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We actually didn't see the accident.

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This clock is far more expensive than that.

He made an important discovery.

Himawan met Louie outside.

I will call for you at seven.

Your paintings are beautiful.

It is of great use.

That cat has beautiful fur.

Get me a beer.

Would you mind if we spoke French instead?

These horses are hers.

Come home at six.


Please do not forget capital letters.


Brender couldn't afford a lawyer.

Drink wet cement and get really stoned.

I have lost my friends.


Some stuff is about to happen.


I smile every time I see her.

Your windshield wipers need to be replaced.

I have tried every way.

That's why I called you here.

Does she know your telephone number?


He offered no specific explanation for his strange behavior.

I collected my urine sample in a small, plastic cup and gave it to the nurse.

Look, you can't buy this anywhere else.

The road closure was due to a flash flood.

The men are eating lunch.

I hope to visit Nara next time.

Kerri is an aggressive person.


I'm weary of her bragging.

Say well or be still.

"Do you trust me?" "No."


She will cope with all the work.


Let us students contribute to the welfare of the victims of the earthquake; even loose change will go a long way.


His room is kept clean by her.


You're next.

There was a general drop in prices.

How much will you allow me for this?


A light lunch at MacD's, coffee at Starbucks, then a few drinks with shabu-shabu - that's the way it went.

Will you type this paper for me?

I feel like another person.

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I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk.

I can't believe you're trying to bribe me.

Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State.

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Michelle said this was to be expected.

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Promise me you won't tell anybody.

Dennis is patient, isn't he?

And what did you do then?

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He is from some small town in Nagano.


You seem to understand him.

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How's that possible?

Macy went to high school to get an education.

My surname is Smith.

Promise me you'll be careful.

Four is an unlucky number in Japan.


Mother always tells me not to sit up late at night.


He forgot to rewind the movie.

Where are my boots?

Circumstances are entirely favorable to us.


They fought for freedom of religion.

She guessed right.

Some people never fail to astonish me.

The race is tomorrow.

I asked Nicolas to help me.


Your short hair suits you.


Lindsey eventually agreed.


Is daddy going to be arrested?

I only look like Leila. I'm not Isabelle.

Nhan might have been sleeping at that time.

We'll make you get over your melancholy.

Give her the book.


I have to stop procrastinating.


Sundaresan is the fastest runner on our team.


You're really looking much better.

Juan said he didn't know when Anton would be arriving.

Push the button.


I want to become both physically and mentally stronger.

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Jitendra had a great night tonight.


That movie ended up being a bore.

Why couldn't you just say no?

Shakil arrived too late.


It's definitely her.

Rahul might be badly hurt.

So, what should I tell him?


I didn't know Elisabeth didn't know The.

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I don't have a favorite tie.

Lucifer went to Boston yesterday.

I wanted to play tag with the other children, but they wouldn't let me.

I can't let her go alone.

I've been fairly lucky.


She borrowed the ruler.

I don't like iced coffee.

Several teams are contending for the prize.

When compared to Paris, London is large.

Please drop by when you go out for shopping sometimes.

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Give me your knife.


Alison was unarmed.


I ate while you were at the supermarket.

Do you update your website often?

I can lend you one if you want.

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My father suggested that we go to the movies this afternoon.


That's exactly how it happened three years ago.


We're going to be aggressive.

Richard will definitely be at the meeting.

10% of the inhabitants come from Japan.


There were fifty passengers on the plane.

I skied almost every day last January.

Are you some kind of good luck charm?


I'm just worried about you.


You never know what's going to happen.

Don't forget your promise.

We picked apples so as to make a pie.

I like the way Stanislaw makes me feel.

You can do that right now.


Stu doesn't want to be there.

He died on the day his son arrived.

And that's it!


What kind of sweets did I like as a child? Even if I try to remember, I can't.

Who is standing there?

You don't have to do it right away.

Gunnar is regaining consciousness.

Sarah opened the door of the car for Al.

Who else does this?

Perseverance is, among other things, necessary for success.

There are many people living near us.

He is absorbed in his manga magazine.


They won't budge.

Farmed fish are cheaper than wild ones and the taste is only "so-so".

Just as Elwood predicted, our team lost.

I like the movie "Me".

I would have done it at that time.

She was in a great hurry.

Lin took one last look around the room before he left.

Jimmy promised me that he wouldn't tell anyone.

Is there anything else you want me to do?


We want to see her.

Giles asked me to do this.

I finally went to England this summer.

Radiation is a big concern.

I want to see Laurie.

We've got that figured out.

The bird flapped its wings.

A cubical statue stands out majestically on the horizon.

What you see is what you want.


Life is weird.


Jackye has received several prizes for her poetry.

The Arabs lived across the Arabian Peninsula before the birth of Islam.

King led the campaign to end racial segregation and electoral disenfranchisement in the USA using very similar methods to Gandhi in India.

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You better believe it.