Thad says he needs to buy a flashlight.

This technology has a great future.

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Who notified him?

Brendan is a pretty smart guy.

Come here Emilia! Your father is waiting for you!

What's your favorite piece of furniture?

You're taller than I expected.

Classes have been suspended due to floods.

Where do you think he lives?


Rice is cultivated in several parts of the world.


Yes, I think I need to go.


Ofer is used to winning.

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That's not what Lois told us.


Celeste didn't seem to be so busy.


He is out on a speaking tour these days.

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We will find them.

I am fasting today.

What did you give Jenine on his birthday?

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He predicted there would be rain.

You were exaggerating, weren't you?

You should write as nicely as you always do.

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A parallelogram is a quadrilateral formed from two sets of parallel lines.

He's better at it than I am.

A woman Will didn't know approached him.

How about dropping in at the shop?

My hair is still wet.


I saw you guys talking to them.


Property is theft.

Hello again!

Over there is a place where several colonies of birds nest.

I was deeply moved by his speech.

You know Triantaphyllos was right.

This is what Meehan feared.

Their car entered one of the toughest races in the world.

A bad workman always blames his tools.

She has never been in a car driven by him.

None of your tricks.

He smiled a cynical smile at me.

Last year, there was a lot of snow.

You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?


I don't know when I will die.

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We're dying to meet Janet.

Our team is likely to win the game.

I had a meeting with her.

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Nowadays many people live to be over seventy years old.

They pitched their tents on the beach.

I should say he has caught cold.

Everybody knows Herman can't speak French very well.

He stood there for a while.

I thought Harris would appreciate the gift from Tommy.

No one knows your secrets.

I won't let him hurt you.

Outside the house, at the street corner, the same old group of young men were standing with their hands in their pockets.

He was becoming a famous singer.

Somebody had to do something.

I know Chris doesn't want to be there.

We've got a little problem.

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A chimney carries smoke from a fireplace to the outside.


As we go together, we will draw inspiration from heroic and selfless acts -- friends who helped friends, took care of each other and saved lives. In the face of hate and violence, we will love one another. We will not give in to fear or turn against each other. Instead, we will stand united, as Americans, to protect our people, and defend our nation, and to take action against those who threaten us.


Yesterday I hung out with Tony.

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I'm making a movie.

You might want to have someone look into that matter.

We'd like to see the results of the experiment.


Don't change the subject.

Suppose that pigeons have something in their heads which can feel the power lines.

There was a mist upon the highway.

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Women want to have sex too.

You need a miracle.

Where were you between one and three o'clock?

Vegemite is a popular Australian foodstuff.

Jianyun got rid of his old books.


We felt the house shake.

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I'm not an actor anymore.


We have to leave something to our children.


He said that he didn't know.

Vicky says that she can speak seven languages.

She's lost a lot of weight since she went on a diet.

Let's not go home.

Everyone's going.

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I just stopped by to pick something up.

We've been working together for a long time.

One of us could be the winner.

She has a serious boyfriend.

Florian wanted Orville to feel special.

We can trust Ti.

You implied that you were a doctor.

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She put on her sister's jeans and looked in the mirror.

You should emphasize that fact.

This I have done.

You've got to get out of here.

John is my best friend.


I have some time, but never very much...

It is necessary to look towards the future: whoever doesn't look forward doesn't progress; and as you make your bed, so you must lie on it.

She had a narrow escape when her car skidded off the road into a lake.

Why don't you tell me what you remember?

No doubt, Erwin understands the value of this.

Tran slipped and nearly fell.

She fell silent suddenly.

The criminal is not Bob, but his twin brother.

We never harmed them.

A big rock stuck out from the bank into the river.

I went into the library; where I happened to meet Ann.

When will we go?

Do you have any grandchildren?


I like him apart from the fact that he talks too much.

He's charming and irresistible.

Her health seemed to suffer.


Gerald comes here three or four times a month.

Sanand waited more than an hour.

It was a test.

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Kikki studied music theory.

I have Ahmed's key.

I've never woken up this early.

Having travelled back to Warsaw, Zamenhof collected a very cheerful impression of England.

We are living in the age of nuclear power.


I don't blame her for that.

Hmm, that's fixable.

I opened the window to let in some fresh air.

Who else is going to be at the party?

I will eat chocolate.

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Kyung decided on his own to help Jun.


It's an improvement.


I am a banker.


Her eyes began to brim over with tears.

Root told Jeffie to wear what she wanted to wear.

I hope we don't run into any bureaucratic red tape.

Have you ever managed a company?

What will be my legacy?

I don't think it's important.

It's about time you got the tea ready.

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London air was not much to boast of at best.

I thought my eyes deceived me.

Are you sure you understand what the risks are?


Samuel Johnson draws his own portrait as "a hardened and shameless tea drinker, who for twenty years diluted his meals with only the infusion of the fascinating plant; who with tea amused the evening, with tea solaced the midnight, and with tea welcomed the morning."

I don't want to imagine ever looking up "Viagra" on Wikipedia.

I've never been robbed before.

I didn't want to worry Kanthan.

You were right, Fred.


Yesterday she was writing better than today.

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Quit touching me.

Deb remembered Hume quite well.

I don't think you're crazy.

As there are many absentees because of the flu, we were told that from tomorrow the classes will be temporary closed for 3 days.

What division of the company do you work in?

The man wore a mask of a tiger.

Take some time off.


Sridhar isn't drowning.

There is a cat on the table.

He took a drink of whiskey neat.


Guitar bands are on their way out.


Oskar has been living in Boston since he graduated from college.

He has a habit of scratching his back and biting his nails.

I can't figure out why she didn't come.

Do your best for her.

Triangles don't have four angles.

Personality is important, but looks are important as well.

Where did you get all this information?