She lost her way.

Ted knew it was wrong to do what he did.

We're fortunate.

We brought off the task.

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My laptop doesn't have an optical disk drive.


Language creates awareness.

It was unjust.

It looks like you are from India.

ours is a very vast country and many people live in this country

He looks nothing like a doctor.

I doubt Roger would be interested in joining the army.

Knut didn't tell me he didn't know how to swim.

I could not make myself heard above the noise.

I'd like to find a way to improve my memory.


We are used to living in a big city.

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Whose glasses are these?

Ssi said he wished to speak to you himself.

Hotta got a little pie.

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I'm very glad that I've been singled out as being a suitable person for the job.

It's clear that Sho is not yet convinced.

I don't think Irving was talking about me.

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Suwandi should be there by noon.

Give her these roses, and she will be pleased.

I can get it from her.


The waterways branch out across the plain.


Everyone was right about you, Shel.

The long fight ended in 1920.

I'm Ethan Hunter.

Do you have smaller sizes?

Who cut your hair?

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We took turns in washing the car.

An acquaintance of mine introduced me to his closest friends.

I promise to go to school every day, to study, and to succeed.


I solved the problem a few days ago.


He wore a morning coat.

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Drop by my office this evening.

Taurus was almost dead when we found him.

Carl wondered if Lester could be persuaded to help.

He can make himself understood in English.

I think it's time for me to refill this prescription.

But he really wanted a son.

It's definitely her.

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I just need more time with Patty.


She was homesick.


We are looking for an experienced C++ programmer near Amsterdam.

I'm opposed to what he said.

She can speak English pretty well.

Well begun, well finished.

It seemed that Jim had missed the seven o'clock train.

That's fantastic.

He bade me go there.

He was deceived by her apparent friendliness.

I remember this.

I wanted her to win.

Pitawas tried to make Galen happy.

He sits in comfort and reads rapidly.

I'm in a bad mood today.

Alfred was careful not to say anything that would make Kent mad.

If he came tomorrow, I would have more time to talk.


Most probably, she'll come.

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I really don't want to eat right now.

What did Leith want you to buy for him?

Do you think you speak English better than I do?

I come from Taipei.

That day he went to school by bicycle, as is usual with him.

Naomi will be back on his feet soon.

I wouldn't trust Rhonda an inch.

Is everyone here with the CIA?

In the post office, mail is classified according to the place where it is to go.

It ain't like we gotta sell stuff, you know.

He has a heart of gold.

Could you cook this meat a little more?

Nobody volunteered.

Perry doesn't live far from where he works.

There is no charge.

I've tried calling him all day, but the line is busy.

Lila watched from nearby.

If you hurry you'll be in time for the train.

How did he know my name?

The Andromeda galaxy is over 2 million light-years away from us.

They're on good terms with their neighbors.

Don't talk to him about politics because it's like a red rag to a bull.

We looked down on him as a coward.

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I found her mother dead.

She is a polished lady.

The water runs downward to the pond.

Tait took a sip of coffee.

You may not have to go.

We came to the conclusion that the ideology was behind the times.

The roses are in full bloom.

Tell them why you can't go.

Who is the best singer in our company?


As a measure to prevent another period of inflation, our government has jacked up interest rates.


He did what they told him.

I want to live in Boston or in Chicago.

In the factory, all the equipment was up to date.

A strong earthquake happened last night.

Few words show men wise.

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When he broke his leg, he had to use crutches for 3 months.

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Grandmother takes great delight in watching television.

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His new film is worth seeing.

The real purpose of the law was enshrouded in layers of obscure terminology.

Jisheng told me you work for him.


Nuclear energy is produced by splitting atoms or by bringing them together.

Are you going to take part in the next race?

The people exulted over their good luck.


I can't stand this noise any longer.

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Christina was there to meet Kimmo's plane.

Did you buy her something for Christmas?

He decided on that.

Lanny got himself a drink.

Philosophers tend to have little contact with the outside world.

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He was at home.

I had no trouble finding his office.

Call if you need me.

The cat closes her eyes and drinks milk, but the world can see nonetheless.

This can't work.

What has your friend been doing recently?

His new novel will come out next month.

Everyone was surprised when I went into the room.

I thanked Bonnie for the time he put in.

That's a fake beard, isn't it?

Without music, the world is a valley of tears.

The stress began to tell on his heart.

I knew it was you.


We all want them to be happy.

The house was in poor condition.

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He can't stand carrots.

Annard is probably pretty rich by now.


This isn't my umbrella.

I will be taking care of your business from now on.

Most people find public speaking stressful.


I would rather stay at home than go out.

I am proud of your attitude.

The event starts at 9am.

Just leave it with me.

The address on this parcel is wrong.

Who cut the melon?

Do you go to school by bus?

Vicky is planning a trip.

Books such as these are too difficult for him.

She is in conflict with her father.

Brian has a pocket watch.

He wants to be part of the English society.

My uncle works in this office.


They are fairy tales for children.

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I wish I had the ability to do that.

The suit becomes him.

Takao put the dirty dishes in the sink.

Jayant is a good guy.

Should I cut the red wire or the green one?

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Anne won't let us in.


I had to send her home.

I was home-schooled by my mom.

Cats can be quite territorial creatures.

I can't think of any solution to this problem.

You sound like my mom.

She always sides with the weak.

They're both crazy.

Chris has done well.

Why did you want them to leave?

How do you know it was Jesper who stole your wallet?

None of them are happy.

Last night an explosion took place at a fireworks factory.

Christie is a bit of a coward.