News - Terms of Service Changes (11/11/2018)

We changed our Terms of Service with regard of 3rd Party Programs and Macro usage!
It's only allowed to use any macro/ spacer tool/ auto loot.
It's NOT ALLOWED to use any Auto targeting/ Auto BM Cast/ Auto Skill Cast macro or program!
From 15th November 2018 everyone catched by GMs using any of these forbidden actions will be perma banned!

Event - Big Cabal.RED Anniversary Event (07/11/2018)

And we need YOU
get creative

Your Task:
> create a video containing Cabal.RED content
> Video length at least 2:30 min
> trailer style (no Guildnames, Titles, Player names, mob names, NPC names)
> good music compilation fitting to scenes
> credits containing website url; discord url; creators names; participant names; music list (in order of any copyrights)
> upload video to youtube

You can create this video alone, with friends, with guildmates or anyone else.
While submitting your application video you can name max. 5 player who worked with you to get them rewarded as well.

Winner Video
> Submitting person (counted as main video creator): 5k Stats
> every of the max. 5 Co-workers: 2k Stats

Every other submitted video
> prized various: depending on video quality

> there will be only a winner if we´re flashed from the videos
> the winner will allow Cabal.RED owner and staff to use this video for advertising content

submissions ONLY THROUGH DISCORD via PM to @Evynne (Video URL uploaded on youtube)

News - Website and donation changes (05/11/2018)

We are removed the G2G donation method. 

Paypal donation amounts are changed and now clearer.

Winter snowflakes added to website.

Video Guides