We should be there with them.

The weather here has its own unique characteristics.

Right now I'm at the airport.

There's no one else left.

Malcolm scared the children.

Jay confronted the vampire with a silver knife.

This is personal.

The phone rang for a long time.

Would you like to drink some tea with me?

Masanobu isn't going to come home.

Duane picked up the menu and looked at it.

I don't know anything about riding horses.


He was completely tired from walking all day.

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Huashi grew up speaking both French and English.

This is the first time I've ever lied to my father and I am ashamed of myself.

Man, they really cut a lot of corners when they built this place, didn't they?

He is far better off than he was three years ago.

Why should I give her money?

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They made crude jokes.

Were you about to say something?

That'll be seven dollars, please.

You were never very happy here, were you?

Have you finished your duties?

We were shocked by what Brian did.

I'm proud of working with you.

I don't know anybody who hasn't been sick at least once.

Singing without pay makes your throat hurt.

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Would you have a double room and a single room for tomorrow evening?


Lawrence finally mustered up the courage to ask Hurf to lend him the money he needed.

The new international airport really put Narita on the map.

She sent me an urgent telegram.

It's hard to say no to him.

It has been very beautiful.

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She bought the book for next to nothing.

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We're not able to solve this problem.


I didn't hear you come in.

The girl has a beautiful doll.

Betsy sometimes gets depressed.

I told him myself.

His brother bullied me.


This new machine is much better than that old thing we had.

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He stays a long time every time he comes.

Naomi and Andries laughed at me.

His nose is bleeding.


We tried to warn her.

Marcia cleaned his glasses.

I can't understand anything he's saying.

She's passed an English exam.

We are beating our donkeys.

He filled the cup to the brim.

I felt scared.

I'm going to drive myself.

I am afraid we are advancing in the wrong direction.

Tell him to hurry back.

Arthur listened to Kevyn.

They have sought after eternal youth.

I need information about him.

The weather cleared up, so he went out for a walk.

Jay needed the money badly.


The sun is shining and the birds are singing.

He does it faster than you.

You look absolutely gorgeous.

Slowly, their bond grew ever deeper, amazingly enough. Clarence found that repeating what he'd learned of her and nodding a lot tended to help.

Douglas opened a can of soup and emptied it into a saucepan.


This sentence is grammatically correct.


Piercarlo has been told what happened.

Toby became aware that Clay was staring at him.

We were worried sick.


Betsy couldn't find the keys.


I want to get a satisfactory explanation for your conduct.

The death penalty is final and irreversible.

It looks all right.


Promise me you'll never do that again.


I feel giddy.


The police persuaded her not to jump off the bridge.

She was wearing a heavy coat to protect against the chill.

You have two younger brothers.


You don't have to tell me everything.


That student is Betty.

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Don't make promises that you can't or don't intend to keep.

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It's quite a mess.

It's pretty exciting.

The children amused themselves by playing games.


Danny made me smile.

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Do you want to know what's wrong?

Let's get together here once a week.

He was so rich that he could buy any painting he took a fancy to.

You want me to go, don't you?

Stop being so judgmental.

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Give me the gist.

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I met Kari yesterday.

Have you finished reading that novel?

I feel depressed often.


Five colonists were killed.


Sergeant is very squeamish and passes out at the sight of blood.

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Let's press on with our work.

We're going back home.

You're reading it, aren't you?

I could not repress a keen thrill of sympathy for the child, whoever it was, whose only Christmas was to watch, in cold and storm, the rich banquet ungratefully enjoyed by the lonely bachelor.

We're not worried about that at all.

It's not an easy sport.

Cristina isn't naughty.

That was our goal.

My daughter has grown out of all her old clothes.

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Olaf refused to listen.

If you don't love yourself, no one else will.

My leg's gone to sleep, so I don't think I can stand up right away.

I think my leg might be broken.

Let us know what you decide to do.

There is no rule without exception.

They were leaving Japan the next day.

My sister has a quick temper. She easily gets mad.

If the machine is damaged, you are responsible.

That English book is too difficult for me to read.

One man was seen digging with his bare hands.

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Emmett and Naresh have gone their separate ways.


I've done what you've asked.


I want to meet your older sister.

Nhan has been looking for this all day.

I wonder what time it is.


Man must work.

He was trapped in a dead-end job.

I don't really have any plans.

Jesse wondered who had left the package.

Thousands have been left homeless.

No one suspected him.

Where did you wash them?

French is spoken in a part of Canada.

Joon finished his glass of milk.

I love everything about you.

Do you think that's a coincidence?

With your permission.

I received a letter from him to the effect that he could not accept my offer.


Anita is just being diplomatic, isn't he?

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Sho is very good-natured.

Maybe we should try harder.

Varda is a very charismatic man.

The country's civilization has advanced.

The reason for this is plain.

Nobody was tortured.

I don't even want to think about it.


Mac knows why Leads quit her job.


The country that I hope to move to and settle down in is Turkey.


The leader made formidable declarations.

Some Latinos want to learn sinograms.

She listened very carefully when I praised her son.

Poverty is, in a sense, a blessing.

Roxie wants to keep it.

"Christophe and Brenda have decided to help John paint his house." "That's nice to hear."

The robber was never apprehended.


In the village.

Sho won't be home for dinner tonight.

The assistant kept $2.


I've got to get some sleep.

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The moment she'd finished, she lay down for a nap.

If there weren't so many taxis, there would be fewer traffic accidents.

Why didn't you accept?