A Stylish Denim, Shirt, and Jacket Combo

Denim may be as reliable as death and taxes, but that doesn’t mean you should keep wearing the same old jeans. The world’s most sought after brands continue to push the envelope by showcasing new cuts, colors, and styles that are refreshing the standards. And it’s not just jeans. Fall Fashion: Clothing Items for Every … Read moreA Stylish Denim, Shirt, and Jacket Combo


Smart cars, smart watches—with everything else is smarter than you these days, why not get some smart sneakers? With their ultra-light weight, app connectivity, and fitness-tracking features, Under Armour’s zero-gravity HOVR shoes are all the rage in the running world. Now, UA’s HOVR technology has expanded into fitness, er, “sportstyle,” and basketball shoes—and we couldn’t … Read moreSmart Sneakers? 7 Awesome Under Armour Kicks for Under $150 – Just in Time for Black Friday