She will have it that the conditions are unfair.

Look after your children.


Can one better bear the sins of an atheist?


When you turn to the left, you will see a white building.

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I think we can do a lot better.

Bart fired a warning shot.

Marla told Sandip that he didn't have anything to do.

It's just a mechanical problem.

I'm the world champion now.

Jerome is learning JavaScript.

Agatha asked me if I wanted to go to a movie with him.

Ninja hasn't read the morning paper yet.

After he was released from the psychiatric hospital, Dan continued to suffer severe mood swings and erratic behavior.


Chet, don't leave.

Matthieu was polite.

Knowledge feeds me.

Don't do me any favors.

The issue turned out to be very contentious.

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He began to fall in love with his co-worker Mahmoud.


Dwayne heard some shots.


I'll be able to do it on my own.


We don't have problems. We only have tasks.

Do you think that I'm sad?

I know how to read between the lines.

I'm going to Matthew's tonight.

I need protection.

We're ready for you.

The movie was interesting, as I had expected.


The strong, gusty wind strived to strip the leaves off the trees.

Jesper is the prettiest girl in her class.

Tell me the truth.


Do you like the piano?

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I wasn't counting on that.

I didn't mean any harm.

They liked his message.

He knows how to play trumpet.

He was a great statesman in life.

The trick worked beautifully.

Sofoklis gave Norm a book about Australia.

Did anything interesting happen while I was gone?

You'd better not swim if you've just eaten.

I lived there for three years.

You said she was kind and so she is.

We're not going to buy anything today.

I was horrified by what I saw.

You've got it now.

Laura is deceitful.


Then I woke up.

Surya likes it hot.

I can't come tomorrow.

It's the perfect weekend music!

Don't get too used to it.

Is there a simpler amino acid than glycine?

I was thinking about what Malloy said.

'-osity' is an abstract noun word ending created from the ending of an '-ous' adjective.

When she saw me, she ran away.

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You must take this medicine, whether you like it or not.


He reached his goal.

Quit wallowing in your postmodern, wangsty aimlessness and stand up for something!

Take it easy and get well.

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Space was charged with murder.

He works at a tattoo parlor.

Jackye really does like Boston.

I worked for him.

You should acquaint yourself with the facts before you make a decision.

I'll tell Jeffery where I went.

Manavendra laughed to himself.

This size doesn't fit me.

I sent a message to her.

Brett is able to swim well.

Could I ask you to wait until tomorrow morning?

Lorenzo is coming down to see you.

If you want her forgiveness you need to come clean about what you did.

The first necessary thing in choosing books to read is to select those which really interest you.

Where were you the other night?

They are having breakfast now.

Who will replace Clarissa?

Orville managed to escape from the sinking van.

We just want you to think about it.


You can't kill someone that's already dead.

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You're not limping anymore.

Tammy is having a drink with Starbuck at the bar.

He received a good many letters this morning.


John is at his peak now.

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Tell me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.


Manolis jumped out of the plane.

I visited her on Sunday morning.

I must find the answer.

I didn't know Sugih had a nickname.

Sanford is quite adventurous.

She discombobulated me with her feckless laughter.

Jennie keeps surprising me.

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It should be known that I can stand on one leg.

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A function that is differentiable everywhere is continuous.

I met a wolf in a dream.

I visited Paris in Europe.


Was Dawson with you?

Could I help you with something?

You made a mistake when you invited him.

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Never judge from appearances.

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She watched over her mother all night.


And why is that topic of interest?

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If students have a question about their homework they can e-mail the teacher at anytime.

I know you're hiding somewhere.

Do you think I meant country matters?


Even Keith himself wasn't convinced.

Violin, piano and harp are musical instruments.

I already have an iPad.


Did you clean your room properly? There's still dust over here.


Why haven't you gone to sleep yet? You should go to sleep sooner.


Get out! I don't want to talk to you!


I'm not afraid of facing pressure. When problems arise, I will quickly think of ways to find the solutions.


Never work on electrical wiring without unplugging it; it's a bad idea. I know from experience.


As I am sick, I will not go with you.

Your accent is very interesting.

Remove the chicken's giblets before cooking.

The next one's for you.

I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it.

He is my father.

Can you change the color of your eyes?


It's all up to me to save the day.

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Rafik looked at Vance inquiringly.

We need to start over.

Rich doesn't need to use a cane.

We're going to eat a lot tonight so I hope you're not on a diet.

I do not want to cause you any trouble.

It's eight o'clock at night.

We are entrusting you with a mission.

Stephen King is one of my favourite writers.

In Southern China, the qipao is also known as "changshan".

I would like a room.

We'll get a phone call from him tonight for sure.

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According to the American journal International Living, Uruguay is ranked among the twenty safest countries in the world.

Honesty is not always the best policy.

I don't have a religion and I don't follow any god.

They accepted her as the city's best doctor.

Andy will find her.

Come visit us tomorrow.

Troy knows how to handle himself.

Maria got pregnant at the age of 14.

How old was Vincenzo then?

I was talking to her.

Could you arrange to be here at five?

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Noemi bought a drink from a vending machine.


What is this about?

Is he planning on helping us?

I saw a few drunks in the park singing and dancing.

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I may be old, but I'm not crazy.

Don't ruin our fun.

You may spend or save at will.

A lion is strong.

There are many different kinds of beauty.

He could no longer restrain himself.

Mechael put off going to the dentist's.

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You're stupid to trust him.

I received a call from Sundaresan this afternoon.

You made someone eat food.

What are you studying?

Adrian is still eating.