Josip swept the kitchen floor while Konrad washed the dishes.

I would do many things.

I don't know any French.

Were there any kids at your party?

Aren't you going to do something?

You should see the doctor.

The discussion will be over soon.

He ran faster than his brother did.

Maybe I shouldn't be so suspicious.

I was kind of hard on you.

What should we sing?

I went shopping last Saturday.

I don't like getting dressed up.

We didn't want to begin without you.

Where did you trip them up?

Are you guys doing well?

This is an example of his translation.

Not a single star could be seen in the sky.

She wrapped the present in paper.


I'm getting used to eating alone.


He was as good a man as I had thought.

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Pilar didn't call me last night.


Loyd has caught on.

Jelske unlocked the door for Marcel.

We voted against the proposal.

I did not study either of the languages.

Oh Amedeo, I think that your boyfriend's here!

Alcohol is beginning to tell on his speech.

The desk which Ken uses is old.

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He is about forty.


The boy fell of fright when he saw a ghost.

I hope you learned your lesson.

I'd like to dance.


It can't be worse than now.

I have no idea how he escaped.

We need a diversion.

The place is apparently deserted.

Bruno's football trophies will be dearer to him than his own children until they earn football trophies of their own, which, by the principles of vicarious parenting, Bruno will consider his. In fact, all of the football trophies Bruno considers his are actually his childrens'.

Kathleen has spent the past three years in prison.

Kanthan wanted Turkeer to teach him French.

She is a genius at mathematics.

Mr. Suzuki is angry about Ramadoss's prank.

Wendi hasn't been replaced.

Hotta is looking for Po.

I let her do it.

Professor Naruhodo's lecture was re-broadcast.

Sehyo showed Graham what he had bought.

I wrote that for them.


He can fly.

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Brodie fell and hurt himself.

In general, young people today are not interested in politics.

She might not know that we are here.

The office where my father works is near the station.

So what?

Their patience was about to give out.

Juha couldn't get a word in edgewise.


It's worth a closer look.


The award should be for me!

However, all these data were not confirmed.

The net weight is three kilograms.


All creatures drink joy at the breast of nature; all good, all evil follow her trail of roses.


Liza doesn't know when Scot is supposed to come.

We will begin the meeting when Bob comes.

How many friends do you have on Facebook?

You could sleep in the hammock.

You look like my sister.

This is legal.

Shatter sat beside Julia in church last Sunday.

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He is rather poor at tennis.


He stays up till late at night.


Do you want to come over and watch a movie or something?

We saw that the plan would end in failure.

Did you hear about her?

It's a pleasure to meet you, ma'am.

I'd like to see your ticket, please.

Since then, they've stopped doing sports and gained weight.

I know that there was a big church here.


The articles of incorporation have finally been completed for our Digital Groove Club.

Seth is blaming Luke.

I don't like to smile unless I have a reason.

We couldn't help laughing at the teacher's joke.

How is your new class?


Hang in there.

I have the best mother in the world!

Where is it?

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I don't have any money left.

He was taken ill.

I saw him with my own eyes.


His arrogance is no longer tolerable.

I was persuaded to stop smoking.

Why didn't you keep it secret?


I understand your feelings and thoughts even without words.

Bath salts are products that can be added to a bath.

I'm now very tired.

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Hotta limps slightly.

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Cynthia filed a petition to ban whale-hunting in the Pacific Northwest.


Pipe cleaners are used for cleaning pipes.


The new house didn't live up to expectations.

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Harris wants a house with a big yard and a white picket fence.


Would you like some more roast beef?

Nelken used to be thin.

Mike and David are always quarreling with each other over trifles.

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Tricia and Tanya went ice skating.


I've been gone three and a half years.


I'll tell Shawn we'll pick him up.

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Then they played "ring-a-ring-a-rosy" until they were worn out.


That's a very good suggestion.

I won't waste your time.

That's stretching the point.

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Take some money just in case you need it.


How old are your cousins?


I met a wolf in a dream.

Try to hold it together.

The Sumida is not a good river for us to swim in any more.

Huey has a sweet tooth.

Don't worry about us.

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There's no manti right now.

Oleg will buy a new pair of glasses, presumably.

Shannon asked for a glass of water.


I'll make you what you want.


Both Fletcher and John wanted to take Takayuki to the dance.

You should've told me that yesterday.

Shahid knew who Bobby had decided to give her old guitar to.

I want to know who that guy is.

He may have argued with his wife, but he can't have hit her.

Her feet were tired after a long day at work.

Let's be reasonable.

The baker in front of City Hall increased his prices.

His proposal was adopted by the committee.

It won't take that long.

It is better for you not to eat before you go to bed.

That student actually got full marks in English.

I think they're using you.

I wrote my first sentence in German.

We eat at home.


Get her to show you that.

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In Britain, the banks open at 9:00 in the morning.

Brenda got out of his car and opened the gate.

What would you call it?

We're avoiding her.

Do you think Srivatsan is dangerous?

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There is usually a cool breeze here in the evening.

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Edward loved his job.


The road is more like an ice rink.

Why not ask her?

No one saw me.

We ordered Chinese.

He took apart a watch.

The French Revolution not only had as its objective to change an old government, but also to abolish the old form of society.

Lana's dog scared off the pigeons.


Rand blew his top when he heard that Olof had gone out with John.

Please inform us as to what quantity you can deliver at regular intervals.

Clearly, something has gone wrong.

The judge fined Alf three thousand dollars.

This is your victory.