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Revolutionize your workplace with workflow specific apps that are customized to your ecosystem & business processes. With an approach to customization, you can streamline any workflow within weeks.
Data on Mobile
Leverage your Enterprise data by making it available on mobile devices. Everyone makes quicker, responsive decisions with closer proximity to data. Easy mobile access to relevant information makes all your organizational functions more efficient.
Time to Market
How do you bring organizational efficiency fast? The platform has powerful in-built tools that let you deploy within weeks. Your ideas get implemented in no time.
Teams + Customers
Put your teams and customers on the same platform to transform customer engagement. And each app can be customized as per your ecosystem to drive maximum customer loyalty.
All Tools. One Place.
With apps that let you connect with your favorite tools like Salesforce, Dropbox, Gotomeeting, you get a unified platform for maximum collaboration. Custom deployment helps you to maximize the utility of the tools and with centralized dashboards.
Create apps for all your enterprise workflows
Geo Leads
Sales & Marketing
Geo Leads enables sales and marketing teams to work in perfect tandem to qualify leads. It gives on-field sales team quick access to the location of the leads that are interacting with their digital assets. Google Map integration helps sales team to quickly schedule meetings by a simple one to one message using push notification feature. It increases the probability to meet the right contact at the right time!

Push Notification
Power BI
Google Map
Field Report
FieldReport helps you connect dispersed teams & assets in remote areas to a central database to streamline business processes and workflows. With FieldReport, teams can have a zoomed in view of microscopic details of field area as per location. By eliminating paper forms and spreadsheet for gathering information, it reduces exploration & inspection costs.

Push Notification
Google Map
Power BI
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