You have to help your mother.

He's very curious.

How many drinks are there?

Wasn't that day a bummer!

We just tried to do too much.

All of you betrayed Linder.

Open your heart.


Tell me how I can help.

This sentence is fine.

I have a package for you.

They're my allies.

Spain wallops Netherlands.

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I don't remember if Franklin's car was blue or not.

I just eat bananas now.

You sure do put a lot of sugar in your coffee.


The two candidates were still neck and neck just hours before the polls opened.

That's already been discussed.

I wish I were as ready as you seem to be.


I don't wanna press you.

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Edgar doesn't seem to care.

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That's the last thing I want to do.

He had no more than one hundred yen with him.

Al is afraid to go to the dentist.

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You people know nothing.

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Kayvan didn't want to be sent to Boston.

Rice is sold by the kilogram.

Guys are stupid.

Many restaurants now have free Wi-Fi.

The bus landed us at the station.

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The question is this.


Valentin went to Boston by bus.

Do you think Laurianne is ever going to get married?

He took up gardening after he retired.

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I didn't like the price.

He started at the bank in the post of manager.

Moral justice cannot take the innocent for the guilty even if the innocent would offer itself.


She didn't go yesterday.

We enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.

He has a fertile imagination.

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You can't kill us both.

Knowing and doing are two different things.

That would cause a catastrophic accident at the worksite.


Dirk isn't the type of person who learns from his mistakes.


I was sitting next to Kieran.

I'm glad to see you're finally happy.

Sue hit me.


How do you come to that conclusion?

Don't let Leads drink any more.

The meals don't suit my taste.

He likes smoking in the toilet.

I'm gonna be in my room.

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It's been a pleasure talking to you.


Are ghosts real?

I'll meet you at the ball park.

Put your hands up!


"I want to climb this tree," said the boy.

Do you confuse the word "Austronesian" with "Australoid"?

That dress matches her red hair.

Do you enjoy it?

A smile doesn't cost anything.


It appears that he is honest.


Sofia is afraid to say no to people.

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Ro looked at himself in the rear-view mirror.

We have a place for you to live.

Was Kristi an addict?

Even if I grant that what you say is true, it is no excuse.

Don't ever let me catch you doing that again.


Lynnette had a crush on Edmund when he was in junior high school.

Internationally, almost 900 million people don't have enough to eat.

I have to pick some flowers.

Caleb and I both like to play golf.

He was able to get the information by reading the letter.


Let's forget about last night.


I just read about that in the newspaper.

He had everyone howling with his stories of all his past bloopers.

It was not until yesterday that I knew the news.


What am I going to say to Vassos?

He deserves the prize.

I didn't inform them.


She goes to junior high.


I've done everything I can do.

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Are you sure you don't want to play tennis this afternoon?


Flowers are so fragile and so beautiful, that you can't speak about them without poetry or metaphors.

Any clever boy can do it.

He intended to enter the political world at a favorable opportunity.

We were unable to rescue them.

What time did you get to bed last night?

Coleen's not ready to go.

"Here ... the sound of the cicadas is different." "Oh my, I'm impressed you noticed. You've got a good sense of pitch!"

She'll be gone abroad in another six months.

Being 25 letters long, 'anticonstitutionnellement' is the longest word in French.

Are you suggesting that I can't do it by myself?

Don't lose your head whatever she says.


Sports can be dangerous if safety is ignored.

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There is a beautiful walk along the river.

I asked for Bob's help.

Susan, I'm sorry if I lead you on but the truth is that I'm just not interested.

What are we looking for anyway?

They have been here for an hour.

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I let in the cat.

What I want now is not money, but time.

Everyone was speechless.

I was too exhausted to think, let alone study.

You must really like us.

Both he and I are members of that club.

Price lent me some money.

Consider it an emergency.

I'll come here again tomorrow.

I don't think you want to hear about my problems.

James Monroe easily won the election.

I'm not just going to wait around and see what happens.

Rob, hurry it up.

Wish me luck.

There was a pink slip waiting for her at the office.

Please remember to mail this letter.

The treatment is going successfully.

How do we find them?

On the whole, the country has a severe climate.

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I plan to tell Mitchell about you.

Amir tried to impress the girls.

I don't care.

The weather is almost always hot.

Don't use computer translation.

I fear that I might not be able to help you.

I want to eat a fried egg and croissant.


Economic conditions point to further inflation.

Sherman is unavailable.

I would rather not talk about it.


Dr. Patterson communicated with a gorilla using sign language.

Did you hear the noise?

His writing is impossible to read.

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If only I could fly!

She's the only one who's not stabbed me in the back.

The situation was really difficult to deal with.

I ended up seeing it under bad circumstances.

I couldn't figure out what he meant.

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I'm going to get you a ticket, too.

Most people judge men only by their success or their good fortune.

He came home three hours after that.


Are you ready for tomorrow?

Socorrito, wake up. It's me.

I meet her on occasion at a beauty shop.


He has never played golf.

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Juliane is celebrating his thirtieth birthday.


She likes jazz.


We climbed higher so that we might get a better view.

She stirred the instant coffee and poured in milk.

Try to explain.

Food is like a drug, and the same areas of the brain are activated by food as by drug addiction.

I tightened one.

I'd love to marry you, but my family won't let me.

You had no way of knowing that that would happen.


We're not that close.


Is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy?