He is a lonely man with few friends.

Clem swims well.


Elvis got bigger.

Tomas offered to help the old lady cross the street.

It's been a really long day, huh.

Don't fret too much, okay?

I feel like having some pizza tonight.

It goes without saying that we will spend the night in a luxury hotel.

She bled me of all my money.

A skilled mechanic makes decent money.

If you'd listen, you'd understand.

Gregg is a salesman, too.

There is a little water in the cup.


Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.


I was quite shocked by this.

I appreciate anything you can do.

I won't give up.

There's nothing out there.

You're pretty upset, aren't you?

Spy turned off the flashlight.

What snacks do you have?

Clifford looked nervously at the doctor.

Moore was wearing black leather gloves.

What was the purpose of all this?

The earth is shaped like a sphere.

When it rains a lot, it causes landslides in the mountains.

How far is it from Boston to Chicago?

Does this credit card work internationally?

To good health.


He likes the most beautiful flower.

Are you a parent?

The plans are being made without regard to his schedule.

I had chicken pox as a kid.

Are you sure you can do it?


This remark is not applicable to you.

Who could blame him?

You owe me big time.

Son did not cry.

Kinch didn't know how to tell Celeste the truth.

Kory hasn't come up with a good answer to the problem yet.

I burnt my tongue.

Margot doesn't eat Italian food very often.

Michael Clarke has conceded that his men appear not to have learnt from their crushing defeat.


The bath is getting cold.

Apart from a few mistakes, your composition was excellent.

Jerome is unaware of what has happened.

I did the work against my will.

The areas with lowest precipitation is at leeward side of the mountains.

Mann may be there.

Rynok Square is the historic centre of the city.


You certainly fooled him.

I'll bring it back.

She can't even speak her native language without making mistakes.

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Application to his studies brought him excellent results in the final examination.


Radek can't seem to find a decent job.

Ahmet didn't seem overly concerned.

I guess you never learned how to do this.

The Romans left their mark in Britain.

I'll have to warn Frederic.

Don't look at them.

This book was very useful to me.

The bank shuts late on Fridays.

The people are under pressure.


I have a question regarding your earlier comments.

Claudio was sitting alone on a bench.

Forks go to the left side of the plate, and knives go to the right.

Sergio could be diabetic.

Roland talked Stacey into inviting John to the party.


When was the last time you and I saw each other?

I am a shy boy.

I guess that'll do.

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You didn't tell them, did you?


Jacob is the kind of man who knows how to make money.

He approached and fell on his knees.

Bud couldn't answer the question.

We were farmers.

Then they took each other by the hand, and went forth from the great palace of ice.

Why wasn't the woman who attacked Tolerant arrested?

I'm not busy right now.


May I walk with you?

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He illustrated the problem with an example.

We have more important things we need to discuss.

Please tell Hitoshi to wait.


I can't stay here.

Clearly Margie and Elliot hate each other.

Dying is nothing. So start with living, it's less funny and it lasts longer.

Does he have general common sense?

Take a walk with me.

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When's your first class?


Plain white paper will do.

I'll be waiting for you at the usual place.

I'll help you prevent that from happening again.

Why are you tickling Liz?

You're quite a skilled negotiator.

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My sister is in her twenties.


Every year we receive greeting cards painted by mouth.

I saw a drunk lying on the road.

Norma and Pat walked down the path, holding hands.

I'm getting off the train at the next stop.

I should tell Nicholas.


It's one of my favorites.


I didn't want to wait for anything.

It's natural that no one likes him. He's really mean.

He jumped over a ditch.

I do not work on Sunday.

I think Geoffrey could fix this.

You must contribute to Tatoeba only in your mother tongue.

He was right behind me.

I have a nice present to give you.

Playing tennis is easy for me.

Today, Christianity celebrates the first Advent.

I didn't notice.

You have hidden talents.

"Will the project be completed on time?" "I can guarantee it."

People hear without listening.

This sentence ends with a question mark?

Randy is a professional musician.

Leave out anything that is useless.

She told him that she was happy.

The road is in a deplorable state.


Lead us from falsehood to truth.

Todd seems to be in love with Sjaak.

There was no one there.

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We dance well.

His brief repose was interrupted by her arrival.

He will win the first prize.

Winter seems to be sticking around a lot longer than usual this year.

Do you want to look into it?

You'll consider this, won't you?

These riots are engineered by Washington's neocons.

She got the money from him even though he said that he wouldn't give it to her.

We would've enjoyed our trip if it wasn't for the rain.

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We never use any sugar.

That doesn't happen very often.

The modifications are complete.

Seymour has a good lawyer.

Do you have any non-alcoholic drinks?

Farouk convinced Mike to go along with the scheme.

I thought you always won.

I was happy to help you.

They're Canadians, aren't they?

You may use her library.

Insects have a hard skin.

I didn't ask whether you wanted to go.

He's really into soccer.

How many spoonfuls of sugar do you usually put in your tea?

Logic has no place here.

You're taller than me by half a head.

Yesterday we coordinated with the department head to organize an office party.

I've seen them on TV many times.

He has aged a great deal lately.


I have no food.

He felt in his pocket for his lighter.

Terri left the door unlocked.

I am out of my element in math.

Lui can't speak French without making mistakes.

I think Beckie is the person who painted that picture.

I wanted to discuss that matter with Tracy.


Hitoshi was supposed to call around 2:30.

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Wet and stormy areas will get wetter and stormier.

How many teachers of Spanish are there at this high school?

I never realized how stressful this job would be.


Let's go make fun of him.

Was it your idea to postpone the meeting?

We risk losing control of the situation if we don't act quickly.

They were amazed at his courage.

I didn't aim my remarks at you.

The theory of games shows that what we name "moral principles" are no other than the strategy elements enabling the group to optimise its survival. Men like to dress their eagerness under the guise of charity.

You haven't eaten a bite.

You shouldn't do that anymore.

I sometimes just don't want to get out of bed in the morning.