As it worked massively and powerfully, this sculpture carries a sort of hint of disaster – just because it is made of glass.



At the same time, this can be a museum exhibit in the modern sculpture department and a home flower vase in a modern interior. This just means that the vase is both beautiful and functional, which in translation means that it is a good design object. If we mention that the thing is a product of Finnish talent for the synthesis of form and material, then there is no more wonder. .

The Finns are the grandmasters of the design of ordinary things. We all know that you can keep a lot of flower flowers in a little bigger glass and a rose with a stem in a plain bottle. But this is not a vase that you will just fill with water and lay any flowers in it. This is a vase with style and style, which also requires you to be a designer. This vase-sculpture is sprinkled in phenomenal nuances of lilac, blond, dimy and greenish, depending on the angle of view. Kala or orchid? Or maybe – a cry? Think carefully. Participate in the design of something that will be found in the way of your view and what is standing on the table or dressers in the room.

Working with glass requires artistic sensibility, knowledge of material technology, love, reason and sensitivity. A real glass designer is usually overwhelmed with emotions and associations. Timo Sarpaneva often said at his lectures on the design of glass objects-sculptures, that he worked with glass, “the glass master of the situation.” “I like to work with glass because it constantly threatens a catastrophe, so it’s easy and frustrating. It excites me in the most creative sense of the word, “said Sarpanova.!

The meeting with Venice after several decades is exciting not only as a reminder of the city’s passionate beauty, which is more beautiful than it remained in memory, but because of the 57th Venetian Biennial of Arts and accompanying exhibitions distributed throughout the city.

 – Three curators and three world museums have teamed up to present over 40 sculptures of the famous Belgian visual artist, sculptor, performer artist, director, choreographer and writer born in Antwerp in 1958, Driving through the Grande Canal, under the gloomy sky and a little stronger wind, a small transparent on a not-so-velvety palace made it clear that the Jana Fabra Glass and the bone sculpture 1977-2017 is in progress.


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