SPRINT Cycling Computer FAQ

  • Q:How to shutdown SPRINT?
    A:Since SPRINT is very low power consumption, and the standby time is about 1 month, normally you don’t need to shutdown it.
  • Q:How to reboot SPRINT?
    A: Hold the home button for 10 seconds.
  • Q:What if SPRINT’s red light is on when connecting to the phone?
    A: The former version app could cause this issue, please try to REMOVE the former version app and REINSTALL it from google play or Appstore and try to connect again.
  • Q:I’m using window 10, the usb connection doesn’t work.
    A: The chipset driver  has a compatibility issue on windows 10. We are working on it, but it still need some time.
  • Q:How to import maps to SPRINT?
    A: Maps can be downloaded on (479) 444-2837, and please follow the instruction to import the maps /xoss.co/pages/import.html
  • Q:How to import GPX to SPRINT?
    A: You can upload GPX file at /www.xoss.co/pages/upload.html  and then you can see a new route at the XOSS APP.
    Then please import that route in SPRINT and load this route.
  • Q:I can’t connect SPRINT to the computer via USB.
    A:Reboot SPRINT and try it again.
  • Q:I can’t get the record data after ride.
    A:Firstly please make sure you have hold the home button and select START before riding and the distance is changing while riding. Secondly make sure your SPRINT has enough storage.
  • Q:I use Garmin mount, it seems work well but finally SPRINT is broken. Can I get warranty?
    A:We are sorry that warranty is available only  when you using all the XOSS official parts. SPRINT can only work with official mount.
  • Q: Can I synchronize record to Strava?
    A:Yes you can do it in XOSS App:Profile-Strava
  • Q:Where can I find log file if error occurs?
    A:1) XOSS App log can be found at Android/data/co.xoss/cache/debug .
    2) SPRINT log can be found at log.txt after you connect SPRINT to PC via USB.
    If there is no error occured , there is no log. You can send log to our email support@xoss.co if necessary.
  • Q: How can I see the map and rout in SPRINT?
    A: If SPRINT get the GPS location,click the X button to the navigation screen. The navigation screen will show the map and route when your location is on the map and the rout is on the screen range.
  • Q: I have download the map, but it didn’t work
    A: About map issue, first please use XOSS App to update SPRINT to the laest firmware, and then connect SPRINT via USB to the computer, go to the maps folder and clear all the old mpas. And then download maps form XOSS website follow the instruction at the download page.


Dear backers, good news!!! XOSS ios APP 1.4 update is available now! The latest updated APP fixed Some bugs and display errors. After updating the App, you can update your SPRINT firmeware to V2.2 through your smart phone. The fixed bugs are as follows:

1.Route Book infomation has been improved.
2.Add on multiple data pages display function now.
3.Total time and present time function added to the data field now.
4.Indoor training mode is available now.
5.Fixed some bugs.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us via support@xoss.co. Thank you!