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The sentence doesn't have any grammatical errors.


Are you registered to vote?

Winter is drawing on.

I couldn't possibly do that.

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The city supplied the needy with blankets.

How long have you been wearing contacts?

I'd have helped you if you'd asked.

You seem disappointed.

The high waves covered their boat.


The movie star ate crow many times because of all the thoughtless things she said.


Rich may have something important to say.

Bad weather doesn't last forever; human suffering will not endure forever.

Kinch gets up early.


He telephoned me again and again.

Miles likes to climb trees.

The urge to brag on his recent successes was irresistible.

He unintentionally revived his mother-in-law.

I can't stand being cooped up in this prison!


Do you think that handguns should be made illegal?


Go to bed, Suzan. You need to get up early tomorrow morning.


I know you'll be brave.


Tai is quite old, isn't he?


Detective Dan Anderson got an anonymous tip from a man who claimed to know Linda.

I don't make mistakes very often.

He may well get very angry.

Naim is asleep in the back of the van.

I don't know what it is, but it's something very big.

Here is a trustworthy human being.

Your lips are red.

It is in the nature of birds to fly and build nests.

Just use mine for now.

That guy I was just talking to wouldn't tell me his name.

Come on out of there.

We have one more year.

He's not thinking straight.

How did you come to know such a wonderful girl?

I wondered why Susan was absent from school.

It's very hard to see yourself as others see you.

No one is listening to us.


Why are you doing that, Bernard?


My mother is busy cooking dinner.


We're in a slump, barely scraping by, so we certainly don't have the margin to take on a part-time worker.

He invited me to a party.

He put on a suicide act.

I am going to remove the appendix.

There are only esperantists there.

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The private detectives accompanied the President everywhere.

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Give me three months.


Guy got married when he was thirty.

Why didn't you tell Hume the same thing you told Romain?

Do you really think I care?

I only need one.

When the war was finished, few soldiers returned home.

I'll put your name on the list.

Jinny has no free time.


Everyone is looking at Lee.

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People who talks for expressing his idea, who write books for taking down the significant words. So talking is for expressing ones idea, and writing books is for taking down what people said.

He gave the boy what little money he had.

Arrogance has always been my pet aversion.

He drank that large beer mug dry.

Tatoeba has risen from the dead.

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Nici was disillusioned.


Laser surgery can fix some kinds of vision problems.

I think Eliot can be beaten.

Jerrie did that three weeks ago.


Don't ever leave them alone.

Pat wants to show you something.

I stepped carefully on the accelerator.

I am determined to learn.

You're back early.

I don't mind telling you what I know.

He figured out a principle.

I was completely shocked.

Do you want to try?

I've got a lot to do.

The enemy has come to our country.

These chemicals may affect bees.

She's far better off than she was the year before last.

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The hall could seat a thousand people before it was partitioned.

He's going back to America.

I can't thank you enough for agreeing to help me with Ssi.

I guess I misunderstood.

Can you remember that last time you ate ravioli?


While I am gone, please don't forget to feed my cat and water the plants.

Briggs is a very serious guy.

No one reads my blog.

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We sang in loud voices.


I wonder what I need to do to find a job.

I've played sports all my life.

They say they cannot compete with low-priced foreign products.


We should be talking to him.

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We're here to have fun.

What in the world do you want to do?

I've been trying to call you all night.


Susan likes cats.

What is God after all? An eternal child playing an eternal game in an eternal garden.

I'm into your hands.

He is the only American to have swum the English Channel.

He tried to persuade her in vain.


Valentine's Day is on Sunday this year.

Yumi went there by herself.

I'm going to sleep on it.

Seth quit school.

Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene.

The prisoner was found guilty.

You will drive me mad.

It drew strength from the not-so-young people who braved the bitter cold and scorching heat to knock on doors of perfect strangers, and from the millions of Americans who volunteered and organized and proved that more than two centuries later a government of the people, by the people, and for the people has not perished from the Earth.

Actually, I've seen this movie before.

Have you got an English-Vietnamese dictionary?

He was excited by nationalistic sentiment.

We just need to talk to you.

I've just arrived at the airport.

It is not given to everybody to study abroad.

You like to observe birds, don't you?

I've never met anybody like you.

As usual, Janice got up early in the morning and swam.

We may as well begin without him.

Which is closer to Arabic in terms of sound, Spanish or Portuguese?

Huey was a drunk.

Vern wasn't very busy.

Is anyone absent today?

He offered me to go to the theater,but there weren't any perfomances on that night.

Hamilton acted as an interpreter for Casper.

Monica couldn't stop thinking about Naren.

Do you have a cheap flight ticket on a domestic line?

Mother is preparing supper.

The raven croaked from the old yew-tree.

We could've made a fortune.

Alison and Jamie agreed never to talk about the incident.

Hsuan is clearly insane.


I was startled.

Lindsey unwrapped the present.

What's your relation with him?

She must be about 40.

All her sentences are short.

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They're from Iceland.

Don't worry. My lips are sealed.

My goals are modest.


We're not a part of this.


Jingbai turned on the heater.

Don't let this opportunity slip away!

I love you William!

I love movies.

Friends are thieves of time.


Rolf was so hungry, she gobbled up the pie in merely a few bites!

How's the weather in New York?

It was terribly cold and nearly dark on the last evening of the year, and the snow was falling fast.


The question is can you do everything we've asked you to do.

Who does he think he is?

You know, I'm actually glad Arthur called.


Pravin never got the chance to do that, did he?

You can't tell a book by its cover.

Are you the only ones left?


She's now a college student.

Look at what she's wearing!

That's too good to be true.


You are my best friend!

The saddest part of the story remains to be told.

Earnie has got his own problems.

That's something like a movie scenario.

You're not getting the promotion.