I don't think Richard is as good-looking as John.

Only I can save you.

Is Cristopher a plain Jane?

I was allowed to take a week off.

Do you know who did it?

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He bought a suit for cash.

Dan remembers the red interior of his grandfather's car.

Today, federal law prohibits employment discrimination based on race, sex, religion, and disability.

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Douglas scared me.

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We've been here for a long time.

Joe spends the majority of his time in sports.

I believe this is a case in point.

Please wait for five minutes.

Nectarines and peaches are the same species.

I know she is very cute.

I used to come here with my friends.

You should call your lawyer.

His speech continued for three hours.

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Man is unhappy because he doesn't know he's happy. It's only that.

Avery's shirt has magenta stripes on it.

We're here to save lives.

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I don't like studying in this heat.

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We can't worry about that right now.

In an emergency you can fall back on your savings.

He escaped from prison thirty years ago and has been on the lam ever since.

This is a plant unique to this country.

What do you say we get to work?

It would mean a great deal to me if you would stay.

I'm serious about my job.


Jacobson is perfectly satisfied with his current salary.


No one conceived his words to be important.

Something must've spooked Shari.

Evan remained quiet for a moment.

Sidney remembered Martha quite well.

Have you breakfasted?

We don't have time to waste.

"After all, what does it matter?" thought she. "The dwellers in the Tontlawald cannot be worse than my stepmother."


What colour are those?

I told Phil you already knew what to do.

The novel takes its title from the Bible.

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I want you to lie still for a while.

We've got to save her.

What's going on with kids these days?


I want to lose ten pounds.

My grandmother can cook very well.

That accident is a good example of his carelessness.

Patience is a virtue that I don't possess.

Although he was wrong, he didn't say he was sorry.

The toilet doesn't flush properly.

I've always thought that rickshaws and sukiyaki were the most successful amongst the products made from what was imported from the West during the Meiji period.

That never used to bother me.

I don't know what they do.

I'm not over the hill yet.

Ravi now understands what's going on.

She was raised in France.

Men don't cry.

I answer for his honesty.

It's essential that you understand the situation.

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This machine is too heavy for me to carry.


He failed to pass his driving test.

My brother skips school often.

She is writing a letter now.


Is it true that Ramadoss thinks I believe that?

This is a narrow street.

Blake lives in a brown house.

Something remarkable happened.

I want to see Martyn again.

I've been waiting for you for three hours!

His teacher gave it to him straight for breaking the chair.

What makes you think I'd lose?

I asked Harvey to be here 45 minutes ago.

I'd rather die than give up.

You see that I too have a spirit; but my spirit bears the sting of a scorpion.

Vernon boiled some water.

I cried reading this book.


He was employed writing letter.

It seems reasonable.

I can't. It's too heavy.

My answer will be all right.

I'm supposed to go to Boston the week after next.

These children are neglected by their parents.

Our school stands on a hill, so we can see the town.


Dale paused and took a deep breath.

I want the details.

The car is kept in a garage, under cover and locked.


It seems so to me that this is not entirely wrong.

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I speak three languages.

You have quite an appetite.

I think Murray knows something.

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I feel like I missed something.

One never knows whom one might run into.

This is a very big deal.

He was kind enough to see that I wanted for nothing.

I only wear a kimono about once a year.

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I'm sorry but it's not my position to make a decision.


Don't make such a big deal out of small things.

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Contrary to what many people think, during the Middle Ages most people believed that the world was spherical, not flat.

Do you think you can fix it?

Seen from a spacecraft, the earth looks blue.


I think I'm going to like living here.

We've been stuck here for three months.

Sassan wanted Pierce to teach him how to swim.

I'm afraid I'm feeling out of sorts right now.

Most students don't read the syllabus very carefully.

Leads's tax rate is 15%, but his secretary's tax rate is 35%.

This river flows into the Pacific Ocean.

Japanese culture and people are really unique.

Hirofumi has to do better on the next test or he'll fail my class.


I saw you with Alberto.

What's Germany's largest lake?

He took a glance at the papers.

How old is that dog?

The noise kept me awake all night.


I hope you consider my request for a day off this Tuesday 8th. If possible, I'd appreciate you letting me recover those hours any other day.

He is a Parisian born and bred.

Steve tried to hide his feelings.


In the case of not agreeing to the conditions of the usage consent contract, promptly return the unopened media package to ABC for a full refund.

What would Lukas need?

Andre smokes like a chimney.


What else does Cristina want to know?


She's a complete stranger to me.

I'd do anything for you.

He set a trap to catch the animal.


That was wonderful, Carsten.

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What are you so nervous about?

Matthieu got back in his car and drove away.

I'll be staying here for another three days.

I could still change my mind.

There are wheels within wheels.

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We used to watch movies together.

The meeting was long today.

Willie was hoping that Cyrus would kiss him.

How long has Vijay been in love with you?

He thinks he is somebody, but really he is nobody.


Remember that we are all in the same boat.

Please put this thermometer under your tongue.

Peter made me go against my will.

Flip to the back of the book for the index.

The car and seat number are written on the ticket.

The security guard told Ric that he couldn't take pictures in this area.

Humans are the only animals that can use fire.


I want to die on that night!

I let her drive my car.

We saw terrible scenes on TV.

Make it pretty.

Our method is simple.

I am glad to meet you.

You hid under the table.

Grace wore an indignant look.

Either way, it's not important.


The assistant kept $2.

I hear the noise.

Patricia seems to hate me.

Dan is crafty, isn't he?

Jeany's sincere.

I don't mind your groping in the dark for a solution, but I wish you'd come to a decision.

"Hey, what's up?" "Oh, not much."

Kylo got up just before dawn this morning.

I gave one to him, too.


My dad sometimes goes to Australia for business.

The soldiers occupied the building.

I don't see your name on it.

The storm had a serious effect on the economy.

I have a package here for you.