Do you know when the event took place?

Celia doesn't have a bank account.


The ruling party is running a smear campaign against the opposition.


Are you ready for it?

Someone should buy a round of drinks.

We specialize in the import of machinery parts.

What he said also applies in this case.

I saved Morgan's life.

May I open the curtain?

I'll come back to Australia the day after tomorrow.


Our class has forty-five students.


Did you speak with him?

He was dismissed by the company for a misconduct.

I have never sung, and never will sing, in a karaoke bar.

I am going to the post office.

How long will you be away?

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Malus and I'll wait for you.


You should come through with your promise.

Have you told them how you feel?

Ravens are said to live much longer than humans.

The document was copied exactly.

Today we wait, tomorrow we will win.


I knew them.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and think.

Here's a list of things that Sonny needs to buy.


He had been ill for a week when they sent for a doctor.

Don't worry so much, Claudio.

We finally reached the top of the mountain.

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I'd like to say a word of thanks to all those gentlemen and ladies whose care I have been in.

There is no denying the fact.

Murat isn't good at keeping secrets.

Heinrich is still unconscious on the floor.

Kyle didn't try to deny Gilles's accusation.

Were I a foreigner, I could not eat raw fish.

Antibiotics are commonly enzymatic inhibitors.

Patrice is going to have to pay for it.

The bride is American with Polish origins.

Cyrano had a very large nose.

Let's get back to Boston where we belong.

People walk on the sidewalk. Cars cross the streets.

The same debate took place in 2000.

When was the last time you connected to the Internet?

Vistlik must be punished for what he did.

In her youth, my mother was very beautiful.

I cannot let the remark pass by in silence.

We provided food and clothes for them.

Traitors will be deported.

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He had one of his socks on inside out.


I'm only here for one day.

Her voice was soft and beautiful.

Can he be trusted?


You like arguing with me, don't you?

Snow has been falling steadily since this morning.

They've heard by chance some suspicious activity in the thicket which indicated that a bear smelled their food also.

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I really would like Naren's opinion on this.

Did Moran ever tell you why he was late?

I knew he wasn't Jerrie.

Cathrin arrived on Monday.

Keep her busy.

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You didn't answer me.


Irwin kissed Jon passionately on the lips.

What would driving a car be without doom metal?

Who can fly better, a fly or a pilot?


They strengthened the embankments to secure the village against floods.

Everything is closed.

My uncle and aunt like spending their summer vacation at a seaside resort. They go sea-bathing everyday during their stay.

This lake is the deepest in Japan.

The party fought their way up.

Andries waved goodbye.

"OK, Kimi, the next car behind you is Alonso. Alonso five seconds behind you. I'll keep you updated on the gap. I'll keep you updated on the pace." "Just leave me alone, I know what I'm doing!"

You never really said you love me.

We can't just leave Nikolai here by himself.

I tightened one.

Sanford probably didn't know about the meeting.

I told Lar he should ask Alexis to help him with his homework.

Now, Guards, you stand no chance against me, 'cause I'm actually four blokes!

They accepted my point of view.

This is the package you've been waiting for.


Barbara looked at Pedro and grinned.

You shouldn't be so picky about food.

The eagle is white.

Daniele's apartment is cluttered.

Does the government really care?


Tell them to call me before they leave.


I am a member of the firm.

Pregnant women often experience morning sickness.

Uli, Mega, and Tina are females.


She stretched every day in order to become able to do the splits.


Kristin and Curtis went spelunking.

It has stopped working.

"Do not kill me, kind Tsarevitch," said the bear.

We know Leslie better than he knows himself.

Way off in the distance she could see the lights of the city.

I don't want to spoil everything.

Don't call Izzy at his home after 2:30.

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The room became filled with smoke.

I don't want to talk about my child.

Where did you get that piece of wire?

The Bridge of No Return separates the two Koreas.

I cannot bring my car. There is no parking.

Case opened the door to let the cat in.

"Hi, y'all ready for school?" The two turned their heads to the voice of Zelda coming downstairs into the large hall. "Yep. I'm going to high school!" "I know." "I'm going to be so cool!" "Now, Link," Impa was about to barge in, but the King brushed her off quickly, "Hell no, don't start that shit with us, Impa." "I just wanted to tell Link about when I went to school," she retorted. The King laughed heartily. "Oh yes, it must have been great having Jesus as your chemistry partner!" "Well I never!" "Take her away!" yelled the King to Fari angrily.

Vic isn't a good choice.

He quickly confessed everything.

Stay away from the fire.

Let's leave as soon as possible.

This gate allows access to the garden.

What kind of candy did you buy?

Give that to him.

You won't find a dog bigger than this one.

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It's not gold.


We'll go to the lake to have lunch.

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Can you all tell me how to get to the airport?


I need to know exactly what happened.

We're fixing it.

Darin, stop it, OK?

If there's something more terrifying in the world than eternity, then it's probably the current progress of my diploma thesis.

All of my friends are out of town.

Who was sent to save the princess?

I'm buying meat and vegetables.

The story of the lost prince was a fiction.

She meant no harm.

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What would I do with that?


Would you have travelled by train if the bus came near your house?

It is not manly to speak ill of others behind their backs.

We went skiing in Canada.

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Please take it easy, we will help you.

He waited on his master.

Love is an important thing.

You can give it back whenever you want to as I bought that book for missionary work.

She could not accept the fact that she and her students had so much while other people had so little.

Phiroze quit the company.

Who else knows about your secret?


Women don't take shits.

I was born on March 18th 1994.

True and good friendship must not be suspicious of anything.

This girl speaks English and German.

Uri takes the bus to the city.

How old was Mark when he died?

I took a trip to Tokyo.


Before this, I worked as a cab driver.

I would sooner starve than betray him.

I'll see to it that you get to go.


Bradley would never talk about what happened.

I could still change my mind.

It's bigger than me.


Are you going or not?

In a crisis, you must get in touch with your teacher.

Boyce's mobile phone fell out of his pocket into the pool when he leaned over to check the water level.

Patricio is an outlaw.

In order to live happily and healthily with parakeets or parrots, you should understand the science of animal behavior for domesticated birds, and consider the emotional effect of eventually losing them.

It was a big black American warship.

How big is it?


Does your brother like ice skating?

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He took advantage of the occasion to visit the museum.

Chinese people don't have an alphabet. They have a different symbol for every word.

My brother wants to study abroad.

He is in London on business now.

He can dish it out, but he can't take it.

Mah stashed some stuff at my place.

Hsi wasn't around a whole lot.

We'll be back next year.

They demanded money from him.

He was a hero of the African campaign in World War II.

She acted as leader of our club.