"You hit me out of hate." "No, I hit you out of love," answered the girl.


This is obviously not the best way to do it.

I can't afford to buy all the things I want.

Not yet, it isn't.

How do you get downtown?

For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if there be any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.


I told you I made a mistake.

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Buddhism was introduced into Japan in 538.

I hate not being able to understand things when people are speaking French.

His paintings so impressed me that I was interested in him.

It impressed me much.

We'll need to come up with another plan.

My little brother and I are the same height.

Conrad waited thirty minutes.


His aunt married a Lebanese man and went with him to Senegal.

I've been to Sapporo before.

How's the food at that restaurant?

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That was them.

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We're going to eat at a new restaurant tonight.

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I'm caffeined out.


I like apples among other things.

Our country will prevail, because ours is a big and brave army.

She told me good things about you.

A hearty dinner well appeased my hunger.

Spock will wonder where we are.

Organic agriculture is a method of growing plants (grains, legumes, fruit) without chemicals.

She's at work.

I like to watch baseball games.

Don't forget anything.

We took shelter from the rain under a tree.

Then the young bird felt that his wings were strong, as he flapped them against his sides, and rose high into the air.


I graduated from Kyoto University.

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I hate going to sleep after midnight.

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She cried that she was innocent.

What a fantastic idea!

Who is going to play tennis?


You're rich.

He had plenty of fight left in him.

I like that song.

Have you ever considered getting rid of some of this junk?

Something has happened to my car.


Large bolts of lightning have been seen in Jupiter's atmosphere.


I just figured out how to do it.


Ranjit will be here until noon.


He's only two years older than Jane.

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A drunk man fell down the stairs.

I was scolded by the teacher for being late.

He has made the baseball team.

At that moment tears ran down the old man's face.

I don't trust banks.

Please tell me I'm adopted.

She brought him up in the Jewish faith.

People sharing a ride should refrain from conversation with other passengers.

He received a large sum of money in compensation for his injury.

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She can speak Spanish well.

Speak to me.

Jeremy didn't know what was going to happen.

All of a sudden, I realized I must learn Polish.

What Jonathan did was stupid.

Is Torsten fat?

You don't have to do that right now.

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I can see why Isidore is concerned.


He bought it for five dollars.

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Could you drop me at the bus station?


I played trumpet in our high school band.

I was trying to look out for Torsten.

She was wide awake.

I withdrew my application.

Call me when you're ready.

The River Severn is only 354 km, but it is the longest river in England.

If there's anything at all that you don't understand, you can ask me anytime.


Renu pleaded with Mikey not to leave.

Seenu has denied the charge.

She's a middle-aged fat woman.


Moral and physical development are remarkable in the youth.

You can't blame me for being suspicious.

After saying bad things about her, he got a slap in the face.


He grabbed my hand.

When his food supply ran short, he had to look for a new place to live.

Get him to call me.

Did you know that Hsi and Alejandro were dating?

I hold the converse opinion.

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There are a lot of parks in London.

You trust him completely.

Much can be learned by observing how a child interacts at play with other children.

Steve is getting on the bus.

I don't want to stay here anymore, Maria.

I think this was intended for you.

I am in the habit of going for a drive on Sundays.

Her beauty has captured him.

Johnathan might be in New York.

He pulled her a little closer.

And do you know them by face?

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The storm water drains couldn't cope with the amount of water dumped during the storm, and a number of homes were flooded.

It'll be a fun challenge.

In any case, I should call.

I was beside myself when I heard the news of my father's sudden death.

This is a tried and true method of weight loss.

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I could swim well when I was a child.

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The television costs more than the sunglasses.

I must hand in the report today.

Smokers are asked to occupy the rear seats.


Thousands of vehicles cross this bridge every day.

Marc offered me a very sweet deal.

Most people think that gorillas are stupid. Is that true?

I tried doing that once myself.

They said I wasn't qualified for the job.


I am scolding my students, not yours.

You're so pretty when you get angry.

"Shall we order a pizza?" "Do you know what time it is?" "Barbra's Tavern is open around the clock."


You enjoy movies, don't you?


I've been waiting for this day forever.

Will you turn on the TV?

She was no longer dependent on her parents.


Cole put the lid back on the peanut butter jar.


Betsy asked me out to dinner.

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He was kept waiting for a long time.

She has been busy preparing for her trip to the USA.

Andre is saving his money up to start a business.

What was Mitch's reply?

The shelf fell off and all the books went tumbling down on Vasya.

It's dazzling how a couple of million cells embedded in an electrochemical mush give rise to the gestalt of human consciousness.

Did you find anything in that store that you liked?


The building will be completed in a year.

Good luck with that.

I heard a voice I didn't recognize.

Glacial meltwater is not purer than other types of water.

She has a ring.

Schistosomiasis is a tropical disease that affects millions of people and may lead to severe disabilities or even death.

Jong's car has 100 horsepower.

From a humble background, John achieved worldwide fame.

Does your schedule allow you to have time off?

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It was wise of you to keep away from him.

Someone should notify the next of kin.

They never did anything.

Eliot is really very smart.

Huey used to be a private investigator in Boston.

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Now is your time.

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Saumya didn't want to marry the farmer's daughter.


Run the engine till it gets warm.


They named the library after me.


Go and get the boss!

I wasn't honest with you.

The fire broke out after the staff went home.


I thought we'd try that new restaurant down the street.


How are the repairs going?

Teriann doesn't have much of a choice.

I'll take that one.

You can't kill me.

I'm not sure I feel the same.


A bean can answer all the questions.

"Can I take photographs here?" "Only outside."

Only monsters don't cry.