AI.one Fingerprint Smart Lock

You certainly have many smart locks to choose from and almost all of them do a great job protecting your home and keeping your family safe, but you might be asking yourself what the next evolution of smart locks is. Because, well, they all pretty much offer the same features these days. Open the Door […]

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“Boy, did [superhero films] take over. I knew they would. I was about 10 or 11, and I had the prescience to know that once the technology got there, the comic-book movie would dominate the industry. And it has.” Nicolas Cage, there, a veritable soothsayer of comic book-related culture predictions, and a man who managed […]

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There are many health benefits to using a standing desk when working. Sitting at a desk all day does your body no good at all. Just the act of craning your neck to get closer to your screen can have serious effects on your neck and spine. And that leads to pain. Work smarter and […]

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As revealed to us via the medium of, er, words, and Brie Larson’s initial on-set ‘Rachel from Friends‘ haircut, Captain Marvel is taking us back to the 90s for the MCU’s first female-led blockbuster, and there will be plenty of throwback jokes to be had in the setting it seems. Our previous foray into the […]

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We use the internet for day-to-day activities from work to play to shopping under the assumption that security experts are keeping us safe from cybercriminals. But those security experts are already stretched thin — and the situation promises to get worse. The nonprofit group ISACA predicts that by 2019, there will be a global shortage […]

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Apple’s new iPhone XR doesn’t include 3D Touch. App developers already didn’t use 3D Touch, but now they really won’t use it. Apple will have to design the iPhone operating system not to rely on 3D Touch so much. Sure, the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max still have 3D Touch. But we wouldn’t be […]

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Kate Beckinsale is done with Underworld

Kate Beckinsale can’t have known back in 2003, when she starred in the relatively low budget sci-fi horror hit Underworld, that she’d have five of the franchise’s films under her belt by 2017, but the actress wants us to know that she won’t be playing vampire revolutionary Selene in another instalment. “I wouldn’t return,” she […]


Mary Meeker, the legendary internet analyst, is leaving Kleiner Perkins

Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, one of the premier Silicon Valley investors at one of its premier venture capital firms, is leaving her position in an abrupt, high-profile splitting of the firm she helped lead. Meeker is leading an exodus of late-stage investors from Kleiner Perkins in its most dramatic shake-up since […]

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Watch this robot fly like a real insect

The DelFly is a super light, super agile robot that flies like a real insect. By using a quad-wing flapping system, this odd little bot can flit, hover, and land like a fruit fly. Part of a research project at the Delft University of Technology, this is the latest version of the DelFly and it […]

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What would life look like without our morning coffee? I shudder to think what that kind of a world would look like. Most of us would probably stay in bed. Lucky for us, no one is going to be taking our coffee away anytime soon. The Smartest Coffee Maker You Can Buy In fact, coffee […]

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