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PREP Atlanta's Members include a wide variety of local food entrepreneurs.   
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We're Teas on the Loose, and we want to turn casual tea drinkers into life-long tea enthusiasts. Every month we send you two new teas to expand your palate; world famous blends, adventurous exotics, and classic flavors all shipped straight to you. This product is the ultimate comfort food. Every pan is made lovingly by hand, in small batches with all natural, high-quality ingredients Our cold brew coffee is produced in small batches in Atlanta, GA, using only top quality single-origin coffee beans.
to eat how nature intended… clean, all-natural foods that are as close to their original state as possible. 6605295811 Buckhead Berries is not just a chocolate strawberry…It is a delicacy wrapped in luxurious chocolate, a light sweet crunch, combined with a blend of International nuts that exuberates the tastebuds.
Feed Your Belly. Nourish Your Soul. Gourmet Soups! That Pie Place We make small batch salsas in a variety of flavors Atlanta Local
862-203-1180 Share delicious, baked-from-scratch cookie sandwiches with your family, coworkers and friends– without all the hassle. Let Jimella’s do the work for you. (423) 206-9022
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(513) 418-0292 Pshav JociCakes offers a diverse range of cakes for all occasions including your standard events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, reunions and family gatherings
 Mommy and Me Sweet Treats is an all natural bakery that specializes in unique and traditional treats. Mommy and Me Sweet Treats started out as a family past time but soon developed into something much more. inscriptured   veggiecrust
Just Chicken Salad is a mouthwatering blend of natural ingredients hand made with a lotta love. 9095566691 8778518115
Rolling Thunder We use traditional methods to produce exceptional savory breads, cakes, pies, pan loafs, and cookies. (814) 917-9695
S3 Catering Authentic Indian Catering Events Planning Atlanta Georgia
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Rapid Gourmet Noble pops 8282967963
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Georgia Sourdough kkb 6237074705
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Southern Pawz blossoms bone & co
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Empress Dough (817) 204-7872 7206410736
PREP Cook-Create-Connect is a fully licensed unique shared kitchen concept which was established with one goal in mind – to help build and support small food businesses in Metro Atlanta, by providing state-of-the-art commercial shared kitchen space, resources, food procurement and guidance to a talented and creative class of entrepreneurs, including: specialty food producers, baker, caterers and mobile food service operators, along with the next generation of food artisans. PREP is a privately held company based in Atlanta, GA.  For more information about PREP, please call (404) 920-4150 or visit  beden    PREP on Facebook - 813-260-4224 - (604) 937-8836