Herman's hair is always greasy and dirty.


"Might be a bit stiff..." "Stiff?" "I mean the viscosity is too high."

That's just beautiful.

I can speak Chinese, but I can't read Chinese.

You should take account of his mental condition.

That was not my intention.

He lost the whole of his money.

We think this belongs to you.


Type your password on the keypad.

I know who you're thinking about.

Until there is justification or evidence, we do not know if it is true what he says.

That's a matter of opinion.

I spoke to him about it over the telephone.


She is among the best artists of today.


The important thing to do right now is to find Raif.

Should we get going?

This is the house in which he lived.

The climate here is milder than that of England.

This is no surprise.

Shuvra left with someone else.

What should I buy?

He said he would come and he did come.

He received a large sum in insurance benefit.

Rich and Rajesh fight constantly.

She has a few pen pals.

There are currently more open apprentice positions than applicants.

You can't win, Adam.


Luke's house burned down in 2013.

I am going to school.

Doyle is really hard to get along with.

Wipe that smirk off your face.

His speech indisposed us to finish the work any more.

Are you getting along well with your new schoolmates?

My husband's not in town.

He's always complaining about the food.

I didn't say it like that.

But when I arrived in China that time, I had a family waiting for me.

There are people who translate and there are people who call each other names.

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

Dennis offered to help Debi move.

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The painter died young.

I think Leslie needs help.

We'll do the same for you.

She's been shot!

You see? It wasn't that bad.


You're satisfied.

He is a man of moderate opinions.

Jayant was my best friend at that time.


I was chilled with fear.

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What language do you usually speak?


Margie threw her arms around her father's neck.

Nothing can stop them.

I should've asked you first.

We have to make do with what we have.

This furniture was in my apartment when I moved in.

The world finds itself at a low point.

I didn't see them do that.

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And, they've already torn up the garden.

You like to take pictures, don't you?

Where do your children go to school?

Pierre thought that Africa was a country.

I'll bet you looked beautiful when you were young.

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There was no response.


Floria was a sickly child and was mollycoddled by his parents.

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He loves his girlfriend so much that he sees her every day.


It was not easy to convince him.

The war didn't break out by accident.

Did you take a look at it?


This garden is open to the public and it's free.


Could I have a minute with you?

"I was talking to Mark Cruise once (a really close friend of mine), and I was telling him about the latest antics of my pal Charlie Sheen. We sat there talking for about an hour when I got a call from Jay Leno. He wanted me to be on his show next week. I was pretty busy, but I told Jay I would find time in my schedule for his show. Oh, I have to be off." "Here are your bags and change, sir." "Thanks." "Thank you, sir, have a great day."

She plunged into the water.


It appears that you have made a foolish mistake.

You should've called.

They rarely go out.

They didn't even know we were there.

She cannot have broken her promise.

He leaves the parental roof soon.

The water is cold.

I think that Shintaro speaks English well.

It's just not fair.

There was a storm that night.

The children are going to the beach today.


You don't have to tell it to me if you don't want to.


I'm always bored with films that have little action.


It's not just Rodney's problem.

Bush respects all religions.

For ten florins, I send a series of stamps.


Judging from his appearance, he must be a rich man.

He was born and brought up in Tokyo.

The persian cat slept on the table.


Prices will go up.

To our great annoyance, he barged in on our party.

What's wrong with me?

I'm glad to see you could make it.

I've never spoken with Robert in French.

Kolkka longed to see Elwood again.

Tarmi will go.

My hands and feet have got as cold as ice.

Kitty jogged down the narrow staircases.

There are three more pictures of Bud in another folder.

Is that why you called me?

I'm very reserved.

We built it.

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You look very good in blue.

Are you accusing Cindy?

He came from behind the curtain.

If I have enough time, I'll do it right.

There's not much juice left in the bottle.

Could you please make room for me?

He goes for a walk one day every month.

I'm perfectly capable of doing this by myself.

Squirrels like nuts.


We don't need it anymore.


I'd like to have Lorenzo over for dinner.

I intend to file a formal complaint.

I've eaten the borsch.

He was hammered.

I want to get drunk.

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Their teacher got them together at the gate.


Konstantinos will do that.

You'd better get to the hospital right away.

Please stop that right now.

When there's more wind, the windmill spins faster.

Dale was wearing a bulletproof vest, so the bullet didn't kill him.

We owe you one.

I don't like warm winters.

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I thought Merton probably did it.

I just need to see for myself.

He proposed an alternate plan.

Marian liked to make people smile.

We have planned our attacks well.

She seems OK now.

The secret of success lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from his angle as well as from your own.

Elias never would've dated someone like Richard.

I love being in empty rooms.


She doesn't like to sing sad songs.


I am indignant about the way he treated me.

That pigeon flew from San Francisco to New York.

Debbie bought a gift for his girlfriend.

I have known intimately a great many persons who were absorbed in the arts.

He was not disappointed.

Jesse stayed up late.

Rogue says he needs time alone.

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Curt may not agree with us.


You shouldn't eat raw snails.

Casper works in a massage parlor.

Could you give me your phone number?

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My mother always wears lipstick.

Tell me who won.

Avery bought two copies of the book.


There was nothing but water as far as the eye could see.


When I was 84, I dreamt about a fleeting love.

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Oliver crashed Angela and Tovah's car into a tree because he was distracted by his friends.


I guess I'll have to think it over.

I'm glad I'm done.

Gale poured himself some whiskey.

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Watch out for falling objects!

The men looked at Jessie in silence.

The misfortune of the ants makes the elephants laugh.