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A Sanctum of Edible Health & Locally Produced Wholefoods
curated by Functional Medicine Practitioners.

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GURU exists to relay the innate Healing Potential of Wholefoods, based on traditional & evidence-based science
GURU aims to provide the most nutritious selection of artisan products & functional wholefoods that this side of the world has to offer.



GURU means the Teacher

...and so does 'Docere' - the latin root of the word Doctor

Our Passion is Sharing How to Effectively Listen to and Heal Your Body, Naturally. #getyourGURUon
Our Mission is to Support & Expand the Organic Offering within Our Community and to Revamp Individual Health via Better-informed Food Choices.
Our Vision for GURU is to become your Resource for Functional Nutrition; a Sanctum of Products & a Hub of Evidence-based Information and Bio-individualised Services that you can Trust. (619) 659-8893


Meet The GURUS.

Behind GURU is a team of Highly Qualified Functional & Holistic Health Practitioners, Master-craft Butchers, Sustainable Farmers and Local Organic Growers with the combined aim of providing the most nutritious & environmentally conscious selection of artisan products that this side of the world has to offer.

(209) 805-7235

Why GURU? Why Local? Why Organic?

GURU Consciously Aims to Support Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture via Organic and Biodynamic Growing Practices

Organic and Biodynamic farming has less impact on the environment.
This traditional method of farming supports the laws of Nature, Replenishes the Nutrients in the soil and Removes the use of potentially harmful and long-lasting chemicals that damages the surrounding ecosystem. #Savethebees

LOCAL - It's Better for Everyone
Not only is Locally Grown produce fresher and of a higher quality than imported produce by the time it arrives here; Supporting local has economic and environmental reach aswell. Local means more jobs, more economic growth, more diversity and more choice for consumers all whilst reducing each of our carbon footprints and food miles.

Supporting Our Local Community & Reducing Our Carbon footprint are Our biggest Motivators
GURU works with Local Growers & Producers directly, buying in calculated quantities:
Small enough to ensure we always have the most recent harvest & guarantee peak freshness;
Large enough to reduce our impact on the environment via less food miles and less packaging.

These are the reasons GURU chooses to support LOCAL
We Value these contributions that our team of Local and Organic Growers are making towards a more Sustainable, Biodiverse, Chemical and Cruelty Free future - Securing the Health and Wellbeing of Our Loved ones and Ultimately - Our Planet.
We invite you to join Us #GetyourGURUon

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