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Protect your pet

Lost pets get home faster than ever before! The Q-Tag is GPS enabled and it holds all of your pet's contact info on a single tag. See how it works!

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We are non-profit

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and by using the Q-Tag you are supporting Animal Rescue missions nationwide.

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We’ll protect others

Additional donor contributions will be used to save unwanted animals in need that may be abused or in kill shelters.


Create a pet profile that is linked to a Q-Tag.

The Profile

Start by creating a profile for your dog or cat. Your pet profile contains owner info and pictures of your pet so that it can be identified. The profile will automatically be linked to a QR code.

The Q-Tag

Scan the Q-Tag with any smartphone to reveal the pet profile of the animal. Think of it as a very powerful pet tag. Phone number, address, owner info and identifying images...all on a single tag!

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If your pet is lost, the Q-Tag is scanned and pet info is displayed.

Lost Pet

If your dog or cat is ever lost, the Q-Tag can be scanned by any smartphone to reveal the pet profile. With all contact information available immediately, you can be reunited with your pet faster than ever.

Better than a Microchip

The Q-Tag saves families from having to explore expensive, invasive and unaffordable alternatives such as micro-chipping or animal tracking implants.


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