We’re converting a 2018 Ford Transit to a Class B RV

956-208-0575We chose the Ford based on interior height. We also like the performance of the ECO Boost 6. The plan is for an all-electric rig. No propane and no GenSet. We’ll be adding a 2nd alternator. We’ll also be adding a lithium ion solution, with capacity to be determined. We hope you enjoy our journey and learn for your own adventure.


About That Insulation

Now you can research and discuss insulation until the cows come home. I know, I did it. In our travels we ran into a gentleman that produces specialty vehicles (ambulances and such). He also has an extensive history in the RV industry. He recommended Radiant Technology. It’s radiant technology but doesn’t require the air space like some other radiant products. It comes with adhesive on one or both sides. I inquired about our project and discovered they have a pre-cut kits for several vehicles including the Ford Transit. I opted for the kit and very glad I did. It’s also known as the pink stuff. A great company to deal with.
The Double Down
We were also looking for additional sound insulation. We opted for Thinsulate. A shout out to  Morey’s In Transit for their installation tips and tricks. /moreysintransit.com/
The pics below show most of it installed.

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We decided to mock up the layout with cardboard. A local warehouse has 4×4 pallet pads that are 1/2 inch thick. They work great for building boxes and getting a feel for the layout. Held together with white glue. And they’re free! The mock up allowed us to check passage ways, door clearances and get an overall feel of the vision.

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