I was on the phone.


Tilden won more popular votes than Hayes.

Nathan seldom drinks coffee.

I'm not good at French.

He bade her farewell.

Jean-Pierre is a very important member of our team.


There were all sorts of group activities.

It was her idea. She made me do it.

Dan asked Linda to take all of her clothes off.

Before the advent of antibiotics, physicians had effective treatments for but a handful of diseases.

This old coat has had it.

He will end up in jail.

James put all his stuff in a box.

Father always has the tailor make his suits.

Would you tell me what time the train starts?

Let's take a break and drink some tea.

The host usually carves the roast at the table.

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One is blue.

I promised to send Boyd a letter.

Do you need the book?


They noted the revolutionary success of the former English colonists who were able to achieve independence from the British and wanted to do the same thing in France.


Sun rise was incredibly beautiful.

What movie did you see?

Laurent has been arrested for Bruce's murder.


If you make your own clothes, it will save you money.

I know what you've risked.

That's good enough for me.

They moved to New York, but adapted easily to their new surroundings.

I raise funds.


She gave me a sexy look.

I don't have to follow her.

I forgot to put my phone on the charger last night.

What've you been cooking?

Don't worry about it!


I'm living a mystical experience.

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Can I come to you this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon?

I partnered her in tennis.

This season of Survivor! is starting off even better than I expected.

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Sometimes lies have nice legs.

She will make a fine match for my son.

"You're lucky! Your change comes to exactly 256 yen." "What do you mean by exactly?" "It's exactly two to the power of eight."

My heart began to race.

Teachers in kindergarten are sometimes referred to as leaders of children.

Don't read what's in the envelope. Just give it to Frances.

It could be a trap; don't let your guard down.

As he sat next to his dying mother in the nursing home, Jaime regretted not having been a better son to her.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


If he asks, I will give it; if not, not.

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She wanted to hurry home.


I lost my watch, so I have to buy one.

Lowell said you were happy.

It's not as humid today as it was yesterday.


Is anyone in there?

Maybe Joon said something he shouldn't have.

Someone among them wants to hug you.

I never had a budget.

I haven't seen her since she moved to Boston.


Marsha texts me all the time.

I want to have a word with them.

I promise I'll give it back.

Erwin went into his bedroom.

One should not make fun of others.

A few students were left behind.

I'm sure there's a connection.

The climate here is like that of France.

Could you give me the 12mm wrench please?

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Kent is getting his things together.

Johan has begun to look for work.

He is an absolute embarrassment to us Americans.


You must be vaccinated against rabies.

He did not buy it after all.

She gave up everything for her children.

There is no Truth. There is only the truth within each moment.

Think is a well-mannered young man.


Tharen wants me.

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Nothing was done.

Mr. Pierre and his spouse really like my children; I really like their children too.

I broke my leg in two places during a skiing mishap.


I have a feeling you're going to like Boston.

There is a Japanese saying that goes: <<The nail that protrudes is hammered.>>

Do you want me to help you with your homework?

I've quit drinking beer.

Mike can be a little difficult to get along with.

If you had a time machine, when would you go to?

Wow, you've really grown up.

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Wes clenched his fists angrily.

Mikael plays tennis very well.

It's hard to understand the Osaka dialect.

You're not as good as you think you are.

Voters are taking out their frustrations at the polls.

Let me at least talk to him.

Leigh has a troubled past.

It's hard to tell if a woman is really happy.

You don't seem so smart.

Jamie is doing the laundry.

Jock handed Donne a brown bag.

I want to put a private investigator on Mitchell.

Spare me the technical details.

Have you been back to Boston since you graduated?

More challenges may lie ahead.

Hostilities commenced.

The murderer got away with his crime.


I've seen them here before.

Where's your favorite place to go when you want to be alone?

You are making a big fuss.

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I had no idea you couldn't swim.

I've got nothing left.

Warren doesn't like sleeping in a hammock.


Have you forgotten about me?

In U.S. bakeries, a "baker's dozen" is 13, not 12.

I was relieved to know that the operation was a success.

I'll soon tell you whether 23 is a magic number.

We've seen this happen too many times.

Can we really trust Trying?

Kamiya came over while you were asleep.

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Do you spend a lot of time with Carisa?


I just wanted to go home.

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Please hold on tight.

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When I came to class late the teacher didn't let me in.

The employees threatened to go on strike.

The tree is high.

I have reached the limits of my ability.

You don't belong here.

I should give him a call.

I never see you without remembering your father.

What can bound feet, essay-writing and opium have in common?

Roderick had a big grin on his face.

We Africans are excellent boxers.

We have lunch at about noon.


How can I say "I love you" in your language?


Everything chose to go wrong during his absence.

Is Martha a criminal?

He related his experiences.

The other day they took my wallet while I was strolling along the beach.

It's been pretty bad around here since it happened.


I don't think I could forgive myself if I did that.

I'm worried about all of you.

He is such an honest boy that he never tells a lie.

He needs to be alone in order to do some thinking.

We regard him as an important man.

Don't be smug! You could have hurt yourself.

I have a nephew. He's a bartender.

You've got a lot of explaining to do.

Kevyn has been searching for Jem for years.

I hope you're well compensated.

I hired Pieter.

That farmer cultivated a 200 acre plantation.

I'm having a bad day.


It is not as good as it looks.


I was the last one to see him.

It's getting warmer day by day.

We've already seen this material.

I did everything I could. Now it's your turn to contribute what you can.

The boy had been crying until he got some candy.

Do you sell wine?

With all due respect, Mr. President, you are an asshole!

Pat sneezed the napkin off the table

Could you spare a few hours?

Is modern society suffering from sleep deprivation?

Four eyes are better than two.

Their country is threatened by anarchy.

What is it made of?

Then I'd take the nickel out.

The two felt the pressing necessity of earning a livelihood.

I can't trust anyone.

Sylvan isn't ready to leave.