There are several entertaining apps out there, but some allow you to explore your creativity in different ways. Apps with photography features are not much. You could be doing much more with the images you click or the videos you take if you had the right application to support you. Understanding this market demand, MSQRD was launched. The developers of this app realized that people want to do much more with the images they click which often require elaborate editing software. To make it simple and easy for many, this app was created.

If you are wondering what the app offers, here is a lowdown of its main features:

  • MSQRD is short for masquerade, the term that denotes wearing masks and putting up false appearances.
  • The app helps you change your selfie images in different ways.
  • You could add emoji like effects, warp your facial expression or change your face to look like a famous personality.
  • The effects can be added to selfie images or front facing images as well, but only on one subject.
  • There are effects that can be added to short videos as well.

These are the main features of the app. You will surely be intrigued when you read up on the app features and want it for your device. Fortunately, the developers of the app have made it easily available for most mobile devices, whether you own an Android device, iOS or Windows phone.

If you wish to download it on your mobile device and get started with its uses, here are the steps that you can follow:

  • Log onto the app marketplace or store that is part of your mobile device.
  • For Android devices, find it on Google Play stores or any other app store.
  • For iOS devices you will find it on iTunes.
  • The app comes for free and is a trusted application that has seen millions of downloads by now.
  • All you need to do is click on the app, agree to the terms and conditions that are mentioned and allow the app installation to take place.

These are some ways the app can be downloaded onto different devices. That makes it easily accessible. However, you need to know that several apps with similar nomenclature are made available by different application developers. They might also showcase similar features which might be confusing.

The app will certainly make your life interesting. There are lots of features to try out once the application is downloaded to your device. After it is installed, you can open the app to check out the different filters that can be applied to an image. You could add filters to store images or add them while you are clicking a photo or a selfie. You could set the exposure of the photo before you start to click. It is even possible to record videos of short duration with this app and add effects after that. It will certainly make them hilarious and add to the fun when you share these on your social media accounts.


Are you tired of the images that you click with your mobile device and wish you could do more? Indeed, reality and effects of any standard camera software can only do a certain number of variations of your images and that’s all. If you wish to make your images, animated, add an element of fun to your photos or videos, here is an app that allows you to make a wide variety of different changes. Not only can you add emoji like effects on your own selfie images, you could change the background, the exposure as well as add interesting masks or masquerade as other people.

The app is available for different mobile devices. It offers several interesting features on these platforms:

  • You can add the app onto different mobile platforms like Android or iOS.
  • It is possible to use the app with live videos or images.
  • You could use your facial movements to trigger filters or masks to be applied.
  • Stored images on your device could also be changed with this app.
  • The images that you create with the app can be shared to different social media accounts.

With these interesting features there is little wonder that the app has gained popularity. There have been millions of downloads of this app and many people have loved this app and given it positive reviews. Many have found the app to be an enhancement of the features offered on Snapchat. Hence, it is little wonder that Facebook has purchased the app and it will be added soon to the messenger services.

Many people find it easier to add effects to images on their laptop. After all, changes and edits to images can be done easily on a larger screen and with more processing speed. For that reason, you might wonder if it would be possible to download the app onto your laptop or computer. Even though the app has been devised for mobile usage, here are ways you can get it over on a computer:

  • You need to first download an emulator program for your PC. If you own a Windows based PC, you can start by looking at Android emulator programs like BlueStacks and others.
  • If your PC is a Mac, it will be able to support the app once you download Ipadian, the software that converts the PC to an iPad platform.
  • If you are using a Windows PC, opt for the Android emulator program to open up an Android app marketplace like Google Play Store. In case of Macs, you need to visit iTunes on iPadian.
  • The app can be found in the emulator program. It will run on the emulator program once it is downloaded, as it does on mobile devices.

There are several interesting things to do with the app once you have downloaded it on your PC. You can edit stored images and make them different and interesting. They can be shared to social media accounts directly through the app which will make life fun in different ways.

MSQRD Download free for Samsung

If you are bored simply clicking selfie images of yourself and your loved ones, here is an app that can help you do much more with your images. How about looking like the Joker or masquerading as a famous movie actor? All this is possible and more with MSQRD, short for masquerade. This app stands up true to its name by offering several unique features:

  • Add filters and masks to live facial expressions; you can trigger an effect by moving your face and check different effects.
  • If you like a filter you add to your image, you can share it directly through the app to different social media accounts.
  • From sketchy horns on your head to emoji like eyes on your face, there are several ways to achieve animation on your images with the app.
  • Make funny videos of short duration with the app and share them too with your friends.

