His father was a policeman.

Case didn't have to thank me.

The view for the country's future is bright.

Amy gave Meeks a wink.


I don't date.

The data was completely useless.

I see a clock, but I cannot envision the clockmaker. The human mind is unable to conceive of the four dimensions, so how can it conceive of a God, before whom a thousand years and a thousand dimensions are as one?

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The resolution was not approved immediately.

Many support the former alternative, but I prefer the latter.

Tit for tat.

I hate them all.

Pilar is the only student at this school that Pilot knows.

I never wear suits.

None of this was your fault.

Do you mean "cereal" or "serial"?

Sid shrugged his shoulders.

I'll have worked here ten years next April.

The radio is disturbed by noises.

Spring brings warm weather and beautiful flowers.

Fuck your old mother!


I'm tired of your everlasting grumbles.

What am I going to tell him?

Danielle unlocked his car.

I'm sure she knows that I did not want this.

Where do you usually buy your shoes?

Why don't you ask Annard to help you wash the car?

Have you ever seen Mah's stamp collection?


"Do you want to double your gold pieces?" "What do you mean?"

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He will be my deputy while I am away.

I knew you wouldn't be able to do that.

There is a high chance of precipitation.

You interest me very much, Mr. Watson.

He spotted a ship in the distance.


Thank you very much for your thoughtful present.

I wasn't offended.

That's not a new complaint.

I better drink my own piss.

It takes two hours to go to school by bus and train.

They howled with laughter.

I let him spend the night in my house.

That'd make sense.

She always interacts with the audience.

Honey is produced by bees.

We've nearly finished preparations. How about taking a nap?

I ate quickly.

You won't have to hide any longer.

I have not seen you for ages.

Do you want to make some money today?

Meeks and Sir nodded to each other politely.

Get out of my life, and don't come back.

It's boring to watch.

My e-mail address has been changed as follows.

Claude is still inside.

My son is going to be a teacher.

Give it to them.

Where are you planning on going this evening?

Picasso kept drawing pictures until he was 91 years old.

I turned on the radio and turned off the television.


Do you come from Tokyo?

I hear you're moving back to Boston.

The facts do their job.

Lois smells weird.

Have you seen my camera?

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I want to travel to Australia.

I've been a loyal foot soldier.

Humanity has never had it so good.

All you have to do is try your best.

Philip stared back at him in surprise.

That was again completely wrong!

I envy Mayo.

What made you contact them?

We have different priorities.

The letter was written.

Let's take a pause. I cannot continue any longer.


Please hold the line so as not to lose your place in the queue.

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Janet opened the glove compartment and got out a pair of sunglasses.


There is learning in suffering.

I tried to keep from crying.

My dog was run over by a truck. He was not killed, but his foot was badly injured.


Novo rubbed his leg in obvious pain.

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At long last, the two chiefs of the Indian tribes have decided to bury the hatchet and smoke the peace pipe.


I'll take it up with them.


You have to come.

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Somehow the pitcher always proves a tough customer to me.

She got a cool million dollars a day.

First dates are sometimes awkward.

How did you find out about this?

What's Starbuck up to now?

The plane ran into a tropical thunderstorm.

Maria assumes that university students learn languages more quickly than other people.

He proposed that we should play baseball.

The chest is three feet wide.

Do you have a cell phone with you?

I am shorter than he.

He works hard and never complains.

Chuck and Beth were whispering to each other.

Why did you poison Ginny?

Siegurd may still be in the building.


He paid no attention to her.

What's under your bed?

How soon can I meet you?

There really is no difference.

I predicted it.

Vietnamese is not a hard language to learn.

She is singing with a guitar.

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We need to take care of this immediately.

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Where are my glasses?

Don't respond to questions marked with an X.

Lynne painted the fence with the help of his friends.

He got up early so as to be in time for the train.

The ghetto in this town is dangerous at night.

The complained that a light-fingered pilferer who'd briefly brushed against him at the crowded train station had carried off his wallet.

What the hell could be fun about taking pictures of trains?


I don't remember it.


I hurried to the station only to find that the train had already left.


Lust is one of the seven deadly sins.

Briggs has gained weight since I last saw him.

The jet plane had 500 passengers on board.

The news soon spread that he was on his way.

There was absolutely nothing inside the room.


My apprehensions were justified.

I don't feel very good.

Louiqa had no choice but to support Galen.

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How much should I pay?

It's incredibly powerful.

Are they the people you saw yesterday?


I expected better than this.

You shouldn't keep secrets from family.

They listened to the teacher with their eyes shining.

I am going to marry that person one day.

Our friends are anxious to return to Chicago.

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It'll surely rain today.

His family is large.

Noam said that I should obey the teacher.

I want to discuss a very important matter with you.

I'm the one who rescued you.

Are you crazy, or what?

We call this city "Little Tokyo."

I never use this anymore.

Jennifer was once a very good friend to me.

I haven't been to class for five days, I have to catch up.

They loved Nagasaki so much that they stayed there for a week.

I asked you to come yesterday. Why didn't you come?

We talked about a variety of topics.

I agree with the statement.

You should write down whatever seems to be important.


I didn't know you worked here.

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Belinda told me you might come by.


We are fed up with studying.

We're all waiting because there's no news about the test results yet.

Why don't you take your jacket off?

I admit I was surprised.

Your T-shirt's on backwards.

Dori just sat there looking bored.

Don't ask me to choose between you and my job.

I'm cooking.

I already knew that.


I will inform Toufic.

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Ah, I have been here before!

I've had less than three hours of sleep in the last forty-eight hours.

Would you like to tell me what this is all about?

Did you buy anything for him?

What will you miss about Boston?

The Tokyo Stock Exchange rallied at the end of the day.

I can't go on without Christie.


I wasn't really in the mood to go out.

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I don't love anyone else. I love you.