I have to go now. I have a plane to catch.


Check in, please.


A most credible hypothesis is the one that limits the number of elements in the domain T.


Now give me the list.

Everyone is watching George.

Louie doesn't do it.

You're doing great work.

Hunter wondered why soybean prices were dropping.

I'm not very good at it.

You're so pathetic.

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Meetings are held every other week.

Her fears gradually quietened down.

The incident took place at midnight.


When Sony came back with a 2 billion bid, CBS could not refuse.


Where is your badge?

I'm taking tomorrow morning off from work.

Two plus two equals four.

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I'll be grateful to you if you can do that for me.

Blayne is a dog trainer.

Show me the photos you took in Paris.

It was a fair price.

Urs left ten minutes ago.

Allan retired when he was 65.

What exactly do you do here?

You need to come.

Marc does nothing but watch TV.

Whatcha doin' Friday?

It's empty.

Lloyd doesn't need to go there by himself.

"Lost?" - "Yes..." - "Frightened?" - "Yes." - "Confused?" - "Yes!" - "Good! Ahahahaha!"

The readers of that book think themselves sophisticated.

I would like to visit you.


She advised the others on that matter.

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We're on our own.

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I do not have a cat.

He's so stupid.

I hope it's not Sanjeev.

It reminds me of the good old days.

Dirk isn't ready to go anywhere.

I wanted to be the one to tell Kari the news.

That's going to take a while.

They're very poor.

You don't happen to know a guy named Matthieu Jackson, do you?

Carlos is scared now.

I guess we're both going to die.

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Oranges signify a happy love, while lemons - an unrequited one.

In short, there is a difference between guests and travellers.

We'll learn the alphabet in this lesson.

I took his temperature.

I wish you the same.

Roberto must've left the water running.

Don't talk back to me! I know what's better for you.

He is free and open with everybody.

I've tried to contact Max.


When we started out in 2009, I was convinced that our store would become one of the best in the city.


It has not rained this month yet.

We should probably get started.

Does Oskar have any pets?


I only read the first four chapters.

It's frustrating and confusing.

They changed the world.

She decided on a blue dress.

Is this your picture, Alexander? You're a handsome man, indeed.

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I don't know who killed her.

How much do you charge for your services?

OK, are you going to return to your room or not?

List seemed to enjoy watching Radek and John fighting.

Sure enough, he entertained doubts.

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Craig's father was a drinker.

We'd better go back in.

It seems that he is interested in astronomy.

There are three types of people who are unlucky: those who don't know but don't ask, those who know but don't teach, and those who teach but don't act.

I'll do whatever I have to do to put Jitendra behind bars.

I'm inclined to believe you.

Henry used crutches to get around.

Daren couldn't make out what was written on the piece of paper.

He has a prejudice against Jews.

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Do as you like.

We just weren't good enough.

He doesn't want to go to school today.

I thought what Pamela said was clever.

I do not read his novels.

Don't underestimate your own strength.

When we got to the bus stop, the bus had already left.

She showed me her room.

Things won't be the same around here after Spudboy leaves.

I fell asleep while listening to the radio.

I feel like a pizza.

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You need to be a team player.

The important thing is whether you do your best or not.

Are you sure this is Bill's suitcase?


In Tokyo, wild birds are decreasing in number year by year.

I went out with Vaughn for three months.

He is advised to go on a strict diet.

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Sehyo has just graduated from law school.

He accused me of being a liar.

They'll come at five o'clock?


Juan screamed something in French.

What did the police want?

You've got to stop doing this.


What is he doing there?

Jarmo has a full beard.

As is often the case with him, he was late for class.

She cannot take yes for an answer.

I'm meeting him for dinner.


Kunihiko hit the target with his first shot.


To the porch, came flying a golden carriage drawn by six splendid white horses.

I had such a crush on Son when I was in junior high school.

The lawyer has a fair income.

The work of art, I decided, was the final product of human activity, and the final justification for all the misery, the endless toil and the frustrated strivings of humanity.

I hadn't waited long before he came along.


I'll get it through in a couple of minutes.


It wasn't him.

You said that you were planning on going with us.

Do you see that thing over there?


Food and utensils are stored in kitchen cabinets.

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I have to study for tomorrow's French test.


There is a lot of danger in walking around here at night.

Gil pretended to be interested.

Roland is confident about his future.

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It is true that he did it, whether by accident or by design.

He is always cool.

I could be wrong, but I think it'll rain this afternoon.


Let's give him a minute.

I need some hairpins and bobby pins.

That's where I met her.

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I should be studying.

According to the experiment, the man would have given up on the treatments proposed to him.

Becky hugged Vidhyanath and then kissed her.

"Where's your cousin?" "He just left."

Let me ask a stupid question.

I had taken a loathing to my gentleman at first sight.

I'm satisfied with my current income.

He admitted his defeat.

Sanford doesn't drink coffee, but he smokes cigarettes.


There's a bank across from the hotel.

He wrote a lot of books on China.

I decided to tell her that it was her that I loved.

I can't slow down.

She's checking her cellphone.

The offer is worthy of being considered.

He got the section chief's daughter pregnant and was demoted.

He could not go out because of the heavy rain.

She is the cutest girl.

Just put those packages anywhere.

Please give me a break.

There are many cities in this country.

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.


We found out that what he said wasn't true.

The rising sun seen from the top was beautiful.

The stores were alive with people the Saturday before Christmas.


They're total opposites.

The sunrise is beautiful this morning.

Kathleen is out in the yard, playing with our dog.

Not here.

"Ah, y-yes ... Sorry, Coz." "Hey! You might be my relative but here I'm your senior and a doctor. Keep things straight while you're in the hospital!"


I needed you a long time ago.

I only used it twice.

He made up his mind to be a fireman.


I tell Don the same thing every day.


Tell me again where Dimitry is planning to go to college.