AHI 96792

Alignment | Collaboration | Sustainability | Efficiency

The Wai‘anae Coast faces challenges related to public education and its near- and long-term impact on the community. Future social and economic vitality depend upon accelerated achievement in public education. However, too few Wai‘anae Coast students are prepared to thrive in post-secondary education and 21st Century employment settings.

Alignment 96792 (AHI 96792) is a collective impact framework for Waiʻanae Coast schools to achieve common goals around student success. The underlying premise of Collective Impact is that no single organization can create large-scale, lasting social change alone. Strong organizations are necessary but not sufficient for large-scale social change.

Our mission is to align community resources in support of public school strategies to raise student achievement and improve student health and wellbeing. We seek to establish structure, processes, shared goals (called principles) and supportive technologies that will help connect existing resources and strategies so that their coordinated support has a positive impact on public school success, health, and community. We envision all students graduating from high school with marketable employment skills or enrolling in post-secondary education. They are eager to live, work, learn, create, and play in the Wai‘anae Region as contributing adults.