He killed himself.

That dress is cheap.

Settle the argument soon.

A small stream ran down among the rocks.

Brian died from a scorpion sting.

He satisfied his thirst with a large glass of beer.


Most of the lift is generated by the wings.

I get along well with them.

The busses are especially crowded during rush hour.


Try these shoes on and see if they fit you.

What's on?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

No more bets.

That politician won't meet you unless you grease his palm.

I know what Rod knows.

The section chief altered the plan.


I am of the opinion that she is right.

He was arrested for abusing public funds.

Everybody, get out of my house.


I didn't think you had it in you.


Vernon leaves in a few days.

What is peculiar to Japan at mealtimes is that people eat rice out of little bowls.

Ravi Jackson is the head of our department.

He wanted to succeed, even at the cost of his health.

Torsten followed Chip into the hall.

He talks as though he knew everything.

That's an interesting story.


How long does it take on foot?


What else can I do for you?

I know that you still love Alexis.

Carol doesn't tell lies.

He is very rich, but he is none the happier for his wealth.

All three of them got in the limo.

The old woman gave it to her as a present and said she really wanted her to accept it.

I was delighted at the news of her success.

He delivered the package to the orphanage.

Caution is the eldest daughter of wisdom.

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I'm not entirely convinced that what Shuvra said is true.


The water has just been brought from the well.

I want you to admit that maybe you like Greg a little.

Where should I put this?

Those doesn't like it when Hunter takes her for granted.

He never sees me without complaining about his wife.


Have pity on me!

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Who do you guys work for?

They fly about 35,000 km in eight months.

The hut kept the rain and dew out after a fashion.


I'm sorry that I made you stop doing that.

I don't like you.

I'm comfortable here.

That was totally uncalled for.

The station is a little way off.


There is a large parking lot in front of the station.


"Do you really like me?" "Yes." "Won't you tell me why you like me recently?"

Love begins playing his old tricks every spring.

Please come in!

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Robert searched inside the closet.


I talked to Darci.

Vincenzo laughed hysterically.

I had a little bit of a fever this morning.

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The truth is I don't like you.


I have no money to buy the book with.

Vassos doesn't have to tell me why.

Audrey said you wanted to talk to me.

We have forty-four guests.

Why are you always so evil?


No, I am English.

I'll tell him you were here.

We walked on the banks of the Thames.

Do you know him personally?

Kyle has got it in for me.

Is Joni a Canadian?

So the doctor started to examine her.


I was writing her a love letter.

What exactly did you ask them?

That was a stupid and dangerous thing to do.

Tell her to call me.

Everyone knows bees drink honey.

Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

They tied me up.

Are you sure it's all true?

Lievaart might not be at Blair's party tonight.


Inhumanity is one of the signal and characteristic qualities of humanity.

Butterflies can communicate using ultraviolet signals.

Are there many arctic foxes in the tundra?

She baked a ham.

I expect your help.

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The peasantry revolted wielding pitchforks and clubs.


His skeptical friend said that a truly productive space industry may be hundreds, if not thousands, of years from now.

Stacey reached into her bag.

Now my daughter is afraid of me.

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She's an all-American girl.

He sized up the situation and acted immediately.

I'm going to surprise them.

The war didn't break out by accident.

Can you give me another example?

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Dale is wearing a red sweater.


Sean's kidnappers sent Stanley a photo of her holding that day's newspaper, to prove that she was still alive.

Call a taxi in the morning, please.

Would you mind writing it down on this piece of paper?

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Within minutes after the take-off, the airplane was in trouble.

Gordon will be angry.

Imagine, for the sake of argument, a tribal group in which mother-son incest was countenanced.

In the past, the old used to be looked upon as experts in solving various problems of life.

The keys are on the table.

The therapy is in session.

I have to walk slowly.

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Roland was on the verge of starvation.

It was really cheap.

I'm sorry to differ with you.


Many of them carried guns.

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The girl shrank back in fear.

He weighs 80 kilos.

I had been to the hospital before you came.


The parrot is dead.

We have offered help.

They know that Robbin means business.

Hey, listen!

You have got to be joking!


Marvin has done more than enough.


I went camping last summer.


It's not at all typical.

We shouldn't do this to Isaac.

It doesn't look exactly like the picture in the catalog.

That's the spirit!

It was tedious and boring.

The picnic was a disappointment.

Warren Harding won the election.

I've been trying to handle this myself.

How much longer can we stay here?

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Generally speaking, being an accessory to any crime, including murder, means you knew it was happening and did nothing to try and stop it.

He banjaxed his knee.

He held forth for more than an hour on the evils of nuclear power.

Bruce and Meeks are still in their offices. Both of them plan to work late today.

This is pathetic.

I should tell him I'm back.

Show me your new pocket watch!


Earle can only speak in broken French.


Keep it.


Is this sentence meant seriously? Of course not!

My babysitter canceled at the last minute.

I should've let Charlie borrow my hammer.


Every man cannot be a hero.

Can't you talk to him for me?

What happened to Lester?


That's why we must fight.


Money isn't everything, but if you have no money, you can't do anything.

Look at what you've become.

I just wish I had my camera.

They won't hurt us.

With his last breath, he told him that he was adopted.

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I'm just trying to find Colin.

If two past lovers can remain friends, it's either because they are still in love, or they never were.

Let me introduce Mr Sato to you.

The store is just across from my house.

I can't wait to tell you.

Linda is Dan's twin sister.

I have a feeling he's not going to let me off the hook that easily.