We are doers,
Crafting lives for the better,
through Intelligence & Automation.

Based in Chennai, We at Monoptomy strive to achieve a better future for this society by enriching lives to live better. Our products are so connected to humans as its a part of their anatomy, Monoptomy builds software that has brains!
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Application Development

Development opens up room for growth. We also automate some of the hectic humane tasks within systems that are built by us so that the application can concentrate on its core.

Business Intelligence

Decisions are key to any business. Why not involve a machine in it that learns along with people and data of course! Monoptomy is coming up with more vibrant product that attributes to your decision making skills.


Performance with the words everyone likes. Be it products used by us or people working with us. Application of data driven analytics has cut costs and improved departments all together. Talk to us and find out what we can offer!

Data science & Machine learning

We are not speaking of AI and that a long way to go! But we are at the first step. We do offer training, not for humans, but machines indeed.


Open Imagination

Platform for Communication

Dedicated sockets for SMS, Email,Chat on a platform.

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