It seems that Tony bought an expensive car.

He got a bad reputation.

Myanmar is ruled by a military dictatorship.

I heard him play the piano once.


Let's not let the same thing happen to us.


He works hard in order to keep his family in comfort.

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Kyung wants to call his lawyer.

An ambulance arrived immediately.

Jill needs to go home.

What gift would you like to receive for Christmas?

Your kindness overwhelms me.

I should've changed the oil.

Final Fantasy is not a film, but a videogame.

Rudolph recovered his balance immediately.

There was a gentle knock on the door.

He's a busy man, so the only way you can contact him is by telephone.

Can you give me that?


Josip only has five health points left.

You're not going to do that, are you?

You do believe me, don't you?

Are you interested in buying an encyclopedia?

Well, don't you have anything to say?


It's not allowed.

They both fell in love with the same man.

Why are you suing Starbuck?

Don't give up!

I used to wash my hair only once a week.

Do you understand what's expected?

Fish use their fins as oars.

Dinner's almost ready.

My ex-boyfriend is obsessed with me.

I want you to go back.

I don't have much time.

Even though I'm sitting here in the sun, I'm still cold.

You must really like them.

Don't you want to talk to them?

I could say that it is a bit much actually.

Mr. Jackson, your son has died of an overdose.

I'll attend.


We can rest.

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The coworker claimed he had missed the bus.

However, there are instances in history where entire peoples were successfully exterminated.

His proposal was out of the question.

Is Murray in pain?

This is not a book for children.

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They don't want you back.

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Have Clare call me.

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I'm closing the door.

The lazy man frequently neglects his duties.

When would it be convenient for you?

I've given it a lot of thought.

When Dan realized what happened, it was too late.

Her thick makeup is disgusting.

I was listening.


I know the person you are talking about.

To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.

It is less humid today than it was yesterday.


I'll go check on him.


That can't be denied.

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It would be good if I had a car.

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I'm visiting my grandmother in hospital.


She threw him away like trash when she was done with him.


The toast has burned black.

Jane asked Marc whether she'd like to stay at her place for the night.

Roxana says that he can move objects using only the power of his mind.

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Who said it is bad?

We wondered at his display of magic.

The eternal city - that's Rome; the perpetual building site - that's Berlin.

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The police have opened an investigation.

She has a brilliant future.

What's wrong with the world?

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Knute uploaded a video on YouTube.

Maybe you can help me find out where Kevin went.

Reinhard is old enough to drive.


I had a decent meal.

That is our father.

He was tired from walking round museums.

What sort of information do you get on the Internet?

Can't you peel an orange?

Do you have an alibi?

Does he study English every day?

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Pat is there to help Neil.


Do you have a deep bowl for soup?

Should I tell him?

Jeannette wanted to get in a little target practice before he went into the office.


It seems that the rainy season has set in.


A strong wind stripped the trees of their leaves.

It's not exactly rocket science.

I don't think married people should have secrets from each other.

Your look betrays you.

Climate change could cause the loss of 85% of coral reefs.


They fired me.

I've got to go to the men's room.

I wonder why Rafik wants to buy that house.

We're realistic.

Just tell me what you want me to do.

For now, I'd like to concentrate on this.

Can I take her home?


Better run away right now!

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Skef's blood type is O negative.

I was very tired so I went to bed early.

They did not abide by the school regulations.


The only thing I can do is bring a cup of tea.

She had a thoughtful look on her face.

It is not possible to conceive without perceiving.

"We have a lot of things do to." "Such as?"

His village is just over the border.

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He's got enough money to buy a house.

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They were swearing at each other at the top of their voices.


I never told Annie that.

Don't worry. I won't hurt her.

I really miss you a lot.

Now I know why people get into so many car accidents when it rains.

She went to Los Angeles for the purpose of studying dancing.

Is this a picture that you drew by yourself?

His great-grandfather looked sick.

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She is a very beautiful woman.

I didn't want to go with you.

I'm absolutely burnt out.

They went to Kyoto last year.

New opportunities are opening up to you.


Why did Dan commit suicide?

He is surrounded by a shroud of mourning.

Tarmi was half right.

He works in the automobile industry.

Duke has something wrong in her head.


Was Jess very busy?

A strange thing happened last night.

Antony is the most handsome man I've ever met.

That's your duty.

Good morning, Haruki. Your hair got messed up while you were sleeping.

I speak English a lot.

Trey looked through the supplies.

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With a voice wielding power of the ancient Nord art.

I drank beer last night.

I love all Native Americans from the Arctic region to Tierra del Fuego.

Can you tie a bow?

The Smiths are all good people.

Cristina told Donna he was interested in buying one of her paintings.

Arthur slammed the door shut behind him.

Do you even remember Harvey?

I admire them.

Sometimes, as the Earth orbits the Sun, it comes between the Sun and the Moon. When this happens, the Earth throws a dark shadow across the Moon. This is known as an eclipse of the Moon, or a lunar eclipse.

I know that you can hear me.

Make a few good friends and stick to them.

I will definitely attend your funeral.


It's not worth much.


Kit wants to make sure that that doesn't happen again.

I'm going to study English this afternoon.

Patty was so short that she couldn't get at the branch.

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You must be sleepy.

What are we going to do with the people who do not play by the rules?

The flu prevented him from playing golf.

Pim said we should rehearse more.

At that time nobody lived on the island.


They would think the person is modest or lazy.

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The cake should be done soon.

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Let me tell you why you shouldn't be here.