Holiday Humor from KSB Consulting – 2018

Thank you for your support throughout the year.  Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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Finding Employees with Mental Strength

We all want to hire employees with mental toughness and grit.  But what does true mental strength look like?  The attached article provides a great description of mental strength including the abilities to delay gratification, to keep fighting when you feel defeated, to make tough calls, to keep emotions in check, and to maintain your resolve even when others don’t believe in your vision.  Do your key employees demonstrate this toughness?

See article here.

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As a recruiter for mid-senior level positions in the financial services industry, I spend a fair amount of time researching candidates and referral sources on LinkedIn. It is amazing to me how many banking professionals have out-of-date, inaccurate, or otherwise unprofessional LinkedIn profiles.

Granted, there has been a great deal of consolidation in banking over the past year, and getting one’s LinkedIn profile up-to-date may not seem like the most pressing issue but, in 2018, it is critical to have your social media presence working for you (and not against you).

Having your profile up-to-date is not only important for career progression. Remember, your clients are on LinkedIn. Your competitors are on LinkedIn. You need to be on LinkedIn with a professional, accurate profile.

Here are a few “tips” from someone who has seen it all.

  • At a minimum, make sure your current employer and title are accurate.
  • Provide your career progression – your last two-three roles would be optimal.
  • If you only have 5-25 connections, that tells us that you are not actively networking and using LinkedIn and we have little confidence in your profile information. It takes a minimum amount of effort to connect with people you know in the industry. Why not connect with your clients? Your colleagues? Just do it.
  • A brief summary of your most current role is important so that others can understand what you are really doing. If you have listed your title as “Underwriter,” viewers have no idea if that is Mortgage, CRE, Commercial, or other. Be sure to clarify your role.
  • Throw in a few bullet points that tell me what you’ve accomplished, not just what your duties/responsibilities are.
  • Regarding profile pictures – LinkedIn is a professional networking site. It is not the right place to post a photo of your family or an unprofessional looking candid shot. If a professional work photo is not easily accessible, at least take a photo that presents you at your professional best and is similar in size/proportion to a professional photo.
  • Ensure that you are providing good location information. If you live and work in Chapel Hill, for instance, and you want to continue working close to home, the location descriptor of Raleigh – Durham area may not be best for your profile. If you want to keep your profile location broader, then it’s a good idea to note specifically where you are located in your current role.
  • Keep your contact information updated. We see an even split between work emails and personal emails on LinkedIn profiles. People can’t see your contact information unless you have connected with them, so the risk of unsolicited communication is small. It’s OK if you’d prefer not to enter a phone number, but at a minimum, have a current email address in your profile.
  • Be sure to use first person rather than third person in your summaries. LinkedIn is intended to be interactive compared to a paper resume.
  • Most importantly, inject a little personality into your profile. We like to see your enthusiasm for what you do each day!
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Holiday Humor from KSB Consulting – 2017

Thank you for your support throughout the year.  Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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The article below has some good advice.   Perhaps now is the time to step back and evaluate how effectively you are responding to top talent (or are you missing some altogether?). Many very good HR people I know are overwhelmed to the point where it is very difficult for them (and their companies) to be highly responsive.

Read article here.

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Advice for my College-Bound Son

The article below was written by the Founder of Redbox, and is a note to his son as the son begins his first corporate internship.  Given all my interactions with both candidates and employers, much of the advice rang true and could have a big impact on a student’s ability to gain the most from an internship.

Maybe the article impacted me more this week than it would have at another time because I just dropped my son off at college. I have been giving him advice his whole life and was still imparting wisdom up until the moment I left him to fly home.  I saw this article shortly after arriving at home and immediately sent it to my son.  I hope you will enjoy it and share it with an intern or two.

Read article here.


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Attracting Millennials To Your Bank’s Workforce

I have had many conversations with clients about millennials in the workforce.  The article below provides a good explanation of why millennials are important to the banking workforce and offers suggestions on how to attract and retain millennials.  Take a look!

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The article below encourages candidates to understand and communicate their value to a prospective employer.  This is something I frequently discuss with candidates, and an important “lens” to use from the first meeting to the final negotiation.  Understanding the value that you offer a prospective employer cannot only give you more confidence in compensation negotiations, but is also a good measure of whether the job is truly a fit for both parties.  If you are having a hard time seeing how you can contribute significantly, it might not be the right situation.


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Thank you for your support throughout the year.  Have a safe and happy holiday season.


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Recruiting and Enticing High Performing Teams

See below a great article from Laura Hay at Pearl Meyer about recruiting and enticing teams.  We are seeing banks get more aggressive and creative to get top talent in key expansion markets.  I encourage my clients to understand WHAT is being offered in the market, and then be creative within their own boundaries to attract the right people.

Read article here.

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