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Organic and delicious recipes…



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The Guide Within

We have all the information within us to be all we can be in this lifetime. We are all connected Universally to our higher power and higher wisdom.

Happy Fathers Day

I love this poem and it really rings with truth. I am the luckiest girl on Earth to have such a loyal, beautiful husband.

Why Organic?

Eating organic foods all the time in my house is not easy and I seldom get through an entire day without my teenage boys eating something horrible for them.

Abundance Meditation

Relax completely breathing in from your nose and out from your mouth. Sit with your legs crossed, (or close) spine straight hands resting on your legs, palms up.

Creative Visualization By Shakti Gawain

This book is one of my staples, it stays right on my bedside table ready for me to grab it and reread any given section at any time. It’s an easy read and full of possibilities for positive change in your life.


For complete happiness remove time from your life. Not clock time but psychological time. When you eliminate time, you let go of the ego.