John Lennon was born in 1940.

I must run.

Where's the beard?

I haven't found them yet.

I said I'd go.

Have you guys seen the news?

Sandeep took his tie off.

Who wants to visit the Philippines? It is such a tropical paradise!

A possible side effect of the contraceptive pill is a loss of sex drive.

An enemy of an enemy is a friend.

The country's economy is about to collapse.

Don't you think that's an exaggeration?

Whose food is this?

Why aren't you ready yet?

Your wife has seen the need to look for work.

Do you usually wear a bike helmet?


We tend only to notice the details that concern us.


The nurse gave Kamiya something to ease the pain.


Expensive things often prove more economical in the long run.

That's odd.

Teri would be perfect for this job.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

Frances and Trying met at a New Year's party.

Pratap didn't have a lot of time.

He had the kindness to help me.

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It took me a long time to get used to the noise.

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She was dumb with fear.

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Heinrich knows a boy who can ride a unicycle.


I'll give you thirty minutes.

He excelled in music even as a child.

Lee didn't want anyone to know that he had been dating Jenine.

He is old enough to understand it.

One should be considerate about things and considerate of people.


You were never in any real danger.

Dory doesn't want to hear it.

Do you have a pen on you?

You're all racists.

That can't be Kory. She's in the hospital now.

Indeed she is young and beautiful, but she is in delicate health.

As they're not there this weekend, they gave me the keys of their apartment.

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They did not listen.

Let's take a pause. I cannot continue any longer.

It might rain today in the afternoon.

I haven't asked her yet.

Fill the glass to the brim.

Matthew is at home with his wife and children.

I'm an agnostic.


I know the real reason you're here.


Please post here if you experience any problems.


Norman threw out his old personal papers and sent them to be shredded.

Don't you think Torsten might object to this?

Fear left, hope came, and then the first real improvements began creeping in.

She would have called me if she'd had my phone number.

He said that it was important.

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The couple wasn't able to produce the down payment for the loan.

My mind is made up.

How did Cindie die?

I'd like to work for you as long as possible.

Kim chuckled nervously.

Why are you wearing those handcuffs?

I want to finish the work on my own.


Alastair talked about his experiences.

I'm not breaking the law.

So far as I know, he is not lazy.

Bruno didn't realize what was going on.

Moran will end up in jail.

Every year without fail, lots of foreigners come to Japan.

Manavendra gave me this ring.

When was the last time Marsha and you went out for dinner together?

She pretended that she didn't hear me.

I can't tell you. It's a secret and if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore.

Do something!

Trevor was abruptly woken from his slumber by loud banging on the front door.

Please call me as soon as you know anything about Josip's condition.

Why do they do it?

I think you owe me an apology.


Some are good at English, and others are good at mathematics.

The Japanese language plays an important role in promoting world peace.

I've got to see Rolfe.

You're very alert.

These are perfect.

We'll get you another balloon.

There is no meat left in the fridge.


She's going back to America.

A man is known by his friends.

The couple was walking arm in arm.

The chances are slim to none that you'll win the lottery.

We shall see.

That has already happened.

I don't have a cent, let alone a dollar.

Miami is the biggest city in Florida.

Japan imports oranges from California.

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I tried to learn this song by heart.

In the scientific world, there is a lot of intellectual hypocrisy.

Tokyo is the most expensive town in the world.

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Why did you want to talk to me?

Christophe has probably already forgotten about you.

My brother is a college student.

She didn't like him at first.

I have some advice for you.


Apply in writing.

Spring is over and summer has come.

He stuck out his tongue at his teacher.


Ruth told Melinda that he had a headache even though he really didn't have one.

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Eli's studying.

They were crying.

Nobody knows what his destiny has in store for him.

How do you usually do this?

Everyone turned to look at him.

When it comes to animals, this can't be considered as being something cruel.

We're not abusing the system.

Jef and Holly started arguing.

I hear from Claude at least once a month.

He's looking at you.

I cannot guess at all what is going on with him.

The new law was enforced on the people of the island.

This is critical.

I don't think anyone thinks you're crazy.

Mother is two years older than Father.

Blood pressure is important as a barometer of health.

This winter we experienced many rainstorms.

Lie down on your left side.

I am very pleased.


Egoism is the prime cause of cancer of soul.

I walked across the street.

He whose face gives no light, shall never become a star.

Tickets are limited.

Why isn't anything happening?

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I met her when I was in Boston.

Do you expect Jinchao to be late?

The doctor called him back.

Shean wants to keep Brenda on his good side.

A bird flew high up in the sky.

I only wish to speak with you calmly.

Add seasoning, seasoned oil, and chili, to the boiling water.

I made another appointment.

It's worth thinking about.

This is fucking cool.

The busiest men find the most time.

Both Gregg and John want to go out with Ginny.

Did Mike see this?

He was covered with sweat.

I feel there is just no way out.

I want him beaten up.

Hiroyuki looked over his shoulder to see if Anderson was still following him.

What would you do in a situation like this?

I needed help.

I might be back by 2:30.

He is still angry.

She screamed at the flash of lightning.

I've got to try that again.

The ship's mission is to boldly go where no man has gone before.

You're going exactly where I wanted to go.


Can I count on your help?

Please push the table over this way.

Dan watched the kids at the park.

My poor uncle was there, lying on his bloody bed, with a dagger lodged deeply in his heart.

Does anybody want anything else?

This rule is often ignored.

She dreamed a happy dream last night.


He visited France three times.


There's no chance that he'll recover.

Girls cry more easily than boys.

I don't want to be negative.

I came in third place.

There have been many genocides in history, but the most famous (or infamous) is that perpetrated by the Nazis.


I don't leave my door unlocked anymore.

Where can I do some shopping?

I'm not sure what Randall's objective was.

It'll be a big challenge.

We have a lot more to talk about.

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Snow overtook the rain.