Somebody is blackmailing me.

Father translated the German letter into Japanese.

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Jitendra has gone underground.

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I see how you did that.

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Someone must've seen something.


Be seen by me!

Children often ask me for money.

Love appears over the horizon.

Linley is allergic to pollen.

They're clearly not happy about that.


Elias looks lost and confused.

Matthias couldn't find his birth certificate.

He's adorable.


We're having a party next Saturday.


I never want to see you again.

Where's your shirt?

We played chess all night.


I found a nice tie for you.

We forgot to bring one plate.

She's two years older than him.

If you don't want to go, just say so.

Ammonia is a base.

Why is Roderick still standing outside in the rain?

I'm with the FBI.

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She allegedly killed him in self defense.


This company manufactures televisions.

I have a lot of homework to do.

To be allowed to drive you need a licence.

Their lack of training in fire safety and cardiopulmonary resuscitation could put members of the public at risk.

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.


Pratt was willing to sacrifice everything for you.


There are no witnesses of the accident.

Les is completely wrong.

You ruined all my plans.

The medicine hastened the process of growth.

He will do anything to make money.


I saw Christine here yesterday.


Dion can't forgive Amedeo for what she did.

The vast majority of Chinese people have never met foreigners before, so it feels odd for them, like meeting space aliens.

I think I'm going to quit my job. The company is falling apart.

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A man with a big bank account can't be ugly at all.

The time will come when she will regret what she has said.

I would like to marry somebody like her.


We have an incredible North Atlantic salmon.

I meant to call them.

The only useful answers are those that raise new questions.


I suppose we better get started.

Jim is watering the garden.

He has a good chance of being chosen.

I wrote my teacher a love letter and he read it in front of the whole class.

I have a Dreamcast.

I found her in the kitchen crying.

How could anyone forget it?


I want to be the best swimmer in Australia.

Emily is studying Turkish, because she and her parents will go to Turkey on vacation.

The sun is rising already.

Meg looks just like her mother.

Our budget won't allow that luxury.

Joubert is skeptical.

I wanted to kill them.


Where can we find her?

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You should get your car fixed.

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You don't like me anymore, do you?

I was just teasing.

Mariner 9 was launched on May 30, 1971.

China has Chinese characteristics.

Can you excuse me a second?

One problem is how the enterprises arrange posts for excellent female students, but another important point is whether the educational industry can grow and supply creative students needed for Japan's future.

I would rather die than live in dishonor.

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How are you going to help Raul?

Put this shawl on.

You had best go with me.


Toft ran out on me and my kids.

I live right up the road.

My father was a gentle, easy-going person.

We're in town.

You should stop trying.


I've been lonely.


The fine shall be paid in cash.

I'll take that challenge.

Noemi may be sincere.


They will order a new desk.

All employees had to memorize the access code.

I had to carry Kit to bed.


I might vote for Earnie.

Hilda saw me.

What should we do to protect the beautiful earth from pollution?


I'm afraid of losing you.


He put the mike back on its cradle.

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The rhythm is light, and the tempo fast - that song is liked by young people.


Harris is confused about what just happened.


He leveled his gun at me.

Attitudes sure have changed.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

You didn't even say goodbye.

You're the one who invited him.

Do you like to read Tatoeba?

It all turned out for the best in the end.

Finding it hard to make ends meet on his income, she started to work.

Take control.

I've already left a message.

You guys get the best shots.


'Guillaume and Lebas' will that not make a good business name? We might add, 'and Co.' to round off the firm's signature.


She has a son and a daughter.


What can one do at night?

Page knew Barry would probably be at home.

I am looking for you.

Who is your wife, me or Tatoeba?

We lost our cat and Nicholas found it for us.


Only one moment of my life was enough to manage to know and love you, but my entire life would not be enough to manage to forget you.

I took for granted that they would give me a receipt.

I'd like to thank you for helping me translate the report into French.

No damage was reported.

I've made a lot of stupid decisions in my life.


Has Bret been fired yet?

What can it do?

You will not be charged for another delivery.

Isn't that what you were hoping for?

Triantaphyllos screamed.

Gunter wondered whether Kit regretted what she'd done.

I'll keep my word, whatever may happen.

Ronald lives with Raghu in a small apartment near my house.

Chewtarou is Mrs Tanaka's dog.

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I asked him if he would help me.

I couldn't take that chance.

I don't want to do that anymore.

Molly has a deep affection for Wendi.

Put the potatoes on the stove.

The old fort is at the top of the hill.

It's nice to be here.


She goes to school.

Do you swim very fast, too?

I need to get a hold of them.

Even if she got to be 50 years old, she would still be breathtakingly beautiful.

I can prove it to you.


The person I met yesterday was Saul.

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They discarded unnecessary things.

We do things together.

Brian is a very practical person.

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She didn't even try to do the right thing.

What reason could Amanda possibly have to lie to you?

In the long run, you will have to practise more.

He is a little bit of a retard.

The dew is on the leaves of grass.

I should probably not be doing this.

Jose has forgotten her umbrella in some bus.


It's hard to endure the boastings of the French.


The other day her mother passed away in the hospital.


The more you listen, the more you speak.


Do you know how to use these command line tools?

There's something I feel you should know.

Why are you so late?

Arnold didn't seem to understand the purpose of the project.

I woke up at three.