His words carry little conviction.

The collar is too tight round my throat.


We were just about to take a break.

I cannot inflate all these balloons.

Why don't you give me a hand?

Has he already done it?

Do you talk to them a lot?

Casey says that he can't eat any more.

By and large, she is a very reliable person.


How can you be so passive? Why don't you retaliate?

This surveillance camera is our silent witness.

I'd rather not talk about it.

All what he said was right.

Go to the garage.


Celeste hopes to make a profit this year, albeit a small one.


The brave captain saved his ship.

I don't believe what I'm hearing.

It's debatable.


This lake is very deep.

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The train always came early in the morning.

He studied on his own account.

It's cute, and more importantly, of good quality.

The river which flows through London is called the Thames.

The thing that impressed me the most in China was the Chinese.

That is what it means to share this world in the 21st century. That is the responsibility we have to one another as human beings.

Japanese women are in my opinion some of the most beautiful in the world.

Are you going to kill me?

A smoker harms other people.

Is somebody here?

I could read between the lines.


Why don't you hang around a while after everyone else leaves so we can talk?

I can't be sure.

Syd pulled out his wallet and took out some money.

I get motion sickness.

You explained it, didn't you?


You must not talk to Holly.

What are you trying to prove?

Toby eventually pleaded guilty.

I actually need you to do more than just that.

Do you know of anyone that can help us?

The Haskell Free Library and Opera House was built on the border between Canada and the United States.

It is not until we lose our health that we recognise its blessing.

What is your impression of America?

Germany was once allied with Italy.

It's a shame it had to happen here.

Knudsen obviously is very angry.

This bastard thinks that everyone should worship him.

Time is running out.

He who remains silent seems to consent.

Is Clay mad?

Japan's climate is temperate.

You're needed here immediately.

How did you know my name?

Jisheng has a weakness for pretty girls.


I can get us everything we need.

I don't know if I'll be able to help you on Monday.

My god is greater!

He finally comes out after all these years.

He earned money by delivering newspapers.

Ron and Conrad are still newlyweds.

Russell is an aristocrat and a proper lady.

You can't go back there.

Here's your mug.

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I apologized to her for stepping on her foot.


Please call me as soon as you arrive in Boston.


I'm not your wife anymore. Your wife is Tatoeba!


I make a point of being punctual.


What I do not know, I also do not think I know.

He found an unexpected way to deal with the problem.

The whole town was in an uproar.

You're very stylish today.

I have fond memories of Teriann.

Terrence has no desire to study French.

They walked up the stairs.

Once again, I was able to escape death.

Due to this a lot of time was lost, it's possible that if it wasn't for this accident the final stage of the race would have been better.

Brandon looks about a hundred years old.

Men's things are sold on the third floor.


Tyco Brahe, though of noble decent, married a commoner. Together they had three sons and five daughters.


She really takes after her mother.

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Richard raised three children all by himself.

Don't worry. I won't let anything stop me from finishing the job.

I consulted him relative to the subject.

He might, however, have seen a wooden peg of a different size or color.

We have to set the scene for negotiations.

I have a funny feeling.

At which university are you studying?

The tie doesn't go with my dress.

You have soft hands.


You can't possibly be that naive.

Beckie was a mean man before his daughter was born.

Morton put his shoes back on.

Here's the group of reporters I told you about.

Norman is really unhappy, isn't he?

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Do you really think Hy would go with us?

Thousands of women were widowed by the war.

I'm here to apologize for what I did the other day.


God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.

Unfortunately it will be impossible for us to accept your proposal.

Grandfather speaks very slowly.

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The key is that Asuka abuses Shinji. So, rarely, Shinji flips and assaults Asuka. Then Asuka is surprisingly meek.

I need that medicine.

I'm learning Turkish.

I can't leave them.

He exchanged seats with the next person.

Just sit over there with Spy.

He should have bought a used car.

Who runs things here?

Dr. Patterson: Yes, it was horrible.

You can walk there, but it'll take you about thirty minutes.

You need to start taking responsibility for your actions.

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My mother was furious.

She looks as young as ever.

It is said that Kazu is the best soccer player in Japan.

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The road roller is noisy.

She introduced me to him at the party.

The story ends where it began

You're very timid.

The single pipeline serves all the house with water.

Peter deserted his wife and family.

Don't interrupt me but hear me out, please.


Where does Pascal live?

You shouldn't let Duane in.

She differs from the others in that she has a goal.

Tran was home with a cold last week.

I'm really hungry.

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Apparently, Blair is very good at skiing.

A person usually has two reasons for doing something: a good reason and the real reason.

He finished the steak, then ordered another portion.


Rex is pretty conservative, isn't he?

You eat too fast.

Kelly brought the matter to light.

It would be appreciated if you also went to the website to post a comment on that sentence, to indicate it doesn't sound natural and should be improved.

I feel like taking a hot spring bath tonight.

The letter returned.

Humor her.

His acts of courage brought him glory.

Send for the doctor.

Surgery is the best solution.

There's a lot of flu about.

I need your guarantee that nothing will happen to her.

Rogue hopes that Real will like the present he bought for her.

I have never had my picture taken with a Mexican zebra.

Are you for or against my plan?

The interpreter reformulates what has been said.

Kusum won't be forgotten.

Go straight ahead and you will find it. You can't miss it.

The refrigerator prevents food from going bad.

I threw the strange package on the table.

Marek only found out after his mother's death that she had gambled away his inheritance.

I need that phone.

There are no quick fixes for this problem.


Edith isn't winning.


We have the place to ourselves.

He does not believe in evolution.

We saw an ad in the newspaper for a house that costs R$125,000.00.


Johann wants to get married again.


If I ever turn into an alcoholic, I'll surely go on vacation to Antalya.

The interface is very intuitive.

Samuel was kind enough to lend me some money.


It was time he did it!


"Is this really our hotel?" "No, that's our hotel."


Good, enough poetic images.


Donnie offered Guy a position at his company.

She is not such a girl as you imagine her to be.

It's not what I wanted to say.