Would you go to the supermarket and get some butter?

Mysore bought me a kite.

They're lying to us.

That flower has a strong smell.

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University is a waste of time.

Are you guys having problems?

The wind is strong.

The United States is a large, friendly dog in a very small room. Every time it wags its tail, it knocks over a chair.

Did anything happen that you didn't expect to happen?

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He exhaled loudly.

I saw you with him last Monday.

It is not necessary for you to take his advice if you don't want to.

It was a dream and shouldn't I bother about a dream?

It doesn't seem quite right.

The idea that God is an oversized white male with a flowing beard who sits in the sky and tallies the fall of every sparrow is ludicrous. But if by 'God' one means the set of physical laws that govern the universe, then clearly there is such a God.

She snuck into the room.

Sixty percent of Japanese adult males drink alcoholic beverages on a regular basis.

She is second to none in French.

I'm not buying it.

He knows how to slaughter a sheep.

Act like you were from those we can not quickly make a maker of unsuccessful ones.

She's busy now, so she can't talk with you.

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Bob must have had an accident.


Donnie kissed Robert passionately on the lips.

I think birthdays are important.

Could you pick out the chords?

The earth is a lot larger than the moon.

That's why I need to meet them.

Kent wondered if Malaclypse would apologize.

Let them go home.


I work until very late.

The game will probably be canceled.

It's only two miles to the village.


Douglas is a fantastic cook.


I miss my mother's cooking.


Do not fancy yourselves to be special, for you are not so.

That is a fruit of your effort.

I'm going there whether you're going or not.

You need new clothes.

I think Julia could help me.

I don't think Jun made it up.

Hit the bricks!

What do you suggest then?

The whole village was laid flat by the earthquake.

Hector doesn't understand what you said.

That was the basic idea.


The police have opened an investigation.

I want to keep things the way they are.

Can you believe this happened?


He had a strong stance on the subject.

This plastic chair is very cheap.

Tell Nils that I'm hungry.

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I'm chubby.

Werner has a sore back.

You are extremely competent.

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He is discouraged by his failure in the examination.

A man of industry will succeed in life.

I came to give you back the books I borrowed.

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How many sisters do you have? How many brothers?

I'm not sure I feel the same way about that.

Beginners should learn spoken English first.


You ought not to have spent so much money on your hobby.

I found it easy to fix the problem.

Juliane has earned it.

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Shari has 20/20 vision.

She handed out a key to him.

I'm dying to see my mother.

Rainforests are one of the Earth's greatest biological treasures.

She shared her husband's fate.

I am glad to hear of your success.

You will soon cease to think of her.


We'll be here for only a few days.

Nathaniel is in the tree house.

The problem is difficult to solve.

I would like to see your mother.

Pravin is caught up in the moment.

I can't be everywhere.

It was very generous of you to buy all these things for us.

Barrio and I have been acquainted with each other for many years.

Rodger lied to her husband.

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Don't try to stop me.

I put an advertisement in the newspaper saying my house was for sale.

It is true that yours is a good idea, but I am afraid it will be hard to put into practice.

Jose told Srinivasan that he'd look into the problem.

Jennifer isn't still asleep, is he?

I doubt, because I think that the future will know better.

Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum.

Do you want to have a drink with us?

Japan's attack had brought America into the war.

Do you want to go out for a drink?

Ramanan cooked dinner for us.


Can't you repair the damage?


What is that greasy stuff on your shirt?

It's not as bad as it looks.

I'll put you through to the president.


She must be mad at me.

My father's car is very nice.

From the look of the sky, it may begin to snow tonight.

The elderly man was almost run over by a car.

What'll we do next?

She tried hard in vain to make both ends meet on a small salary.

He was not able to do what he wanted.

The UN has made November 20 Universal Children's Day. On this date, we celebrate the adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of the Child. In Brazil, Children's Day is October 12.

Tangerines contain a lot of vitamin C.

I am tired; nevertheless, I must finish my homework.

Jared left the conference room.

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They substantiated their claim by producing dated receipts.

Who do you think is going to do that?

My hat is bigger than Jim's.

It's a strange matter.

The weather has settled at last.

By whom was this window broken?

Amarth wants us to go to Boston to visit John.

You like to feel cash with your fingers, so you think money's more real.

Olivier wanted to paint the fence white.

He who loves Ariel would love Tor.

The doctor operates two days a week.

I can speak for myself.

So many things have changed.

Konkani is spoken in Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.

I forgot how beautiful it was here.

I cannot think that I will ever meet him.

The accident happened on a side street.

I was taught English by a foreigner.

Pedants delight in being obtuse.


I'll get it later.

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I like him the best.

What do you conclude from that?

Today the weather is so bad that a good master wouldn't let his dog out.


Have you ever invited Pascal to your parties?

I'm sorry, my father is out.

I have heard nothing of him lately.

They have to pay in advance.

I don't like the way you're looking at me.


We all desired peace.

Rodger called Sofoklis to ask her to help at the bake sale.

She gave us something to eat.

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Paul has a good friend in Boston.

Thanks for doing that for Mohammad.

Valerie was in constant pain.

She always thought she could get out of it.

Horst is going to tell Roderick where he thinks John went.

I could not refrain from smoking.

He was just behind me.


They are happy with the result.

We went to Hawaii for pleasure.

While listening to the radio, I fell asleep.


They were treating me so rudely that I suddenly just lost it.

Were it clear, we would go on a hike.

Bird watching is a nice hobby.


The news of the fire in the factory caused a sensation.

Andries looks frustrated.

He is wealthy, but his older embroidery is poor.

It is kind of you to talk about it for me.

After their parents died, their grandparents brought them up.

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A barber is a man who shaves and cuts men's hair.

Frank goes to the spa each week.

Hunger is one of the greatest social miseries.

You said it was urgent.

She was a likely suspect.

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The doctor thought the patient's pulse was rather rapid.


She moved back with her parents.

It actually wasn't that bad.

He rested for a while.

Have fun at the game.

Bring everything to ruin.

I've been trying to get in touch with you for months.

I regret what I said.