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Finding the right treatment for yourself or a loved one is more complicated and difficult than one might think. The process often ends with getting it wrong and you might not even realize that it was wrong due to a lack of experience. How would you know if the addiction treatment that you’re receiving or the rehab center that you’re at is subpar? Without having the experience and expertise, you would have nothing to measure it against.

There are numerous tasks in life that we must go through, whether it’s dealing with legal issues, taxes, buying a home, etc., where we seek (440) 340-7234 from someone that is more knowledgeable and experienced in a given field. It’s important to have somebody who is on your side and has no conflict of interest when seeking addiction treatment.

For example, the treatment center is trying to make the most money possible from treating you, while the insurance company wants you to spend as little of their money as possible. Naturally, their advice is often tilted in their favor. Making a decision about the right course of treatment and the right treatment center to do it at, given your insurance coverage, is absolutely one where expert guidance could be extremely helpful. When you’re sent by us, you will receive the best treatment possible.

Don’t take the risk of making the poor decision when choosing a rehab on your own. Use addiction rehab advisors, as we will provide you with the necessary guidance as to which treatment center will best suit your needs. To best suit your needs, you can think of us as Trip Advisors of the rehab industry.

Make the Call to ARA at (833) 258-4978 Now

⇒  ARA will advise you as to the best course of treatment and then discuss with the treatment center on your behalf

⇒  We’ve worked with hundreds of addiction rehab centers nationwide

⇒  We’ve put thousands of people into treatment

⇒  Not all rehab centers are created equal. With our experience, we know the difference between the dishonest and honest rehab centers

⇒  We save you the trouble and misery of a bad choice and experience

⇒  We know which treatment centers have the best staffing ratios, best therapists, use medically-assisted detox, effective clinical approaches, overall clinical prowess, and reputation

⇒  We have researched which rehab centers will provide you with the most comfortable atmosphere and amenities

⇒  We know how to navigate and handle the private insurance and what benefits that you should receive

⇒  We know which treatment centers will accept your insurance

⇒  We can help with minimizing out-of-pocket expenses

⇒  It could take a laymen, lawyer, or any other experienced and sophisticated person hours to do it for you and potentially get it wrong, where it will take us only minutes and we will get it right

Call now at (417) 896-9673 for expert guidance, as this decision and moment is too important to not get right.

How We Can Help

Insurance Benefits Assistance

Assist with educating you on your health insurance benefits and what options you have available to you.

Tailored Treatment Program

Based on your needs, insurance, and evaluation, we recommend and get you admitted into a top tier facility.

Free Patient Evaluation

Get a free expert evaluation and assessment to determine your needs and the best course of treatment.

We Help You Get There

Flights, taxis, coordinating with loved ones. We handle everything to ensure your only focus is on getting better.

We've Got the Best Centers

Addiction Rehab Advisors has researched hundreds of facilities and chosen 30 of the best around the country.

By the Numbers

We have helped thousands like you get the best treatment possible and take the guesswork out of the process.

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