His life is perfectly fulfilled.

Donal hasn't received the flowers yet.

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I hope this letter finds you well.

You should've gotten up earlier.

You should quit smoking.


How do you know that he's already dead?

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How does he think it went?


We aren't prepared.


She got tired with running.

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Presley asked us what we wanted.

Cristi has been missing for three days.

I don't own a horse.

That's a matter of opinion.

Everything popular is wrong.

Felix has been staying at a homeless shelter.

I'm not accustomed to getting up early.

The parade was led by an army band.

There is a dictionary on the desk.

The game was exciting last night.

There's something that I've been wanting to ask you.

I am crazy for them!

Whose baby is this?


This medicine is a natural poison.

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Condemned to death.

You can't do that anymore.

Rafael will love that.

Detroit is dangerous city.

Bruce tried to catch his breath.


"I wonder if it's stopped raining." "I hope so."

How can you tell?

It wasn't long before Rodent got tired and went to sleep.

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You don't have to use such a harsh tone with me.

She's a belly dancer.

Why do turtles have shells?

No one can deprive of your human rights.

Spike is still not fully aware of what has happened.

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Amy felt excluded.

She lay on a sofa with her eyes closed.

I'd advise you to let her go.


I shouldn't have lost my temper.

The truce was broken by gunfire in the Ukraine.

You're about to cry.

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Help each other with homework.

It is easy to work in jeans.

Why does Hein want to go there?

Maybe that's why Hy wants to see Guy.

I'd rather take the bus.

I don't think Naresh is in the mood to work right now.

Thanks to Esperanto, one can easily have many good friends.

What have you got for me?

It's so hard to choose.

I can't imagine what Ramiro might be thinking about.

Tell Woody to leave me alone.

We just don't have enough time.

Piercarlo and Brenda didn't say anything to each other.


All were quiet in the room.

Lorenzo must've tried it before.

She advised him to see a lawyer.

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I missed the last train.

Sean was biased.

They asked me with which countries I would like to correspond.

The teacher caught a student cheating in the exam.

I can't stand people who always speak ill of others.

I went to get the file you asked for.

We reached London at midnight.

Ten years have gone by since his death.

Do you have a table on the patio?

Emma says you need my help.

I know Jakob's three children.

I don't even know them.

The best salad you'll ever eat is the one they serve with their lunch special.

Can you see anything out there?

I really don't know much about that.


Dorenda really is a nice girl. She shares her cookies with me.

I met an old friend of mine.

Which are Taro's?


The password is "Muiriel".

I want to buy oranges.

Tal crosses this bridge at least once a week.

How much money do we have left?

Parents are usually concerned about their children's future.


That's the guy I was telling you about.

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I'm in charge until Johann gets here.

Jwahar is the captain of the football team.

Judge might be able to get your car running.

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Do you believe this has any use?


Roberto didn't have the courage to tell Jeff that he had made a mistake.

No one may be compelled to belong to an association.

I will harvest my wheat in July.

Everyone has the right to a nationality.

We'll find you.

We are leaving Narita next Monday.

I admire Kent.

She had a little money.

I refuse to be treated like a child.


Do you remember when we first met?

I thought you said you weren't coming today.

Oh Zeus, the farm does not provide much grain.

There was a pileup during rush hour.

What can be keeping them?

The girl we saw waiting in front of Ravindranath's house was Jose.

Don't underestimate us.

Matti can't understand why Hurf won't agree to help him study.

I want you to see something.

I sure had my due reward.

You're so romantic.

They suddenly appeared from nowhere.

I suggest you do what Ralph says.

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The train will pass Motomachi Station.

His opinion was not accepted.

Has the fire been put out?

I heard you passed the test.

I want to eat an Italian omelette.

They chatted for a moment.

What time is your flight home?

The police officer doesn't shout from Monday through Friday.

They should be scared.

I heard he was looking for a job.

Nancy has a very lively and sweet temperament.

Racial profiling is a controversial police tactic.

I saw a cat running after a dog.

The music carried me back to my childhood.

She gave me a wide smile.

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I think you dropped this.

Has he become crazy?

Why not let her try?


Ranjit rescheduled.

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It's a pity that I'm late.


I'm not going to fight a duel.

My aunt inherited the huge estate.

Evelyn is just a great big liar.

You can call me Bob please.

Yuriko is planning to move into the furniture business.

I'm sure that he'll succeed.

What he said made us angry.

Dick put the pan in the sink.

This bus is capable of carrying 45 persons.

I'd prefer meat to fish.

There's nowhere to run.

I'd like him to meet her.

Hilda evidently was here early this morning.

He easily gets angry at trivial things.

I never thought I'd do that.


Can Dalton handle the pressure?


We often do what we have to do, not what we want to do.

I'll be home all weekend.

Wendi is very attentive.


Millions of people starve to death every year.

Yay, I went to the store!

Lin booked everything: it will be a wonderful party.

It is likely that the police confused the two individuals as they both had similar facial features.

I'll tell him later.

Clark didn't invite me to his birthday party.

My wife gets on well with my mother.

She bought him a vest.

We didn't need to pay anything.

She cooked the meat.

He lives in Yokohama.

I need to exercise more often.

He is a hard worker, and I'm sure that he will succeed in that new job.

These figures are signs of a family or clan.

Shadow and Stephen are a great couple.


This is my wine.

Tell me why you're so upset.

What's on the schedule for today?

Thanks for saving my hide.

The shotgun went off.

Amir never really liked me.

Cookie is a good name for a dog.