Winding through the high desert, across Colorado, Utah, Arizona and on down the California border, the Colorado river irrigates nearly 4.5 million acres of crops worth billions of dollars annually, nourishes plant and animal life in 11 national parks, and generates more than 4,000 megawatts of electricity.

People have to obey the rules.

I'd never do anything to hurt you.

The train leaves Tokyo Station at 7.

Avoid each other's society.

This is quite difficult for Ravindran.

Look out for pedestrians when you drive a car.

My door's always open.

Today I have to see my new professor of philosophy.

The motive for the murder is not yet known.

What does the Bible say about this?

Clifford is checking things out.


Do you see what you did to me?


She sewed a button on.

Liberals would rather endlessly debate abstractions than spend five minutes listening to another person's lived experience.

Am I correct?


Ed needed training.

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How do you write your last name?


I know you'll make me proud.

Frederic is out shoveling snow.

My father has a cup of coffee every day.


Elisabeth has been drinking since 2:30 and is already a little drunk.

I was just trying to stop the fight.

Right now, we've got bigger problems.

I shouldn't have told Jones to do that.

There were some burned-out structures along the road.


Do you have any idea who would do this kind of thing?

Sandeep used up all his money.

I want to gaze at this scenery forever.


The clown made a funny face.

It's a win-win situation.

I am adhering to a strict diet regimen.

That you have come early is a good thing.

The sponge soaks up water.

They felt he was too weak.

She had gone to the concert that evening.

Sofoklis is the one with the car, not me.

Take me to the Hilton Hotel.

Why not go talk to her?

I should have starved to death for want of food.

My income falls short of my expenditure by five hundred pounds.

Come nearer so that I can see your face.


It made him happy.

Can I count on you both to be there?

I didn't know Rhonda was Canadian.

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Has Lorraine received an invitation yet?


How to track the least visited pages and what to do with them?

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Of any stranger, wisemen are suspicious.

Desertion from the army was punishable by death.

"Are you angry at me?" "How could anyone ever be angry at you?"


You needn't suffer in silence.

That would be gross.

Look, I'm being serious.

He doesn't own many books.

Why aren't you eating?


Russell died from self-inflicted injuries.

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What shall I add?

He as good as said you were a fool.

Sumitro is a really good friend.

I wonder where Yoko has gone.

It's almost impossible to imagine.

We must keep law and order.

Laurie is a beautiful girl.

Thanks. See you next time.

That was very frustrating.

According to Barney, you weren't in class today.

He was lying there very still and tense.

We can see the whole city from here.

Are you the medical examiner?


Rand started singing along with Dale.

Kees has one of those.

Maureen is pretty aggressive, isn't he?

I like both plays in our anthology very much.

Karen is still a bachelor.

I'm tired of your complaints.

His grades took a big jump.


There has been a large increase in trade between the United States and China.

Do you remember when Bryan said that?

I'll go and talk to him.


She's intelligent and sexy.

I may have caught cold on that cold night.

This is the first volume of a series on modern philosophy.

There's a little bit of water in the glass.

Just step right over there.

Leonard wished that his classmates would treat each other with more respect.

I'm short.

What is most necessary for young men today is to develop the habit of thinking for themselves.

They are wanting in industry.

I'm decisive.

The opera singer tested her voice gingerly after recovering from throat surgery.


I thought Brenda would want the work.


That's what it said in the paper.


I have often been here.

Are you hiding something, Ronni?

Pipe cleaners are used for cleaning pipes.

I don't know who is weirder, you or me.

I need the flights from Washington to Montreal on a Saturday.


I don't think it was Glen and Ravi.

Stand out of my sun.

That would be a total waste of time.


I don't plan to be here that long.

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She asked about you.

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So many languages, so little time...

I'll treat you to dinner if you help me.

Compassion is entirely absent from his character.

A dove is a symbol of peace.

Theoretically, I'm for it, but this could never be implemented in the real world.

Copernicus taught that the earth moves around the sun.

I've given you everything I can give you.

Dan readily accepted the offer.

It's not every day you get a building named after you.

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What's your favorite kind of food?

There's no one in the house.

She prepared lunch.

Have they spotted you?

Please don't drink from the bottle.


Westbound traffic won't be affected by the construction.

He often leaves his umbrella behind absent-mindedly.

She fell in love with the new teacher.


Joshua is on the loo.

I guess you've caught me.

I want to eat a Dapanji!


Malaclypse heard the sound of a door being shut.


Health is above wealth, for the former is more important than the latter.

We've got a long way to go.

I no longer live in Boston.

I was on Flight 001 from Tokyo.

Her face lit up.

Can you call ahead?

He has only read 10 pages so far, I've already read 60.


A young boy, who couldn't have been more than five years old, asked Judy how to get to the post office.

This country is very poor.

This is the worst hotel in town.

My advice would be to ignore Plastic's advice.

Vinod avoids Rhonda whenever possible.

They're upstairs.

He turned a blind eye.


You're not funny.

I want a chamomile tea.

I'll come as soon as I can.


I know Jeff is hurt.

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This is where we're expecting the avalanche to fall.

I asked him about his new book.

Kee dug a hole in his front yard.

Could we meet privately?

I was surprised to get your call.

No one's in sight.

I can hardly imagine him going abroad.

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It may have been a quixotic quest, but surprisingly enough, it was successful.

We have a lot to talk about.

I need to spend more time at work.

Charley will be here until noon.

She had enough sense to understand what he really meant.


Bob was shy when he was a high school student.

He isn't like his brother.

We're going to my place.

I spend a lot of time with him.

Michael Glawogger died of malaria in Monrovia, Liberia in April of 2014.

What is your favourite animal?

My pet dog was seriously ill.

The doctor is with another patient.

He had not been in Tokyo a month when he got homesick.


This girl speaks English and German.