These are some of the wonderful features and possibilities of the app. If you love what you hear, you need not wait for long to download the app. It is an app that is made available for different mobile devices. Hence, if you own a Samsung phone or tablet, it would be easy for you to get hold of the app. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Log onto the app marketplace that is offered on your phone. As Samsung offers the Android platform, most phones and tablets come pre loaded with apps like Google Play store.
  • It is an app that can be easily searched and found at any freeware app store you can access through your phone or tablet.
  • Once the app is shown in search results, you will be able to install the same easily.
  • It is a lightweight application that will not take up much memory space.
  • Read through the reviews and ratings if you wish to be convinced.
  • Once you have clicked to accept the terms and conditions, the download will begin.
  • Click to open the app once it is successfully downloaded onto your device.

There are several ways to get started with the app. When you open the app you will be able to use video or image options. You could add filters to the images you take or add them to stored images as well. Add funny effects to videos as you shoot them or edit existing ones. In this way you can make images more fun and interesting. When you are having a boring day at work, use the app to create hilarious videos or images of your colleagues or yourself and post them. With interesting comments from your friends, the day will soon turn out to be fun. It is a great way to stimulate your creativity. There are new effects added to the app through updates regularly and hence, you will always find innovative fun effects to add. These are several ways to use the app and have a good time in your spare time.


Those who are looking for entertaining apps will surely have heard of MSQRD. It is an app that stands up for its Masquerade name. It masquerades as an app that helps one to do fun things with their selfie images. You could warp your facial expression, add on horns to look like the devil or add emoji like effects that are so real that you look like the animated faces yourself. Imagine the wonder and surprise of your friends when they see your images on social media accounts. If you are used to changing your profile picture every day and most people have gotten bored of this, try something different with this app to wake them up.

The app offers several features like:

  • It offers several filters that can be added to stored images as well as added to live images being taken.
  • The masks take your face shape to wrap around your original photo and completely transform your image.
  • This can be done with images of others as well.
  • There are funny effects and celebrity video clips that can be made part of your own home videos.

Indeed, the features and effects that the app offers are endless. There are lots of fun things that you could do with this app. If you wish to download the same for your mobile device, it is easily done, whether you own an Android device or an iOS one. Here are the steps to follow:

  • If you own an Android tablet or phone, log onto Google Play store.
  • Besides Google Play, the app is available at other android app marketplaces as well.
  • Read up ratings and reviews of the app.
  • Once you have found that several millions have downloaded the app, you would be ready to begin.
  • Click on the free app and choose to install the same after reading through the terms and conditions.
  • If you own an iPhone or an iPad, the app can be used on both.
  • Log onto iTunes and use the search option to look for the app.
  • Ensure that you choose the right one as there are several other apps that are launched with similar features.
  • Once you have identified MSQRD, choose to download the free app onto your device.
  • Click on the installation and read through the terms and conditions.
  • Once the installation is complete, the app is ready to be used.

There are several features of the app that will help you start using it as soon as it is available on your device. You can select images or videos as the mode before you begin. Once you have chosen the mode opt to add filters as you desire. You could even do it to store images. The effects can be added to videos that are shot through the app. Have fun trying out different effects and see the ways you face transforms. It is possible to add interesting and animated backgrounds as well with this versatile mobile app.


If you are bored with the kind of images your phone can take, why not enhance the possibilities with the help of an app? There might be several apps out there that can help you edit images and add effects of different kinds. However, you might not know which app would be beneficial and which might harm your device. Indeed, much software comes with viruses that might infect your device and impair it for good. For these reasons, you will surely want to know of an app that is trusted and downloaded by millions. One such app is MSQRD.

This app, whose full form is Masquerade, is known to offer features like filters and effects which are masked like and wrap around your face to create realistic distortions. You could warp your facial expressions or set up funny effects around your face that look realistic. Here is a summary of what you can do with the app:

  • Add effects to your images from the different filters available.
  • Change the exposure of a phone before you click it.
  • Add effects to images of others, one face at a time.
  • Add funny effects and video clips that merge with yours and make them look realistic.
  • Masquerade as famous movie stars.

These are some of the highlights of the app and the possibilities that it offers. These are similar features that many have used on the Snapchat messenger service. However, the app offers much more and it is no wonder that it has been bought off by Facebook.

If you own an Android device or an iOS device, it is easy to download the app. Whether you own an iPhone or an Android device, it is easy to get the right version of the mobile device:

  • If you are using an Android device, visit the Android app marketplaces like Google Play Store.
  • Visit iTunes if you are using iPad or iPhone.
  • Here you will easily find the free app when you search for it.
  • Once the app is found, you can check the reviews and ratings of others before you choose to download it.
  • You will find that the app is easily downloaded as it is a lightweight application.
  • Once the installation is complete you can then open the app and start using it.

These are easy ways the app can be downloaded onto any device, whether Android or iOS. That makes it a versatile app to use. You will be able to use the filters and other effects once the app is downloaded. The app can help you start shooting images or videos with its effects. You could also add the filters to stored images. These are some ways the app can be used. The ability to share the changed images to different social media accounts makes it easy for one to get the reactions of friends on the filtered images. You will find your friends having a good laugh on your animated selfie and wanting to know how you did it.