.


She brought him to our place.


Let's all give him a hand.

How long does this usually take?

It sounds like you had a good time.


They say everything's bigger in Texas, and that includes absurdity in law enforcement.


Anders had the fewest toys out of anyone in his class, which motivated him to make friends quickly.

The cat sleeps next to the couch.

There is too much furniture in this room.

Dan and Linda adopted a lovely little girl.

Winnie is a bit short for his age.


The tornado left a trail of destruction in its wake.

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When was this university founded?


Keep your weapons ready.

Arne never wore that hat again.

We're being set up.

Sometimes I wish I had a different religion.

"Jenine! Stop doing your homework. Go outside and play!" "No mom, I want to study ahead for the next test."

Don't handle my books with dirty hands.

Izumi isn't very efficient, is he?

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I'll see you again.

Get to bed.

Hey, you don't look so good.

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He knows how to milk a cow.

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We made many mistakes.

Quantity rather than quality is important.

They charge too much for parking.

We just want to be loved.

Show me what you can do.

She is very nervous and is always ill at ease.

Why do you stifle me so by complaining?

I can tell you're a nice guy.

Tell me where you're going.

Paola didn't enjoy the play.

I bought a dozen apples.

Jim got dismissed for his misconduct in office.

You're not really going to buy that, are you?


I told her what I think.


When he woke up, he remembered the dream as a terrible experience, and from that day on, he started forgetting a great number of very important details of his life.

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Let's take each day as it comes.

Sally wanted Kenneth to drive.

To hatred, I reply with pardon.

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Spain is the winner of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

This will require a huge investment of time and money.

Raman wants his parents to buy him a pony.

Surely you told somebody.

He said that the earth goes round the sun.

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Ken is busy this afternoon.

You can't just walk in here.

Why don't you just go away?

Shall I come for you?

I want to read this book.

I should've let her go fishing.

I wish I were more like them.

That's what I like about her.

He makes life miserable for everyone around him.

I have to go get him.

Reid went to answer the door.


I'm going to see some student.

Did you stop at the red traffic light?

Snif, Rover was a good dog.

The socialist insurgency expropriated the Apostolic Palace.

The police are hunting an escaped convict in this area.


I'm quite capable of explaining the situation myself.