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Those are my children.

Do you have a business relationship with Randolph Ltd.?

I walked here.

Come and see me whenever you want to.

The police will be here any minute.

I am imitating the President.

We earn our bread by working.

Take that down.

We were in Boston.

Bill has a part-time job so that he can buy a car.

How did you know where Lex hid the diamonds?

I thought you could do it for me.

Nothing is more difficult to a noble person than a rich banquet, especially when the prime seats are taken by idiots.

I don't know if I can memorize this long password.

The hedgehog is a small animal.


I don't know if I have enough time to do it.

There was nobody here yesterday.

I have no matches because I don't smoke.

I think Galen used to play golf.

I went to the beach with him.

You can't know that for sure.

It is more blessed to give than to receive.

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I should be very pleased if you could come.

The newspaper supplies news.

Where did you learn all this?


I made them very angry.

Tanaka can't remember which ping-pong paddle is his.

Narendra never spoke of her.


What did it look like?

The two sisters were always quarreling with each other.

Perhaps you can beat me.


Christopher didn't even notice that Lewis had left.

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There's no school today.


It's not a holiday.

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It felt like a dream.


The trip wasn't all good - I got food poisoning and my classmate got Dengue fever.

The genome of this virus is unknown.

We're going to have so much fun.

I didn't say Moran wasn't smart.

Can we go now?

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We're even.

Samuel helps anyone who asks him

If you're happy, I'm glad.


Congratulations for your birthday, Muriel!

It began to rain as we came near the pass.

Jackye tried not to react.

She set a bird free.

It's not pertinent.

You are hopeless.

He lives across the street.

He went overboard for his daughter's wedding.

Why don't we take a drive round the island on this ox carriage?


Did you know Earnie was a detective?

Murthy listened to me attentively.

I need to hire an assistant.

I don't deserve this.

You're scum.

Didn't I tell you that you needed to get there early?

I never expected your help.

It was just a hypothetical question.

A Turkish soft G and a Spanish H eloped and had lots of completely silent children together.

Do you think your mom could set me up, too?

Donna went out for a walk with his dog.


I don't want to go to school today.

As long as it doesn't get cold, it's okay.

You need to have quick reactions to play these computer games.

India is the third largest country in Asia.

The summer vacation has come to an end, and we will have to go back to school.

Newly weds but with a child? Yes, that's right - the son is from the father's former marriage. He's been divorced once.

Cole does do some goofy things.


He ran away from home.


I have three times more books than he has.

The translator was considered as a "neutral filter".

Children are the flowers of our life.

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I am a descendant of Charlemagne. And so are you.

I've been following your exploits, and I must say that they're quite inspiring. You've certainly earned my respect.

Al is possessive, isn't he?


She's just the girl next door.

He embarked on a new enterprise.

I wanted to make sure you saw that.

How expensive!

Marty is the only person in the office who can speak French.

How did they go to town?

I saw Donal sitting in the first row.

The operation was really touch and go there for awhile but the doctor thinks he'll pull through.

You're no longer my son.

Blackbeard formed an alliance of pirates.

I just can't remember.

What is apathy? Certainly nothing earth-shaking.

Guess whose middle name is Lea.


We leave tomorrow afternoon.

I don't understand why Brodie brought you here.

Kuldip is the only girl I've ever loved.

That's so sweet.

His sneezing interfered with our conversation.

I would've done it by myself if Paola hadn't been there.

What chocolate do you like to eat?

I feel that I understand your feelings.

Can I bum a cigarette off you?


Battle's never proven peace.

We have no one to guide us.

You were very happy.

Throw the ball to him.

What's wrong with painting the ceiling blue?

The scientist found that rats treated with the chemical lost on average 30% of their weight.

What does seem clear is that we need to spend more money on this project.


Susanne wished Courtney could stay longer.

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He never goes out fishing without taking his son.

Does someone have the exact time, please?

I'm very busy.

We're not going to change anything.

Success in exams doesn't mean a thing to her.


I'm taking my boat out this afternoon.

There's a good movie screening today.

Do you like running?

Ken wasn't running.

How are things?

He as well as you is tired of this work.

We gave blood to help the child.

Often, Kanji is like nonsense in Japanese because it has multiple readings, including the native and the mainland import.

Blindness is responsible for a staggering toll of poor health, suffering, and loss of dignity and diminution in the quality of lives of people worldwide.

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Vishal and Pim were speaking in French, so I had no idea what they were talking about.


No matter what happens.

Sydney is Australia's largest city.

I thought Eddie was in danger.

You have to try to stay awake.

Syd was surrounded by a horde of screaming fangirls.

Sharada doesn't want to live in an apartment.

You cannot expect much of him.

In many countries, the main reason that people come to big cities is because of work.

Have you ever peeled onions?

If he should arrive late, you may start the conference without him.

No rights reserved.

I think Luc knows something.

You must know yourself.

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What's the use of talking?

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I want to study German in addition to English.

Sedat is better at chess than I am.

Kristian isn't afraid of anyone.

There's no difference.

Calvin won't tell us what he knows.

Even when I was a child, I was able to swim well.

I lied to Blair.

Are the arrangements for your trip complete?

The pie was delicious.

Can we talk now?

Let's not wait too long.

You have to learn French.

Thanks for all the help you've given me already.

Why aren't you ready yet?

Why don't you buy a car?

What are you doing up so early?

My boss gave me so much work that I couldn't leave the office.

How did you come by such a job?

You should consult him.

I can't help how I look.

In the United States of America, a woman on average only has three children.


I came back for one more job.


He has any number of books.


You must bear it in mind.

Spy took a look at the pictures.

"What does U.F.O. stand for?" "It means Unidentified Flying Object, I guess."


Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.

Has anybody seen him?

I wanted to ride my bike, but I'm out of practice.


Life is too cruel.

I definitely think so.

Out of all four seasons, I like spring the best.