Rapunzel grew into the most beautiful child beneath the sun.

Air pollution is a major problem.

Fritz wants to give it a try.

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Sonja loves to party.

I can't thank you more.

Try it again, Nici.

We're very grateful for your hospitality.

You wished to speak with me?


Have you ever taken anything out of the dirty clothes basket because it had become, relatively, the cleaner thing?

Milner used to be a good student.

Margaret was killed in Boston.

I will be back by nine.

It's unlikely Presley will be here on time.

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Jwahar never quite knew what was going on.

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His last word let everybody down.

Dwayne has curly dark hair.

Everybody felt the earthquake, except me.

How can I get to the hospital by bus?

It's hard to surprise them.

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She apologized to him for being late.


Her speech bored me.

I hope Lila will be very happy.

All of us must die some day.

Can you remember the first time you saw Terrance?

What are my tasks?

Have you been lying to me?

When was the last time that you used this?

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Laura sat back down.

There is an antidote.

Here, chicky chicky!

That room is too big.

How can you be so naive?

He is three years my senior.

Why is he sitting there for so long?

Do you think you and Spike will get back together?

He's studying Chinese.


Fixed prices in Japan are abnormally raised.

There were celebrations along the battle lines, too.

Andrea remained in his car while Kenton was in the supermarket.


The sentence rings a bell with me. Where have I read it before?

The room is very dark.

Tony sometimes visited his family.

They are chiseling a statue out of marble.

I just had this suit cleaned.

Don't tell Roman. He'll tell everyone.

Laurie is a sorcerer.

You left your wife, didn't you?

Although Go is probably the most popular Japanese game in my country, even Go isn't well known except among some university students.

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Are you going to go with him?


She thinks that I'm gossiping behind her back.

I want a word with you.

She beat the cream for dessert.

I've always wanted a child.

I don't believe you'll defeat me, but I don't deny you'll make a brave attempt.


The car left a trail of dust.


Shel didn't have to stay, but he did.

Tommy says he'll come to the party.

He is capable of teaching French.


Do you always get what you want?

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As likely as not, whales will be extinct by the end of this century.

You should always think before you speak.

The students were delighted.

I hope this stormy weather won't go on.

I made use of every opportunity to improve my English.


This will be my last sentence in English.

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She let me go.


Have some eggnog.

What do you want me to ask her?

Is he sleeping?

I want to know exactly what is going on.

I hope my last mail didn't sound too harsh.

No one shall be held in slavery.

I think we have acted in good faith.

Fletcher didn't have any cash on him.

Naresh made good use of his time.

Can you give Ravindranath another chance?

Things got messy.

Cut the cake with that knife.

There is no reason to be unnecessarily worried about the outbreak.

I don't want to see her now.

Gypsy was very frustrated.

I felt that.

I did as I was told.

I keep studying languages.

I already have an envelope.

Small clearings mark where villages once stood.

They invited me back again.

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You need to stop drinking.


Don't stay up all night.

Hotta and I are fishing buddies.

You don't say.

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I don't think the gun is loaded, but you should still be very careful.


It never occurred to me that he might be an escaped prisoner.

He knows how to break a computer but he doesn't know how to fix it.

Is that from her?

There will certainly be doubts about your proposal.

Stanislaw wondered why Steve wasn't there.


Of course chlorine can be very toxic.


He suspected danger and didn't go near it.

You love sunsets, don't you?

Can you wake Sjaak up for me?

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Did you get home safe and sound?

Isn't that a coincidence?

Things usually take longer than you expect.

I have read the article and now I am writing a summary.

The ocean is great at sucking up CO2 from the air. It absorbs about one-quarter of the CO2 that we humans create when we burn fossil fuels.

I can explain.

The dress looks great on you.

I want you to call off the fight.

You won't bleed to death.

It's too hot to go for a walk.

What she says is true.

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"Whose jewels are these?" "They are Taninna's."

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When Bud saw Syd naked, she started laughing.

This is the last time I'll accept a gift.

Nothing gives an artist as much strength as the knowledge that there is at least one person who views his creation with great love.


I didn't know him at that time.

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Chemistry can be very complex.

I need a huge favor.

Hy can't decide whether or not to buy the dress.

He could learn without instruction.

What are we looking at now?

The heart beats more often with the flowering of love.

There are maps on alternate pages of the book.

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Kate died on Monday.

Franklin knows how to fix this, I think.

I had a room with a beautiful view of the mountains.

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The clouds, heavy with hail and snow-flakes, hung low in the sky, and the raven stood on the ferns crying, "Croak, croak." It made one shiver with cold to look at him.

Why are you always shouting?

Broccoli is one of the best vegetables for you.

They study aerospace engineering at the university.

I did my best to prevent this.

They stayed at a luxury hotel.

Do you know any good German movies?

If you don't want to read, then don't.

There is not a word of truth in it.

Your room number, please.

We hate parties.

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Go to the barbershop.

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"Mum, may I borrow your nail polish?" "Yes, you can borrow it."


He couldn't overcome the desire for another cigarette.


Of course, you would eat puddings that are full of proofs, wouldn't you?

Where have we gone wrong?

Andy came down the steps followed by Takeuchi.


"You are the person," said the King, "and you have passed sentence on yourself; and even so it shall be done to you."

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There was once a girl who stepped on a loaf of bread to avoid soiling her shoes, and the misfortunes that happened to her in consequence are well known.


Donald hardly broke a sweat.


Don't ever try to do this by yourself.

He made his way to presidency step by step.

Scott said that you said something I know you would never say.


They demoted you.

The speeding car missed the child, who ran out into the road, by only a hairsbreadth.

You mind if I join you?


Matt said he didn't want to talk about work.

I can't do that to her.

More students than ever before have sat for their bar examinations this year.

America was a mainly agricultural society.

Therefore, we try to persuade people not to have cash, to have money electronically transferred.