It's a situation I would love to change.

He won't beat me.

Should you really be doing that here?

Sandra spoke to Debbie last night.


Amedeo has a very difficult relationship with his father.

He broke his left arm.

I haven't been in contact with Mr. Smith recently.

I didn't really like the stew that Svante made.

Gunter had no chance to express himself.

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I've finally got my divorce.

Here comes the bus now.

I am pleasantly surprised.

He's in debt to the bank because he bought that big house.

I wish I could've done more to help.

The fog was rising from the lake.

She patted me on the shoulder.

In the 1950's, the Finns were cited as having one of the least healthy diets in the world.

From time to time, I want to relax and forget everything.

We let them win.

Put it in the freezer.

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I enjoy the challenge.

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The henhouse caught fire, but the chickens escaped.

I've gained weight and these pants are quite tight.

The genie waited inside his magic lamp for centuries to be released.

Fork-users are mainly in Europe, North America, and Latin America; chopstick-users in eastern Asia and finger-users in Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia, and India.

That's enough.

Mosur told me his father was in the hospital.

"Eh? Is the tangent cosine divided by sine?" "Other way round!"

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I don't want you getting upset.

The children would play for hours on the beach.

I'm a good father.

Camels are often used to travel in the desert.

I don't like such sports as tennis and golf.


If you ever have any problem with Kyung, I'll help you out.

Mr. Itoh will call the roll.

I am from Columbia.

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Do you have homework?

Norm can't beat both of us.

Carter has arrived.


I hope to meet this man.


You can needlessly attempt to argue with me all you want; my brain is like a spam filter.

I need to speak to her.

I don't want to play this game anymore.

I don't want Winston messing it up for us.

He worked hard to make money only to fail.

I'm not used to waiting.

A dead sheep does not fear the fire.

Their house is far from the station.

This happened prior to receiving your letter.


I wish it was Valentine's Day!

She would rather listen to others than talk herself.

These shoes are so tight that I can't put them on.


I'm beginning to regret making that suggestion.

We'll be able to go on when it clears up.

Come and eat your supper.

They were motivated by revenge.

Our car developed engine trouble on the way.

I'm just as mystified as you are.

I'll never let you down.


I thought we had agreed on this.

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I've got to call her.

Either she goes, or I go!

Turn up the volume.


There have been a lot of complaints in the last few days about the amount of noise coming from your apartment.


We ate sandwiches, cake and so on.


No, a carrot is not important enough to need an exclamation mark after it.

I forbid smoking in my room.

One tends to shout when excited.

The foreigner speaks Japanese as if it were his native language.

It really did happen just the way Nadeem said it did.


I'm sure you'll like Kaj.

I can't find them either.

Today was a pleasant day.

Mahmoud watched nervously.

Hanako called his bluff.

Dan gave Linda a tour of his castle.

I met her in Australia.

Don't forget to bring your umbrella in case it rains.

Watching TV, I fell asleep.


All the students are present.

Everyone loves him.

Where should we eat tonight?


I promised myself I wouldn't do that anymore.


What is our plan?


An eagle is flying in the sky.

Everyone here wants to lose weight.

Could you please calm down?


I'll look into it right away.


Dan handed the map to Linda.

Which wine would you recommend?

Edwin accused Mann unfairly.

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Michiel didn't need the money.

You just take the rough with the smooth.

The Giants got clobbered yesterday.

Jelske talked to Ji on the telephone.

He who is born in Sweden is Swedish.


"What's the best way to determine the gender of the child?" "Look between its legs."

I won't attend the party.

The sun is in the sky.

We have to make sure we're ready to do that.

Lyndon is a realtor.

The pen is spilling ink.

I have a few ideas for you.

Anita put a Jack-o'-lantern in the window.

Erwin doesn't have time to do the laundry.

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They've arrested her.


I caught sight of an old acquaintance in the middle of the crowd.

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This is my hat in the summer.

You are old enough to make your own living.

Our school has nine classes.

She is in a mood.

Pass me the salt and pepper, please.

Help me send out these two letters, all right?

"Collateral damage" is a euphemism for killing innocent people to protect capital.


He went to see her while she stayed in London.


Jesus and Ruth stared at each other in disbelief.


You'll have our complete cooperation.


They never see us.


They dreamed they'd gain the right to vote someday.


Lee said something to Knute.


The vast majority of Russians in no way felt any effects of the sanctions imposed on Russia by the western countries.

I was in love with you once.

Excuse me, but you're mistaken.

Winston couldn't understand what Gregory was saying.

I'm really attached to my mother.

The cat sat on the mat.

There's still one more question that you haven't yet answered.

Am I allowed to go with Kim?

It has been a week since they met.


Warm wishes.

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Franklin deserves to be free.

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How did you know Saiid was going to Boston?


I wanted to make Huey feel at home.


This merchandise is tax free.

We saw the sights of the city this afternoon.

When was the last time you had a steady job?

Venkata could have very easily waited for us.

I've got work to do.

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She froze at the sight of the big spider.


Ten minutes after they had passed Nara, the car ran out of gas.


I've lost something.

She smells bad.

Sometimes he drives to work.

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Don't worry about Sally. He isn't a threat.

To understand Japanese culture to the full, you should learn the language.

I heard Lynn won't graduate this year.


Dan was cooperative with the police.

I have a friend who's a doctor.

Where have you been, young lady?

You don't have to go to the party unless you want to.

The chair is not by the window.


Hello, are you Mr Ogawa?


You don't have to answer.