Everybody hoped that Jeannette wouldn't die.

I've got too much to do.

I'm perfectly comfortable waiting here.

I knew both Donn and Matthew very well.

Sally wrote to Adrian this week.

You risk losing my trust.

I left one of my books at school.

His name has completely gone out of my mind.

To try to study when you're sleepy is to waste your time.

I'm not your angel anymore.

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I thought that was you.


That's pretty funny.


No one in his right mind wants anything to do with a domestic quarrel.

Luckily nobody got killed.

Juan bailed Galen out of jail after he got into a fight at the bar.

I am crawling like a baby.

Man, what the hell are you looking for?


He leaned towards her and kissed her on the lips.

He took the job for the sake of his career but he didn't like it.

He issued his report in September, 2000.

The horse stopped and refused to move.

Please leave the notebooks on the table as they are.

I've tried swimming in the river.

We need people who work on behalf of all.

The movie was so good I'd like to see it again.

The date and address is usually written at the head of letters.

I've seen several accidents in front of my house.

The question is can you do everything we've asked you to do.


There are lots of signs warning that they prosecute shoplifters.

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Geoff was smiling.

I want you to know you have nothing to worry about.

I wonder what he's doing...

This will help keep you warm.

I invite comments without resorting to insults.

We need to buy a little time here.

Which food do you think tastes best?

If you want to travel to a store located 10 km from your house, and you drive at 50 km/h, it would take you 12 minutes to get there.

Dan entered the courtroom.


Pierce's behavior was unacceptable.

I'm not supposed to talk to you.

I think most of it's true.

The lake is about 25 meters deep.

You killed him.


God can be found everywhere.


He wasn't stupid enough to talk about that while she was around.

Please let me go and see them.

Rod opposed that idea.

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I am French.

You're mean.

What did I win?


She is certainly over forty.


The mayor felt that he should look into the loss of income from parking meters.

The life of a human isn't easy.

Erick is being deliberately deceptive.

I definitely want to go with Tiefenthal.

Suwandi is now in trouble.


The man was imprisoned for murder.

They became professional soccer players.

Caleb kept the money.

I thought that went well.

The bitch is biting her owner.

The book was new.

He did not intend to hurt your feelings.

Look, what an amazing coincidence! Bert has the same fingerprints as me.

He pulled open the door.

The two trains collided at high speed causing hundreds of deaths.

Suwandi speaks French better than his classmates.

It's nice to just chat with you like this.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


She turned out smaller than I'd thought she was.

I'm not sure what Raif will do.

Maureen helped me fix my watch.

Brad doesn't know as many people here as me.

There is no electricity in the room.

We can't let Gill wander around the mall.

I gave some water to the dogs.

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I just got Hohn off to school.

You need to get ready.

Heather didn't show up for his midnight shift.

It's a full-time job.

Old and Stanislaw don't know what's happening.


To get a table at Gideon's Tavern, you have to make reservations weeks in advance.

My eyes popped out when I looked at my phone bill this month.

George left as soon as he could.

If I remember correctly, I think we have to turn left at the next corner.

Skip's boss is Canadian.

I'm not sure how to be a good mother and wife.

Jorge worked really hard at it.

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It's cheaper to order things by the dozen.

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Most people don't research their political positions.

Angela was faced with a difficult choice.

I'm not going to turn him in.

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Dustin thinks you're going to be here tomorrow.

Where did you read them?

Besides, do we marvel at Naples?

It was stiflingly hot.

Watch out for the steps.

The storm brought about a lot of damage.

I wish I had paid my bills on time.

I have to type in a really big document.

Rafik and I go jogging together almost every morning.

I cannot mock Ken. He's my brother.

Evelyn did a cartwheel.


She was living alone in a hut.

I didn't mean to confuse him.

I want you to explain it to me in more detail.

I know what she said.

Thank you for building this wall.


Julia thought he heard some gunshots.

He became a cameraman after he graduated from college.

You won't tell her, will you?

Look, Joseph, nobody needs to know about this.

Victoria is watering the lawn.

What does Patrick need a gun for?

He surfs every day during the summer.


Sabrina did an excellent job.

I didn't have to help Wes, but I did.

Why aren't you helping them?

The machine squealed for lack of oil.

Something very strange is happening here.

I'll go along with that.

I'll meet you there as soon as I can.

Margie is done arguing.

The factory is producing a new type of car.

You will remain silent until further instructed.

Ahmet doesn't deserve to be treated this way.

Blair's friends were very kind when he lost his job.

Leon is the best friend I've ever had.

Liz dug a hole in his front yard.

I came here when I was a kid.

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Panos feels the same way.

One should love one's mother tongue.

They are not merchants, but farmers.

I used to love swimming.

What're we doing tonight?

I'm not calling Shean.

Sally was friendly to me.


Why didn't someone help him?


I entreat you to go and see him.

I think they have been married for five years.

Don't make fun of children.

I'm curious about one thing.

Maybe I should check on them.

Norma and Aimee are in Andrea's car.

Though the best be in sight, / It's the worst I grip tight.

He had just finished his homework when the clock struck ten.

I tried to persuade Gene to come home.

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The game was put off because of the rain.

He goes to London once a month.

His lips touched hers.

Steve stopped it.

He is backward in science.

Spicy pepper is my favorite.

We're not speaking.

He's the best man in his field.

Kieran asked me whether he should help Rayan or not.

It looks like cherry blossom-viewing season is at an end. You can see the petals fluttering down.

An epitaph is an inscription on a tomb, showing that virtues acquired by death have a retroactive effect.

You can't treat me this way.

Lin has to buy some food.

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If you don't hurry, you'll be late.

Is this tooth sensitive to cold foods?

The matter was brought into court.

Mitch became a little flustered.

Yesterday I couldn't sleep and stayed up all night.

Marika has always wanted to learn Japanese.

Gerald and Maria couldn't agree on what to do.

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She brought a cup of tea to me.

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Lucius was in his late thirties.

I'm not jealous.

Craig was mugged on her way home.