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I regret eating those oysters.

It's hard not to like them.

When was the last time you brushed your teeth?

I think Wade deserves that.

Many foreign people come to Japan to work.

Still, if it were true, I think I'd know it.

Researchers say that it's easier to lose weight if you eat three square meals a day.


Jarmo had better get here soon.


I'll meet Hiroyuki.

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Linder made me weep.

Don't touch the blue switch!

I think Giovanni thinks I'm lying to him.


It's a terrible affair.

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I still dream about you.

I owe two months' rent for my room.

I saw Hein being interviewed on TV.

I let my emotions cloud my judgment.

The clever doctor could cure many illnesses.

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Amanda felt like crawling under a rock.

They warned the ship about the danger.

About 65% of American adults are overweight, which isn't good for their health.


This is where Dewey stays when he's in Boston.

Has anyone found him yet?

Love is the answer.


The gas price is going up.

I haven't been back to Boston since I graduated from high school.

I'd like to keep these documents for the time being.

This hall will hold two thousand people.

She died yesterday afternoon.

Jackye isn't the enemy.

Flowers bloom.

Just listen to me.

Our principal's name is Mr. Jackson.

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Celia may have done that already.

If you want to seduce this douche, then you'll have to start painting your nails red instead of chewing them.

I made friends with many Americans at the party.

I couldn't tell you why.

I'll let you know what's going on.

Piercarlo asked me to stay.

William doesn't give me flowers anymore.

Choose three books at random.

Lowell isn't ready to be a father.


He doesn't have any proof.

What kind of books does Len read?

The weeks flee like dreams.


Brooke has done a really good job.

I'm glad to have had a great day with Luke yesterday after two very stressful days.

I can understand him.


He wouldn't harm a fly.

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He has no faults.

Do you want us to tell Elaine?

There are few bookstores in this area.

You gave up.

He looked at me for an explanation.

The boy lost his way in the forest.

I'm going to ask you both to leave.

If aspirin will ease my headache, I will take a couple tonight instead of this horrible medicine.

His policy was in advance of his times.


He is noisy, but otherwise a very nice boy.

I'd like to show this picture of Chuck to you.

The train arrived in Kyoto on time.


I don't think there's any point in discussing this with Skip.


I'm skimming his report right now.

Marci continued to stare at himself in the mirror.

I must dash or I'll be late.

Why do you stay with them?

To all those who have wondered if America's beacon still burns as bright: Tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope.

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Heinrich is coming for a visit.

She's in Boston.

We've got some new business coming in and I want to discuss it with you. Do you mind getting involved?

The medication helped me.

While a quantitative approach may be useful in certain situations, I think this case necessitates a qualitative analysis.

He hasn't eaten for three days.

Stagger and Sergeant both screamed.


Sanjeev put his shoes on.

Isn't it infuriating?

The returning soldiers were commended for their bravery in battle.

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The weather today is worse than yesterday.


You have a very good memory.

Con artists take advantage of the credulity of inexperienced investors and swindle them out of their money.

She is endowed with beauty.


Don't you smell something unusual?

Oh, please call me Angela.

There are few, if any, errors in your composition.


She is a really good girl.

Leonard is the one who shot Tommy.

What a beautiful name!

He will forever live on in our memories.

I want her here.


Charlene was prepared to go to trial.

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The house is screened from view with a high fence.

I have to wait here for Neil.

I know what you're thinking.

Eugene wins every time.

Dick is a bit shy.


We listened to music yesterday.

Niels said he thought that house was haunted.

Radiation levels are within acceptable limits.


Ping said you were really good at tennis.

It is high time we thought more about the damage to the world's climate.

Give my love to Jenine.

That singer is very popular with people in general.

Welcome, everyone.

They are so beautiful.

The answer is both yes and no.


I have three daughters to marry off.

Are you willing to bet your life on it?

Dylan heard footsteps outside his door.

Venus was the first planet outside of Earth to ever be reached by a space probe.

Please don't tell.

Will you help me practice my pronunciation?

I'm running out of closet space.

Mah is one of the girls that Ritalynne is interested in meeting.

I hate being late.

From the standpoint of the law, he is free.

I wanted to let you know you weren't alone.

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It felt pretty good.

I wanted to tell Leo in person, so I drove over to his house.

He only eats fruit.

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I like languages.

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Vistlik said that we should avoid Curtis today.

How did this dangerous state come about?

I listened to music.


People don't cry over spilled milk.

Christmas is fast approaching.

The meeting had 12 attendees.

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You're certainly looking fit as a fiddle today.


We have a package here for them.

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Margie was going to tell Sangho, but decided not to.

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We watched TV last night.

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He looked so funny that I couldn't help laughing.

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He's not very good at it.

But not in front of the choir.

I thought I told you I needed your help.


Television can dull our creative power.

I had to tell her.

The station is dead ahead.


Neither fish nor fowl.


She talks a very fast game.

We came together to form a group.

Doesn't anyone care?

Who exactly is responsible?

I used to work with Stan.

There used to be a bank here, but it closed down a couple of years ago.

They were marooned on a desert isle.

The dog is barking at him.

Now get out.

I told you I hated that shirt.

We listened to the shooting.

At the equator, the Earth is rotating at a speed of about about 2200 kilometers per hour.

I have errands to run.


Mystery prevails.

I know it sounds silly.

Mario is the church's pastor.


I'll do whatever I need to do.

I heard there were many double suicides in Sonezaki.

It's best not to ask.